Best Game Controllers for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV in 2019 to Enhance your Gaming Experience

Have a look at my list of the best iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Apple TV gaming controllers of 2019 which are primed to offer the perfect control over the gameplay.

Playing high-octane games is absolute fun. All you need to have to enjoy the gaming to your heart’s content is an ever-spirited soul. The other thing that you would need to have is the best game controller for your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV.

Are you in quest of a fabulous game controller for iOS device or Apple TV? You don’t need to look beyond this superb collection. Let’s check out which one is primed for your specific hunt!

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Best Game Controllers for Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, and iPod in 2019

#1. SteelSeries Nimbus

SteelSeries Nimbus Wireless Gaming Controller for Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad

As a power player, you would love to have “SteelSeries Nimbus” at your disposal. It’s designed to let you stay in complete control and eliminate your enemies with the needed flair.

Thanks to the pressure-sensitive buttons, your time at the action-packed gaming remains in top flight. But what stands Nimbus apart is the massive 40 hours of battery life. That means you won’t have to bother about charging your gaming controller time and again.

USP: Pressure-sensitive buttons
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#2. YF2009

YF2009 Game Controller for Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad

If quality assurance is your priority while buying a gaming controller, then look no further. This one form YF2009 is Apple MFi certified, and you can count on the quality of the product. One of the best things is that the controller supports most of the games from the App Store, and also works flawlessly with the Apple TV.

The built-in lithium battery will let you enjoy your favorite games for hours. Besides that, it also has a special place for your iPhone, just place on the controller and game on. Lastly, there aren’t any color choices available.

USP: MFi certified
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#3. Loong

Loong Game Controller for Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad

Oh, this one looks bang on for all types of gaming, doesn’t it? Featuring trendy design, Loong instantly catches your eyes.

Thanks to the exceptionally responsive buttons, it offers you more flexibility. Thus, whether it’s jumping, turning or shooting, you can get everything done with the desired flair. Oh yeah, Loong has the support for tons of games so that you will never run out of options.

USP: Trendy design
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Megadream Game Controller for Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad

I like this offering from MAD GIGA. It looks pretty compact and features highly responsive buttons. Therefore, you won’t have to put extra effort to stay complete control while playing games. As a gamer, this is exactly what you would like to have especially when going head-to-head against multiple players at one go.

It’s primed to work with a variety of games like fighting, endless running and more. Moreover, you can use this wireless gaming controller with not just your iOS device but also Android and Windows PC.

USP: Wide compatibility
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#5. SteelSeries Stratus

Steel Series Stratus Game Controller for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV

This is the second game control from SteelSeries in this list. Endowed with the pressure-sensitive buttons, it allows you to control your game with the required precision. The four LEDs show player status during multiplayer gaming. It features on/off slider to let you save battery when you are not using it. The color-coded action button improves an experience. It offers ten hours of gameplay.

It supports iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with Apple TV.

USP:USP: Color-coded action buttons
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That’s all for now!

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So, have you picked out any of these game controllers for your iOS device or Apple TV? It would be nice to know your selection in the comments below.

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