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iPhone brings out the best BMX games for bike lovers for fun-filled bike rides. Crazy stunts, stunning bikes, cool tricks on your BMX bike makes games of this sort very entertaining.

Also, BMX apps for the iPhone come with some cool, realistic physics simulation, great graphics and tons of new challenges and scoring systems. It's definitely hours of fun and entertainment. More so if you love BMX.

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Best BMX Games for iPhone and iPad

Best BMX iPhone and iPad Games

#1. Touchgrind BMX by Illusion Labs

Touchgrind BMX iPhone and iPad Game
Apple picked Touchgrind BMS as one of the best three iPhone games of 2011. It was named the best Sports Game at the International Mobile Gaming Awards 2012. Touchgrind BMX comes with stunning graphics, true physics, superb game-play with many more features. Compete in fantastic locations around the world and you get to unlock many new bikes and challenges.

Price: $4.99
Download Touchgrind BMX by Illusion Labs

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#2. Mad Skills BMX

Mad Skills BMX iPhone and iPad Game

Here comes one more exciting and addictive game from Mad Skills Motocross with 40 exclusive racing tracks, amazing physics, creative and easy swipe controls. Mad Skills BMX is side-scrolling unlike Touchgrind BMX so if you prefer this over first-person, Mad Skills should be your go-to game.

Price: $0.99
Download Mad Skills BMX

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Developer: Dhvanesh Adhiya
Price: Free+

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#3. MegaRamp Skate & BMX

MegaRamp Skate & BMX iPhone and iPad Game

MegaRamp comes as a bonus package as it gives you a Skate and BMX experience in a single game. Interactive touch screen with real locations, real tricks, multiple challenges, achievements and many additional features makes this combination worth downloading.

Price: Free
Download MegaRamp Skate & BMX

#4. BMX Jam

BMX Jam iPhone and iPad Game

This is one of the best fun-filled BMX games for the iPhone with around 60 levels of adrenaline-fueled action to unlock. Four real world locations, some mind blowing tricks, challenge and beating your friends on Facebook and much more makes this BMX game most liked among bike racing lovers.

Price: $0.99
Download BMX Jam

#5. Stickman BMX Free

Stickman BMX Free iPhone and iPad Game

This is a simple yet entertaining BMX game that drives you crazy with its exciting features.
Stickman is a great combination of 60 power packed levels, well managed locations with obstacles and inhabitants, many real BMX tricks, achievements, leaderboards with many additional features. And its free so download it now!

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Price: Free
Download Stickman BMX Free

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