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Best Pool Games for iPhone and iPad in 2021

Best Pool Game Apps for iPhones and iPads

Pool, Billiards or Snooker, whatever people want to call it is a very exciting game. People have been playing Pool games on their iPhones for a long time now. Some of the best pool games have been discontinued, and some have been updated over the years. To let you stay at the top of all the latest updates and major highlights, we’ve listed some of the best free pool games for iPhone and iPad.

1. 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool Game App for iPhone and iPad Screenshot

8 Ball Pool is simply the best Pool game app. You can either play 1-on-1 games or play a professional tournament the choice is all yours. You could also invite your friends and play the game.

The best part about this game is that it also supports iMessages as well. For that, you have to add 8 Ball Pool to your iMessage app drawer, and you are good to go.

Price: Free

2. Pool

Pool Game App for iPhone and iPad Screenshot

This free game is hands down the best pool game for those left-handed people as it had Left and Right handed modes. The game offers a local multiplayer option as well so that your friend doesn’t feel left out.

The main objective in this game is to pocket the assigned balls and finally pocketing the black ball to its designated pocket. It also provides hints for perfect precision in your shot.

Price: Free

3. Pooking – Billiards City

Pooking Billiards City Pool Game App for iPhone and iPad Screenshot

With almost two dozen games packed in this, Pooking – Billiards City is by far one of my favorite game to pass my time. Apart from other carom and crokinole games, the pool and billiards games are exciting as well.

Play pool in several variations and modes along with immaculate 3D graphics shot guides and modifying shooting angles. The game is worth spending your money on if you want professional-level pool experience.

Price: Free

4. Kings of Pool

Kings of Pool Game App for iPhone and iPad Screenshot

This incredible pool game has so much to offer. Apart from challenging your friends to play it in real-time, you could also enable different game modes on Kings of Pool game.

The game gives a modern, sophisticated touch to the classic 8 and 9 ball pool game. Create clubs with your friends and fight it out to become the top player or place bets and win against the top players of the app.

Price: Free

5. Flick Pool Star

Flick Pool Star Game App for iPhone and iPad Screenshot

Flick Pool Star is a straightforward and basic pool game for all the beginners out there. Not only is this game addictive and direct, but it also has multiple levels to keep you engaged.

Solve puzzles and unlock challenging tables. The game has puzzles that are very challenging and fun to solve. This game is sure to hook you on for hours at a stretch.

Price: Free

6. Circle Pool

Circle Pool Game App for iPhone and iPad Screenshot

A brand new way to play pool is here. Have you ever played pool without any pockets or on a round pool table? Well, now you can.

This innovative Pool game will become your instant favorite. Instead of pocketing balls, you have to hit a ball with another to create chain reactions. With 100 + levels this game is a pure arcade game addiction.

Price: Free

7. Real Pool 3D: Online Pool Game

Real Pool 3D Game App for iPhone and iPad Screenshot

Impressive graphics, realistic physics, and 2D & 3D view mode make this game fun and realistic. Do you have a cue obsession? Then, make your cue collection with Real Pool 3D game and flaunt it to your fellow Pool enthusiasts.

Play face-to-face challenges in the Arena mode and win trophies or climb up the leader board by scoring high.

Price: Free

8. Pocket Run Pool

Pocket Run Pool Game App for iPhone and iPad Screenshot

From the creators of Really Bad Chess and Flipflop Solitaire, this Pocket Run Pool Games is a fun arcade pool game with a twist. Each ball and each pocket are allotted points.

So every time you pocket a ball, the points of the ball and the pocket multiply, to give you your score. The scores and multipliers also rotate with each pocketed ball. Beat your high score or compete with others; you are sure to have a lot of fun playing this app.

Price: Free

9. Snooker Stars

Snooker Stars Pool Game App for iPhone and iPad Screenshot

Snooker Stars is the best snooker game app for iOS. With multiple levels and cue customization options, this game will surely hook you to it. The game also has a straightforward yet intricate UI to help you master your shot.

Play an online snooker league and compete with top-rated players across the world to reach the top. Multiple challenges and levels are sure to refine your game both in-app and in real-time as well.

Price: Free

10. Pro Snooker 2019

Pro Snooker 2019 Pool Game App for iPhone and iPad Screenshot

With the best 3D graphics amongst all pool game apps on the iPhone, Pro Snooker game is for both casual as well as serious pool players. The game also offers achievements that you could collect from the game or the iOS game center.

With cue ball controls, you could perform advanced shots like backspin, ball swerve, topspin, and others. The players can choose the level they wish to play with a straightforward UI to give users more accessibilities with better game graphics.

Price: Free

Singing Off…

Don’t bother going to the pool bars anymore; enjoy a good game of pool while sitting on your cozy couch. I would also love to know about your winning streak, so mention them in the comments below and beat the streak of other readers as well.

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