Best Skateboard Games for iPhone in 2021

Best Skateboard Games for iPhone

Skateboard games on your smartphone give you the same excitement as you have on roads. From the comfort of a couch, you can feel the adrenaline rush as you zigzag through a crowd on the streets. So if you want to play this game, then you have come to the right place. Here are the best skateboard games for iPhone.

#1. Turbo Stars

Turbo Stars iPhone Skateboard Game Screenshot

Turbo Stars game will test your ability to maneuver your body while you are skating. The game throws a lot of challenges in the form of obstacles. You need to cross each one without losing your balance. Beat your opponents in the acceleration zones and show your incredible stunts.

If you are using the latest version of this game, you can collect LETTERS in the brand new ABC challenge. Furthermore, you will be able to unlock some fantastic tricks to impress your friends.

Price: Free

#2. Flip Skater

Flip Skater iPhone Skateboard Game Screenshot

Flip Skater iPhone game gives you a chance to become the best skateboarder on the planet. How? You can travel the world and select the best locations from Miami Beach or Lake Baikal. Next, perform amazing tricks at high speed to reach outrageous heights.

Like locations, you have full freedom to choose skateboard. Do amazing styles and you will unlock upgrades for the boards to maximize the score.

The more dangerous tricks, the higher scores to achieve. Go ahead, super cool characters are waiting for you to unlock them.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases)

#3. Snowboard Party: World Tour

Snowboard Party World Tour iPhone Skateboard Game Screenshot

Snowboard Party offers more unique locations to you while playing a game on your iPhone. For your adrenaline needs, you can pick up any one location from the list of 21. Practice your best tricks and experience the new time-attack race mode.

There are more than 250 level objectives and achievements. You can gain experience and perform better after each level. Customization of riders is one of the remarkable features of this game. An ensemble of outfits is at your disposal; choose from 80 outfits like zombie, alien, pirate, and more.

To beat your competitor, you need to upgrade your board. There are more than 50 boards with unique specifications.

Freestyle is a popular trick among riders as it allows you to choose natural or man-made features. And these features include rails, jumps, boxes, logs, rocks, and countless other objects.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases)

#4. Tony Hawk’s Skate Jam

Tony Hawk Skate Jam iPhone Skateboard Game Screenshot

Tony Hawk iPhone game offers you new skate parks to showcase your skating skills. You can use different boards to compete in global Skate Jam tournaments to become a champion.

If you are new to skating, you can use its classic career mode. In this, you can learn skating from Tony Hawk, and then push yourself to achieve challenging objectives.

You have to conquer five different regions to win fans and gain more experience. Next, you are all set to enter tournaments to defeat other pros.

This game also gives you a chance to play Skate Jam Pre-Season. Here, you are competing against international players. To win huge prizes, you have to earn Jam Points and climb the leaderboard.

It is your precious chance to learn skating from the legendary player Tony Hawk.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases)

#5. True Skate

True Skate iPhone Skateboard Game Screenshot

True Skate is appreciated by real gamers across the world. This skateboarding game holds the number one position in more than 80 countries. The game comes with a single skate park; to unlock other parks, you need to go for in-app purchases.

A feature-rich game has realistic touch-based physics. When you flick your skateboard, it would react exactly how you would expect.

In the beautiful skate park, you will be surprised to find ledges, stairs, grind rails plus a bowl, half pipe, and quarter pipes. Slow-motion, replay sharing, and global leaderboards are other salient features of True Skate.

Price: $1.99

#6. Touchgrind Skate 2

Touchgrind Skate 2 iPhone Skateboard Game Screenshot

It takes only a few minutes to understand this game, but to master it, a lifetime is needed. Welcome to Touchgrind Skate 2 iPhone game – A real skateboarding or fingerboarding.

You would love to score high in realistic physics and stunning 3D graphics. Time-limited competition mode and four free game modes will up the ante. The free modes include Training, Competition, Jam Session, Game of S.K.A.T.E turn-based multiplayer.

Although packed with multiple tricks, you will find natural multi-touch controls more exciting. Check the tutorial videos and try yourself.

Set your skill and imagination free while you are exploring six different skate parks with bowls, ramps, curbs, boxes, and over 2.000 meters of rails.

To unlock all the skate parks, you have to complete 250 challenges. Don’t forget to record your runs and create replay videos to surprise your friends.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases)

#7. Skateboard Party: 3

Skateboard Party 3 iPhone Skateboard Game Screenshot

In its third edition, Skateboard Party features a professional player Greg Lutzka. The game offers more unique locations like skate parks, city streets, etc.

Skateboard Party has more than 70 achievements and objectives. For your learning, the game offers 40 unique tricks and hundreds of combinations to master skateboarding.

A notable feature of this game is its compatibility with most controllers available on the market. Moreover, this game supports every device belongs to the latest generation and optimized for high-resolution display.

To raise your excitement, Skateboard Party takes you through different locations like Venice Beach, Chinatown, San Francisco, Moscow, a Nature Museum, Medieval Plaza, and more.

You can make some useful modifications with outfits, shoes, boards, trucks, and wheels.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases)

#8. Skateboard Party 2

Skateboard Party 2 iPhone Skateboard Game Screenshot

Skateboard Party 2 takes you through eight unexplored locations. During the game play on iPhone, you can customize your outfits, boards, trucks, and wheels with real brands.

This game offers next-generation 3D graphics, which ensure excellent skateboarding experience. Once you finish more than 40 achievements, you can claim new items and locations. Gain more experience to upgrade your favorite skater’s attributes. Following this, you will be able to perform better and achieve more scores.

To make your game more exciting, developers offer nine characters. Furthermore, you can customize them as per your preference. There are boards, trucks, and wheels from Powell & Peralta, Bones, Golden Dragon, and Tork Trucks.

Master skateboarding with more than 40 tricks and hundreds of combinations. You have unlimited learning time and follow tutorials to make progress.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases)

That’s all skateboarders!

Ready to skate on thin ice?

Compatibility with gaming controllers makes some skateboard games more popular. You can play your favorite skateboard iPhone game by using controllers.

Which game would you like to play on your iOS device? Leave your answer in the comments below.

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