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Apple fam, your wishes have come true. The long-awaited iPhone 15 series with USB-C charging support is finally here. Knowing your love for the iPhone, we know you must have started planning your next big buy. So why not spend this time exploring some cool iPhone 15 cases as well? To make your search easier, I have curated a list of the best iPhone 15 cases. Let’s start!

1. Speck – Editor’s choice

Coming from Speck, Presidio 2 Pro MagSafe with ClickLock is one of the most innovative iPhone 15 cases you can find. The ClickLock Interlock no-slip technology features a sturdy bolt that firmly attaches accessories to your iPhone or phone on other surfaces. With less friction involved, the case reduces the risk of messy slippages.   

Apart from all this, the Presidio 2 Pro MagSafe cover case comes with a precise fitting that quickly wraps all the edges of your smartphone. In addition, the ultra-responsive buttons available here bless you with a smoother clicking experience. The raised bezels add an extra edge to protect your screen and camera lens. Enjoy a scratch-resistant experience with this amazing iPhone cover.   

Also, if you want to resonate with Apple’s no-carbon initiative, let me tell you that the Presidio 2 Pro MagSafe cover uses 50% recycled plastics.   


  • Easy gripping with ClickLock 
  • Strong and durable build  
  • MagSafe charging support 


  • No cons found  

Check out on Speck 

2. totallee clear case

Totallee case for iPhone 15

When it comes to iPhone safety, clear cases are the best pick. They not only keep your iPhone safe but also help you embrace a stylish look. totallee clear glass case is the epitome of beauty and performance. Tailor-made to give a crystal-clear appearance, this drool-worthy iPhone 15 case adopts a no-branding pedagogy. So, you can finally say no to logos. Phew! 

Despite its feather-like clarity, this iPhone 15 clear case offers top-notch protection from all the adversities likely to daunt upon your smartphone. It is made with a robust shock-absorbing material that is strong enough to keep your iPhone 15 a timeless artwork for a long. No scratches, bruises, or falls will shun the beauty of your iPhone 15 with Totallee’s invisible phone protector.   


  • Transparent look  
  • Shock-absorbing material build 
  • No brand logos on display 


  • Might appear dull to some users 

Check out on totallee 

3. ESR iPhone 15 Kickstand Case

Boost Kickstand Case for iPhone 15

The all-new Boost Kickstand case by ESR is a content lover’s treasure. Designed to perfection, the iPhone case adorns a perfect fit and precise cutouts that align with every edge of your iPhone 15 like its second skin. Moreover, the cover has a unique kickstand that lets you bend your iPhone 15 to 30-60 degrees so you can enjoy a flawless viewing experience.   

The high-grade polymer used for creating this versatile cover gives a transparent look that does not turn yellow even after prolonged usage. So, you can flex the sexy design of your iPhone 15 in all those mirror selfies. Further, the shock-absorbing polymer paired with the raised screen edges saves your precious smartphones from drops, falls, and scratches. The camera guard is just the icing on the cake.   


  • Slim and sturdy build 
  • Exclusive camera guard 
  • Flexible kickstand for content streaming 


  • No cons found 

Check out on ESR  

4. Spigen Ultra Hybrid (MagFit)

Spigen Ultra Hybrid case for iPhone 15

Are you looking for an excellent MagSafe-compatible case for iPhone 15? Congrats! The Spigen Ultra Hybrid (MagFit) case is the perfect pick for you. Measuring 5.97 x 2.98 x 0.51 inches, this robust mobile cover wraps all the edges of your iPhone 15 effortlessly. In addition, the flexible TPU material saves your smartphone from every time you bump against a wall or drop your iPhone with a thud on the floor.   

The raised edges alongside the display screen and camera setup offer uncompromised safety to your iPhone’s two most essential parts. These raised edges protect the screen and lens from scratching even when you lay your iPhone flat.   


  • Long-lasting clarity 
  • Strong magnetic charging support 
  • Raised edges for screen and camera 


  • Slightly expensive 

Check out on Spigen 

5. CASETiFY Poison

Give a twist to your Disney fantasy with the all-new Poison Apple case for iPhone 15 from CASETiFY. Designed to perfection, this Halloween-inspired cover features a rigid frame that sits perfectly around your precious smartphone. Its snug fit blesses you with edge-to-edge protection that promises top-notch safety from sudden slips. Perfect!

With a flexible rim on the edges, the cover keeps your display safe from everyday wear and tear. In addition, the EcoShock technology absorbs the impact from impromptu drops and bumps before they reach your device. The smooth inside surface works like a soft bed to rest your phone without worrying about messy scratches.

The CASETiFY-exclusive camera rim sits around the rear camera to keep your lenses safe and scratch-free. The rimmed edges allow you to keep your iPhone 15 on any surface with no evident damage.


  • Superior-quality build 
  • Camera and screen bezels 
  • EcoShock technology 
  • Access buttons  


  • No cons found

Check out on CASETiFY

6. Mkeke clear case

Mkeke best case for iPhone 15

Mkeke clear case gives you the best of both worlds – style and safety. Made using premium-quality TPU material; this transparent case does not let stains, fingerprints, and sweat spoil the beauty of your iPhone 15. In addition, Mkeke ensures that your clear case remains the same and does not turn into an ugly shade of yellow after rigorous use for an extended period.   

Designed to fit iPhone 15, the case envelops your smartphone snugly, giving no chance for your smartphone to slip out. Moreover, its military-grade drop protection comes with in-built corner bags and elevated bezels. Every feature works together to keep your iPhone 15 from sudden falls, bumps against walls, or scratches.   

