9 Fun Games to Play Over FaceTime with Friends in 2020

A little bit of fun and game are always welcome in the middle of busy business and work schedules. If technological advancements ensure we can work from any corner of the world and connect with people sitting far off, the same technology also allows us to play games over FaceTime. So when you wish to spend some enjoyable moments with your family, friends, or kids, you can try these fun games to play over FaceTime.

#1. Chess

Chess Game iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Squeeze your nerves and play this popular board game with millions of players around the world. This FaceTime game offers you more than 50000 tactics and puzzles.

For real chess lovers, this game has interactive lessons from grandmasters of this game. Watch videos and improve your level.

Apart from genuine players, you can test your intelligence against the power of the computer. Give it a try if you can prove yourself more intelligent than IBM’s Deep Blue supercomputer!

Price: Free (In-app Purchases start from $4.99)

#2. Karaoke: Unlimited Songs

Karaoke iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Enough bathroom singing, now shows your talent to the world. This game boasts an impressive catalog of music videos; record your favorite song, and upload and share your performance to the world. Nearly 90 million users would be your audience.

You can edit your songs by using sound and video effects offered by this app. Karaoke has a list of VIP songs and you can access them by subscribing to this service.

A completely redesigned iOS 13 update gives you AR filters, dark mode, Apple ID used for profile creation and more.

Price: Free (Turn off Ads – $0.99)

#3. Letterpress – Word Game

Letterpress Word Game iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Letterpress is another word fun game in this list you would love to play over FaceTime with your family and friends. Challenge your friends and test your word power by playing this game.

One of the striking features of this game is it is always free. However, you can upgrade to explore more exciting features of Letterpress.

The app will find you an opponent if you want to check your vocabulary. Alternatively, you can also select Bot as your opponent.

There is no restriction of time while you are guessing the right word; you can play at your own pace.

Price: Free (Letterpress Upgrade – $4.99)

#4. Charades!

Charades iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Charades is the most popular FaceTime games you can play with your friends. This game is liked by millions as it includes different challenges like dancing, singing, acting, or sketching.

Another cool feature is the number of participants. You can invite as many as 100 persons to play this game. With more than 100 themed decks, nobody would feel dullness.

Some of the popular decks of Charades include TV shows, movies, science, movie characters and more.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases start from $0.99)

#5. Bingo!

Bingo iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Enjoy the classic, offline fun game Bingo on your iPhone or iPad! While the offline game allows only two-three players, this FaceTime game enables you to invite more friends.

This game has smooth controls using which, you can quickly switch between cards, and call out Bingo. You can play with more cards for an extra challenge.

Although the Internet is one of the constant requirements, players love to compete with friends, earn free daubs, join different rooms with unique themes, and collect treasure chests.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases start from $0.99)

#6. Would You Rather?

Would You Rather iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Would You Rather be one of the great time killers game you can play over FaceTime with your kids? On hot, summer afternoons or during monsoon, when you are confined in your home, enjoy this hilarious game with your family.

This game gives you insanely hilarious questions with two possible answers. You can also submit your questions and receive answers from the community.

Here is a dynamic game, which brings fresh questions every day. Developers of this app have designed an interesting interface by creating public chat rooms, animations, funny sounds, and more.

Price: Free (Remove Ads – $1.99)


Battleship Game iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Battleship is available in two modes: Classic and Commanders. This makes it perfect for old-schoolers as well as millennials, who love to play games on smart screens.

On Classic mode, you can challenge your opponent for head-to-head combat and sink your enemies’ ships before they sink yours.

Commanders is a completely new and more tactical variation of the game. This requires three new core abilities to shake up the strategic possibilities at each turn.

Price: $3.99

#8. Truth or Dare?

Truth or Dare iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Another offline fun game that has seen the shine of the virtual screen. Truth or Dare is arguably one of the best party games or you can play it with your girlfriend! From the comfort of your palm, you can know the interesting truth and unknown facts about the life of your friends.

You can pass your iPhone or iPad around and ask your friends to select between answering a question and doing a challenging dare. The game is divided into three categories: beginners, experienced players, and experts.

This game is packed with hundreds of dares you can ask your friends to perform if they don’t answer the question. It is not just limited to adults as kids and teens can also play Truth or Dare.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases start from $3.99)

#9. RML – Read My Lips

Read My Lips iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

You can play this fun game over FaceTime with your girlfriend or boyfriend. You will also love this game to play with your office colleagues, in parties, or on holidays. Simply speak something by moving your lips and let others guess what you spoke.

This game can be played by forming groups; split into a team and play against each other. You can either use random phrases or create your own by tapping on Custom phrases.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases start from $0.99)

That’s all friends!

What is your favorite game?

What is your favorite game? Interactive games will surely help you kill boredom while you are working from home. You can involve multiple players in the games and throw challenges to your colleagues, friends, and family members.

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