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Best iPhone bike mounts for every rider in 2024

Let’s face it, we need our phones while riding bikes, especially for following maps or calling someone. And even if you’re a one-handed riding expert, you shouldn’t be holding or using an iPhone during that time. Therefore to enjoy a hands-free ride, you need a bike mount for iPhone.

It’ll keep your iPhone firmly fastened to bike handlebars as you ride, allowing you to see its display. Although choosing the right mount for your bike and iPhone model that also matches your unique requirements is a bit tricky. To help you out, I have produced a list of the best bike mount for the iPhone.

Best bike phone mount of 2024 (Top 9 Picks)

1. Quad Lock – Adjustable clamp for perfect views

Quad Lock best iPhone bike mount for every rider

The Quad Lock Out Front Bike Mount has a sophisticated, sleek, and stylish design. The build is lightweight and no thicker than a regular phone cover, greatly reducing wind drag. So, you can use Apple Maps and fitness apps and never miss calls or texts. Also, you can easily remove your phone from the mount whenever you want.

The Quad Lock Bike Mount only fits handlebars with a diameter of 25mm to 40mm. You can install it quickly using UV-resistant O-rings or zip ties. With Quad Lock’s patented dual-stage lock, the mount will secure your iPhone even while riding over bumps and jumps.

But it has a few shortcomings. For a secure connection to the mount, your phone must have a Quad Lock Case. Therefore, I find it more expensive than other solutions at $40 for everyday usage.


  • Lightweight frame 
  • Dual-stage locking mechanism 
  • Easy to rotate


  • Tricky detaching

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2. Spigen Life Out Front Bike Phone Mount

Spigen best iPhone bike mount for every rider

Spigen’s Out Front Bike Mount has a universal adaptor that you can attach to any phone, with or without a case. So you don’t need to purchase a matching phone cover. Just attach the adapter and lock your iPhone into the mount with one click.

With two different rubber spacers, the mount fits most handlebar diameters and can be adjusted to any viewing angle. I liked its lightweight fiberglass core and bulk-free aerodynamic design, allowing you to easily access your phone. If your bike’s handlebars are less than 31.8mm, you may fit the mount using the spacer.


  • Slim and lightweight  
  • Maximum compatibility 
  • One-click locking system


  • Non-adjustable clamp

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3. TruActive – Strong grip with unrestricted functionality

TruActive best iPhone bike mount for every rider

The secure and noiseless mounting technique of the TruActive iPhone bike holder makes it stand out. It barely slides off while riding on uneven or mild off-road. You can attach it without using any tools. The ball joint mechanism further enables 360-degree rotation. So, you can view your phone in both horizontal and vertical positions.

TruActive has made a universal design that can fit iPhones with upto 6.7″ display size and bikes handlebars with a 0.55″–1.26″ diameter. The four-corner elastic band holder will cover your screen’s corners, which was a turn-off for me. Though I have not experienced any issue using my phone, it’s a little annoying.


  • Easy installation
  • 360rotation
  • Scratch-resistant


  • Loose fitting
  • Cannot access phone easily

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4. Lamicall – Sturdy iPhone bike mount

Lamicall best iPhone bike mount for every rider

Lamicall bike mount’s unique form strongly grabs each corner of your iPhone. And the additional 4 silicone cushions protect your phone from vibration and damage, even when biking on a rough road. The rotational mechanism helps you to take calls, listen to music, and use GPS.

It can fit bike handlebars between 0.6 and 1.18″ and iPhones from 4.7 to 6.8 inches with thicknesses up to 15mm (including case cover). But if you have an iPhone SE 1st/2nd, you can’t use it. Altogether it was very easy to install with one hand, and I could take out my phone with a one-key lock button.


  • Detachable silicone pads 
  • Strong and durable build 
  • Wide compatibility 
  • Easy to rotate 


  • Not suitable for big phones

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5. GUB Bike Phone Mount Holder – Wide compatibility with adjustable clamp

GUB best iPhone bike mount for every rider

GUB has made the mount using 6061 aluminum alloy. So, it has a clear advantage over comparable silicone- and plastic-based items for its sturdiness. The breadth of this mount is adjustable so that you can attach any iPhone with a height of up to 7 inches.