When pressed, the precisely pronounced buttons feel easy to touch, ensuring flawless access to the iPhone’s buttons, features, and functions. Further, the case features a one-of-a-kind sloped camera design that works well with wireless chargers and stands. The brand offers top-notch safety at a pocket-friendly price, something you won’t find easily. Also, do check our list of the best clear cases for iPhone 15 Plus.


  • Fully transparent TPU material 
  • Military-grade and shockproof protection 
  • Raised bezels around edges and camera 
  • Precise buttons  


  • Unsure about durability 

Check out on Amazon 

7. SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle PRO

Unicorn Beetle PRO MAG Rugged Case for iPhone 15

I know dropping your iPhone 15 is a nightmare you will never want to come across. Fortunately, with the Unicorn Beetle PRO MAG rugged case by SUPCASE, you can shoo away all these ugly fears in a blink. Made with polycarbonate material, this iPhone 15 case has TPU bumpers that bring unprecedented safety to your fingertips. Being scratch-resistant, you can use this MagSafe case just as you want.   

Despite the rugged build, the Unicorn Beetle PRO MAG cover fits your iPhone 15 from all edges. Furthermore, the raised bezels around the screen and lens help you place your precious smartphone on rough surfaces without worrying about damage.   


  • Tough and durable build 
  • MagSafe charging support 
  • Raised bezels for enhanced safety 


  • Rustic feel might irk some users

Check out on SUPCASE 

8. CASETiFY Chrome Doodles

Doodles are fun, and so is this latest CASETiFY Chrome Doodles case. Adorning a mirror back, this amazing iPhone 15 cover defines style and safety. Created using PC and TPU material, the cover fits around your device to keep it safe from everyday wear and sudden mishaps. Plus, its EcoShock material helps withstand drops from up to 8.2 ft., earning a 4x military-grade safety standard.   

The Chrome Doodles case has a sleek frame that stretches across the edges without adding extra bulk. Feel free to carry it in your hand while attending calls or in your pockets along with your other stuff. In addition, the cover has raised bezels around the display and rear camera to avoid surface scratches.   

The haptic buttons sit atop the iPhone 15 buttons, offering a high-responsive touch or press. Similarly, the precise cutouts give easy, seamless access to your smartphone features. Further, the case is fully compatible with MagSafe chargers, so you get instant power fill anytime and anywhere. Lastly, you can attach funky charms to the side sockets and elevate your device’s look.


  • Sleek and lightweight 
  • MagSafe compatible 
  • Raised bezels around the screen and camera 
  • Side sockets for charms 

Check out on: Amazon | CASETiFY 


  • Retains fingerprints

9. Mujjo – Best leather wallet case for iPhone 15

Mujjo Leather Wallet Case best iPhone 15 case

Take your iPhone 15’s safety to the next level with the Mujjo leather wallet case. Wrapped in vegetable-tanned Ecco leather, this beautiful case is soft to the touch and lightweight to carry around in your pockets. The Japanese microfiber inner lining gives your Mujjo leather wallet case a satin-like finish. If you love premium products, you will love this iPhone 15 wallet case.   

The cover has robust machined metal buttons that sit right above the iPhone 15 keys for an easy access to features and functions. In addition, the elevated lips around the camera and screen allow you to place your smartphone on any surface without worrying about scratches. Despite the snug build, Mujjo leather case fits well with screen protectors.  

One of the main USPs of this leather case is the leather wallet-cum-card holder. Here, you can keep 2 to 3 cards, like credit card or photos. The enclosed fit of the leather wallet stops your essentials from slipping out.   


  • Attached leather wallet  
  • Raised bezels for lenses 
  • Metal buttons 


  • No MagSafe support 

Check out on Amazon 

10. Smartish Gripzilla

Smartish Gripzilla best iPhone 15 case

Smartish Gripzilla is a god’s gift for you if you have butter fingers. Equipped with grooved sides, this amazing cover is the gripping beast that will save your iPhone 15 from slipping out of your hands. Even after this, if you somehow drop your smartphone, then worry not.    

Your smartphone case should pay special attention to edges because they are most prone to getting hit against hard surfaces. For this reason, Gripzilla has shock-absorbing air pockets. These air cushions can bear a fall up to 6 feet while keeping your iPhone 15 free from bruises and damage. FYI, the product is tested for 50 drops at 6ft onto concrete.   

The case has raised bumper edges for screen and camera lens protection. Thus making it easy to place the phone face up or down. Further, the strong magnets aligned on the case support quick wireless and MagSafe charging.


  • Grooves and grippy sides 
  • Raised bumper edges  
  • Shock-absorbing edges  


  • Might feel bulky 

Check out on Amazon 

11. TORRAS – 360-degree

TORRAS best iPhone 15 case

Start a movie marathon with your friends in stunning 4K quality on iPhone 15, and let TORRAS make this experience special. This becomes possible with the all-new iPhone 15 case with a multipurpose 360-degree rotatable ring stand. You can pull the ring out and place your iPhone in multiple angles for great views. Give rest to your hands while playing games, attending video calls, browsing content, etc. The robust build of the ring allows you to hold it single-handedly with no drops.

The case is 3X military-grade certified, and houses the patented X-shock technology that saves it from drops up to 10ft high. Moreover, the raised edges alongside the screen and camera shoo away potential scratches, dents, or bumps. With N52 magnets, this versatile iPhone 15 case allows quick charging when required.  

Another interesting feature of this case is the detachable buttons that bless you with an evident tactile pressing experience. In addition, these DIY buttons come in 3 different colors for a more personalized look.


  • 360-degree rotatable ring stand 
  • Strong N52 magnets 
  • Military-grade protection 
  • DIY detachable buttons 


  • No cons found 

Check out on Amazon  

Wrapping up 

That’s a wrap. Did you find a suitable case for your iPhone 15 from this list? Do share in the comments section.  

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