Best Simulation Games for iPhone and iPad

Ever wondered, how does it feel to be in a supersonic jet? How to manage a fast track race? If not, you don’t need to be either a pilot or a race organizer; all you need is an iPhone. If you are one of those, who like to build castles in the air, we will give you a list of games that helps.

We have handpicked 10 best simulation games for iPhone, especially for you. Right from farming, car driving, bike racing to space adventure, we have packed them all! So, jump over to pick out a dashing game to kickstart the contest!

Best Simulation Games for iPhone and iPad in 2020

#1. Bike Race: Motorcycle Racing

Bike Race - Motorcycle Racing Simulation iPhone Game Screenshot

So much about car racing? Let’s give a chance to nerve-wracking bike racing! Drive your bike with fantastic speed and zoom past different tracks with tons of jumps and loops. Loaded with some challenging tracks, you won’t get much time to breathe.

And don’t forget to collect the hard-earned stars to unlock new levels. This fast-paced physics-based game has got everything to keep you racing for hours!

Price: Free

#2. Driving Academy 2017 Simulator

Driving Academy 2017 Simulator Simulation iPhone Game Screenshot

Willing to master your driving skill? You can’t get better than Driving Academy. The app provides excellent driving simulator letting you drive and follow road signs.

Follow the signals, don’t take wrong turns, wear the seat belt and get to know everything required to be a pro driver. With more than 50 road signs, you have got plenty to learn.

There are over 100 levels like grand tests and night driving. Oh, the game also offers 50 different cars to choose from.

Price: Free

#3. Plague Inc.

Plague Inc. Simulation iPhone Game Screenshot

Are you bored of becoming the hero, who saves the world every time? Why not try the dark side of human instinct? Plague Inc. The game lets you infect the world, instead of saving. Invent new viruses and spread across the globe. Remember, you are all alone against the world, may the best man win. Contaminate the planet with 12 different diseases, by mastering each to extreme levels.

Stunning retina graphics, hyper-realistic world, 50+ countries to infect and local language support make this game one of the best simulation games. Plague Inc. receives regular updates, keeping in mind the demands from players. Do not miss this one; download it now.

Price: $0.99

#4. Extreme Car Driving Simulator

Extreme Car Driving Simulator Simulation iPhone Game Screenshot

Have a huge penchant for fast-paced racing? You would find this game spot on!

Handpick one of the most expensive sports cars in the world and drive, drift and enjoy hard-fought racing. Don’t want to break the rules.

Well, follow all the traffic rules carefully to ensure you aren’t labeled a careless driver. So, touch the maximum speed and explore the open world environment.

Price: Free

#5. X-Plane 10 Flight Simulator

X-Plane 10 Flight Simulator Simulation iPhone Game Screenshot

Dream to be a pilot? X-Plane can be the excellent pick for your catalog. The biggest flashpoint of the game is the flight model that is used in our FAA-certified desktop simulator, which is primed to take your love for flying high to the next level.

The high-quality aircraft lashed with multiple liveries, and interactive cockpits make the game extremely thrilling. Packed in with a lot of compelling combat missions, you will enjoy playing it for long.

There are also emergency scenarios to help you hone your skill. Even better, the app provides tutorials, teaching the basics of takeoffs & landings, traffic patterns to ensure you are well versed in all the basic things.

Price: Free

#6. True Skates

True Skates Simulation iPhone Game Screenshot

True Skates, as the name suggests, is a skate simulation game. I loved to skate all the time in childhood until the day I broke my elbow! If you have a similar story like mine, try True Skate on your iPhone.

The awesome touch-based physics make this game more entertaining. Show off your skills in Skate Park, make a 360 spin or grind over the railings, jump through the stairs or make a nightmare flip, and all this can be done in slow motion as well, to get a glamorous feel. Yes, you do have the option to unlock levels with points you earn by performing tricks.

True Skate allows you to only a single skate park for free, and you need to make an in-app purchase for additional content.

Price: $1.99

#7. Extreme Off-Road Truck Driver

Extreme Off-Road Truck Driver Simulation iPhone Game Screenshot

Have you ever thought of giving a try to reckless truck driving? It’s time to live up to that experience in reel life!

The app offers you a great chance to drive your truck through some of the most dangerous roads of the world hill range. The experience of the driving truck on rugged terrain will not only offer more fun but also make you a wiser driver.

There are 20 exciting missions, which can bring the best out of you. Moreover, you can choose to drive the 4×4 jeep, passenger bus and even transporter trucks on bumpy roads.

Price: Free

#8. Bridge Constructor

Bridge Constructor Simulation iPhone Game Screenshot

Have you ever thought of building huge bridges and excelling in it? If yes, Bridge Constructor is designed for you.

Well, this game does not require any kind of engineering skills to build bridges. At the starting of the game, you will be on Tiltin islands, surrounded by other three islands at a different altitude. You will need to think out-of-the-box to make bridges to meet the height difference.

You’ll get 40 different mind-boggling levels to pass through. Every bridge can be constructed with varying materials of construction; the only hurdle is your budget. So, choose wisely to fit your pockets well.

Price: $1.99

#9. Falcon Simulator

Falcon Simulator Simulation iPhone Game Screenshot

How about living a life of a falcon? Shoot up high in the sky and rule the winds. Hunt down your prey and feed your fleet. Watch out for the deadly enemies like hawks, vultures, and foxes.

The game consists of 25 unique species of deer, wolves, crocodile, skunk, snake, fish, vulture, buffalo, fox, crow, bears, squirrel, raccoon, mice and more. Breed babies, raise them, feed them, protect them and expand your horizon with a flock of falcons.

You can also recruit other Falcons by offering them your prey. There are two new exciting mission types, Earn Your Wings and Scavenger to keep you engrossed for more.

Price: $0.99

#10. Motorsport Manager

Motorsport Manager Simulation iPhone Game Screenshot

If you are charmed by speed or a big fan of F1 racing, you are going to like Motorsport Manager a lot.

Explore the world of F1 high-speed racing with Motorsport Manager. Sadly, you won’t be racing at all. Instead, you’ll be managing your team in all ways.

Hire drivers, upgrade your cars, plan strategies with your driver, and prioritize your pit planning to win the race. You can either watch the race in real-time or you can occupy yourself in strategy mode to plan according to changes in weather or crashes. This really is a great simulation game, with the five-star reviews.

Price: Free

That’s all for now!

What’s your favorite?

Ditto, you have picked out some of the games to play, haven’t you? Do let us know their names and also tell us the names of other simulator games, which you have always found exciting.

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