It has one attachment point to your handlebars, which you can tighten using an Allen key. The GUB mount has an easily adjustable display angle and 360 rotation. As far as I have experienced, this mount endures longer than others since it is made entirely of metal. The silicone and rubber mounts get dry and brittle when sun exposure.


  • Improved grip on the smartphone 
  • Aluminum promises durability 
  • Easy access to phone buttons


  • Not good for big phones

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6. VUP – Silicone bands and shock absorbing pad

VUP best iPhone bike mount for every rider

The VUP is a fantastic budget option among iPhone bike mounts. I must say it’s the easiest to set up and only took 5 seconds to install. The mount also excels at versatility, making it simple to switch from landscape to portrait.

Due to its simplicity, it is simple to use and works well, although there are some drawbacks. This is particularly problematic if you have a waterproof phone cover. Therefore, the VUP is a solid option if you are on a tight budget.


  • Flexible silicone bands 
  • Strong grip on iPhone 
  • 360-degree rotatable clamp 
  • Works with multiple stems


  • Less durable

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7. IPOW universal handlebar mount: Most stable bike mount

IPOW universal handlebar mount picture

The IPOW bike mount holds your phone with silicon butterfly bands from four corners. The upgraded stable design offers an additional clamp. So, you can adjust it from 2.3 to 3.5″ to fit your iPhone while riding on high-speed and bumpy roads. Thanks to the soft rubber lines on the clamp, your iPhone won’t be damaged from scratches or shocks.

The rubber clamp has three settings and at least five distinct installation diameters, with a maximum of 1.33″. Besides, its spinning head lets you turn your iPhone in 360o horizontally and vertically. The best part is you can install it in 10 seconds by simply tightening the nut. Along with that, stay stress-free with IPOW’s lifetime guarantee.


  • Anti-shake technology
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • Slides the phone

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8. iMESTOU waterproof mount: Charge your iPhone on the go

iMESTOU waterproof mount image

This bike mount offers integrated Qi wireless charging along with USB quick charge 3.O. So, you can charge your iPhone (upto 6.8″ display size). I totally loved the built-in power regulating chip and clamp arms at four corners. It automatically identifies your phone, locks it in position, and starts charging in 0.1s.

The brand has upgraded the one-handed operation to quickly place or remove your phone. You just need to press the slide clamps, and it will release your phone. The waterproof design allows you to ride even on rainy days. Also, you can experiment with it by attaching it to the rear-view mirror rather than the handlebars.

And I will surely praise the multiple safety protection to save guard your iPhone from over-heat and over-voltage. But you need to make sure it is compatible with your phone case. Because wireless charging has some issues.


  • Waterproof design
  • Multiple safety protection
  • Wireless charging support


  • Doesn’t work with thick cases
  • Hard to configure

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9. ROAM adjustable bike mount: One mount for all iPhones

ROAM adjustable bike mount image

ROAM bike mount for iPhone is both portable and durable. Its outstanding adaptability is what gives it worth. You can attach it on bikes with a diameter of 0.9 to 1.25″ using the adjustable clamp. Also, it can hold any iPhone up to 3.5″ broad.

The mount holds your phone with two points of contact, a firm plastic grip, and a silicone net to provide strong protection. You can quickly swap your phone from landscape to portrait mode while driving, thanks to the 360-degree rotation. But I found that it’s not good for rough biking.


  • Fits most phones
  • Strong silicon netting


  • Bulky
  • Doesn’t fit clip-on style sports bikes
  • Rubber holder press side buttons
  • Not for rough biking

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Is it safe to mount iPhone on bike?

Yes. An iPhone bike mount protects your smartphone and offers easy access to it for a hassle-free riding experience.

Do motorcycle mounts damage iPhones?

No, motorcycle mounts don’t damage iPhones. Contrarily, they protect them from damage while you focus on your move.

So, that’s all, folks!

If you go on bike rides frequently, this iPhone accessory is a must-have for you. Have you used any of the above-mentioned iPhone bike mounts? Let me know in the comment section.

Do share your review in the comments section. Also, keep following us.

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