Puzzle games for the iPhone are awesome. Not only are these terrifically interesting but puzzle games are well-known to help sharpen your brain.

There are literally thousands of puzzle games for the iPhone. Obviously, we've got our personal favorites which are also some of the finest iPhone puzzle game apps in the store. Check this list and let us know of your favorite iPhone puzzle games.

Best iPhone Puzzle Games of 2014

Best iPhone Puzzle Games

1). Zed's Alchemy

Alchemy Premium iPhone Game LogoZed's Alchemy has been one of the most amazing puzzle games I've played ever. The game gives you four elements: fire, water, air and earth. You have to combine them and their products to form innumerous things. There are about 380 elements in all. Can you create them all? There is an ad-supported free version too.

Price: $1.99
Download Zed's Alchemy

2). True Or False

True or False iPhone Puzzle Game LogoTrue Or False comes from the same developers who brought IcoMania, which is also an excellent puzzle game. True or False is a test of your knowledge but at higher levels it can also test your wits at how you use the energy and passes to climb through tougher levels of questionnaire.

Price: Free
Download True Or False

3). Can You Escape

Can You Escape iPhone App IconA brilliant “find items and use them to escape the room” game that can turn out to be quite addictive very fast. The game involves finding things out of the room you are in. With each passing level, you have to rack your brain to figure out where things could be hidden.

Price: Free
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4). Pet Rescue Saga

Pet Rescue Saga iPhone Game LogoPet Rescue Saga comes from the folks who made Candy Crush Saga. Although the latter continues to be a great puzzle game, Pet Rescue Saga is as much interesting if not more. If you liked Candy Crush, this will be even more addictive. If you have not played Candy Crush before, I suggest you start with this game!

Price: Free
Download Pet Rescue Saga

5). Where's My Water

Wheres My Water iPhone Puzzle Game LogoWhere's My Water needs absolutely no introduction. It's one of the coolest puzzle games filled with an enormous amount of levels. With each passing level your brains need to work terrifically to solve the puzzles. Amazing game to get addicted to. Make sure your croc gets to bath and eat.

Price: $1.99
Download Where's My Water

6). Unblock Me

Unblock Me iPhone Puzzle Game LogoUnblock Me is the old-school game of moving around the blocks to get one of the blocks out of the maze. If you're a fan of the classic game, you'll love Unlock Me on the iPhone. Simple but dangerously brilliant as a puzzle game app. There's also a free version available on App store.

Price: $0.99
Download Unblock Me

7). The Sheeps

the Sheeps iPhone Game LogoAlthough this one looks like it's a gamification of those ‘cross the river with the sheep' puzzle, it's much deeper than that. You have three sheep of different sizes and abilities and you've got to use them all to overcome various levels. Quite fun and entertaining.

Price: Free
Download The Sheeps

8). Pic What?!

Pic What iPhone Puzzle Game LogoPic What is also quite popular and well-known. You guess the picture based on partially shown parts of the same. The less revealing the image is, the more points you collect. More of a visual clue than a brain-teasing puzzle game but good enough to test your visual senses.

Price: Free
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9). Block Block Block

Block Block Block iPhone Game LogoBlock Block Block is one of those games that lure you into the gameplay with easy initial levels and then it gets mighty tough. It's a puzzle game where you arrange the blocks to get a sequence of similar-colored blocks.

Price: Free
Download Block Block Block

10). 7 Little Words

7 Little Words iPhone Game Logo7 Little Words is an interesting puzzle game. You have these letter-pairs that you combine to get the words from the clues. More of a word puzzle than a visual puzzle but nevertheless, as interesting as other games out there.

Price: Free
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