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iGBGamesBest iPhone games for couples (2024)

Best iPhone games for couples (2024)

It’s well known that games have the capability of bringing people together. But they can also create an opportunity to get to know your significant other better.

The App Store has a wide variety of fun games to play as a couple. So, if you’ve been planning game nights or weekends at home with your partner, check out our list of the best iPhone games for couples. Let’s get started!

The best iOS games for couples

Whether you and your SO are into exciting action-packed thrillers or unwinding with relaxing casual games after a long day, there’s something on this list you two are sure to enjoy.

  1. Couple Game
  2. Play Together
  3. Truth or Dare!!
  4. Desire: Couple Game
  5. Paired: Couples & Relationship
  6. BattleText
  7. Trivia Crack

1. Couple Game: Relationship Quiz

Couple Game- Relationship Quiz for iPhone

It might be difficult to ask personal questions, especially if you’ve just started dating someone. Couple Game: Relationship Quiz makes this slightly easier.

If you want to learn more about your partner or see how well you know each other, this is the definitive game to do so. There are numerous topics to choose from, such as food, holidays, films, and intimacy.

You can ask them questions about these topics and gauge your chemistry. You can also play this game online, making it a great choice for couples in a long-distance relationship. Add this to the itinerary for date night, and you’re good to go!

Playing the game is easy. Both of you answer your set of questions and try to guess each other’s answers. The rules are simple and the fun is endless; the prompts might even spark some natural conversation about other similar topics.

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.99)


2. Play Together – Best simulation game for couples

Play Together iPhone game for couples

With the introduction of the Metaverse, virtual worlds such as the one in Play Together are becoming even more tangible.

An engrossing iPhone simulation game for couples, Play Together lets you lead a different life. There are plenty of things to do, and many new people to meet worldwide. The only limits to what you can do in this virtual world are your creativity and imagination.

From shopping in-game for your avatar to completing quests from the folks present at the Plaza, there’s plenty to do with your partner. Each quest you complete will grant special rewards.

If you’ve thought about playing a game as a team but don’t want to dive into anything heavy, this could be the perfect game.

However, the game has had issues with updates and maintenance. So you might have to keep that in mind when playing it.

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.99)


3. Truth or Dare – Fun iPhone game for couples

Truth or Dare iPhone game for couples

Truth or dare has been a staple for sleepovers and party nights. This is a great party game, but it’s even better when playing with your significant other.

There are seven different levels to choose from. The lowest level includes simple truth or dare question prompts, and the highest level will provide you with prompts meant mostly for adults and couples.

Moreover, there is a complete level for couples. You can play it with your spouse or partner and ask them intimate questions. The game is also a good conversation starter for situations and pretexts you may not have breached yet with your partner.

However, some questions may make the other person slightly uncomfortable. So be careful!

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.99)


4. Desire: Couple games – To level up your relationship

Desire iPhone game for couples to play at home

Relationships and new dating situations can often get uncomfortable. Desire can help you take your dating life or relationship to another level.

The game is primarily for those who want to add another level of intimacy to their dynamics. It could help you build or even rebuild the foundations of love for your partner.

Desire has different minigames, tasks, and dares for couples. Each day will bring new events, dares, and challenges that you have to complete to progress. These are designed considering the current level of intimacy and become more daring or challenging as you progress.

There’s also a private chat and journal system to document your most intimate and romantic moments. The game’s ultimate objective is to spice up your romantic life by doing something new regularly.

But, you may find the in-app purchases to be more on the expensive side. Regardless, the exciting new avenues this game helps you explore with your partner land it firmly on our list of the best couple games for iPhone.

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99)


5. Paired: Couples & Relationship – Best for improving your relationship

Paired iPhone game for couples to play at home

Communication is essential for any relationship. However, it’s also one of the most difficult aspects of a relationship to maintain. This game helps you communicate with your partner better.

The app has daily questions that you and your partner answer. These questions have been backed through scientific research on how it could help improve your relationship.

There are also weekly quizzes you have to play, and the questions for them are based on different aspects of the relationship. Once you both answer the questions, you can compare notes and talk about the differences in perspectives.

The game also provides tips by experts to improve your relationship.

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $12.99)


6. BattleText: Chat Battles – Best multiplayer game for couples

BattleText iPhone game for couples to play

Younger generations have always believed more in texting than other forms of communication. What if texting itself was turned into a game? BattleText does exactly that.

The game has a simple premise. Create bigger words and type them faster. It also switches up the rules randomly, with fewer letters or other similar conditions to spice up the gameplay.

This is a fun game to play with your partner, as instead of texting each other, you’re competing against them. It can also improve your vocabulary.

Since this game can be played online, it’s another game for long-distance couples. However, players have complained about the slow in-game keyboard and inconsistent timing between rounds. Hopefully its developer resolves the issue soon!

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.39)


7. Trivia Crack – Best couples trivia game

Trivia Crack iPhone game for couples to play

Trivia games often form the backbone of date nights and party hangouts with friends, and Trivia Crack is no different.

The game has six different categories to choose your questions from. The objective is to win six crowns first. However, you will have to defend your crown(s) as there are rematches as well.

Does your spouse or partner claim to be smarter or more knowledgeable? This game is your chance to prove them wrong. As an added bonus, you can create your own questions in the game’s Factory mode to keep things fresh if you’re playing with more people.

However, its free version has many ads like other freemium games on the list.

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99)


Summing up

Playing these best iPhone games for couples can improve the mood and provide some much-needed respite from the routine.

Did we miss a game that you and your partner play? Share it in the comments for others to read!

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