Best iPhone 15 clear cases in 2023

Best iPhone 15 clear cases

The iPhone 15 comes in many vibrant colors, and it’s important to protect your investment with a good case. If you’re looking for a clear case that will show off the beauty of your new iPhone, you have come to the right place. I am here to bless you with some of the best iPhone 15 clear cases that you can add to your cart ASAP. Let’s start.

  1. Apple
  2. Speck
  3. totallee
  4. Case-Mate

1. Apple iPhone 15 clear case with MagSafe – Editor’s Choice 

Apple iPhone 15 clear case with MagSafe

What’s better than picking a clear case from the iPhone 15 creator itself? Apple has upgraded its product lineup with a new sleek, lightweight clear case that mingles safety with style in just the right proportions. Made of optically clear polycarbonate and flexible materials, this Apple iPhone 15 case wraps around your smartphone body and buttons like a second skin.   

Equipped with strong magnets, the transparent cover blesses you with fast, wireless charging on every business trip or excursion. Trust me, the Snap-On charging is a blessing you cannot miss. Further, the scratch-resistant coating on the interior and exteriors will help keep your iPhone 15 like a new baby for a long.  


  • Strong MagSafe support 
  • Tailor-made sturdy build  
  • Best quality material product 


  • No cons found 

Check out on Apple 

2. Speck Presidio Perfect – Dual-layer protection from all sides

Speck Presidio Perfect case for iPhone 15

Speck Presidio Perfect case is more transparent than most of our plans. Okay, jokes apart. Presidio Perfect is just the right pick if you want to show off the half-bitten Apple in your mirror selfies. Equipped with robust MagSafe support, this versatile iPhone 15 case gives you instant battery support on the go.

Moreover, you get dual-layer protection with this amazing case without bearing bulkiness on your hands. Indeed, it is a perfect balance of safety and design. The clear phone-cushioning rubber guarantees complete protection from all sorts of crises. From dropping your iPhone 15 or your sibling toying with the new gadget – the Speck Presidio Perfect clear case saves you from everything.

Furthermore, the raised bezels that run across the big display and camera setup at the back let you lay your iPhone 15 flat on any surface without worrying about damage.   


  • Convenient MagSafe charging  
  • Strong, durable build 
  • Raised bezels for added safety 


  • Might be slippery 

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3. totallee clear glass case – Free from logos

Totallee case for iPhone 15

Flex the sexy design of your iPhone 15 with the totallee clear glass case. This lightweight smartphone cover ensures that your precious phone is safe from all the adversities likely to inflict upon it over continuous usage over time. As expected, the totallee cover comes with precise fittings that sit right at the four corners of the iPhone 15, promising complete protection even during rough usage.   

Made with shock-absorbing material, the crystal-clear cover keeps scratches, bruises, and ugly spots at bay. Its slim and sleek design offers an invisible protection with a surprising imprint of caseless usage. Further, totallee lets you retain the original aesthetics of the iPhone by saying NO to flashy logos. Yes, this clear case for the iPhone 15 from totallee follows a no-branding policy. 


  • Clear look for long 
  • Uses shock-absorbing material 
  • No logos on display 


  • No MagSafe support 

Check out on totallee 

4. Case-Mate clear case – MagSafe charging for iPhone 15

Case-Mate clear case for iPhone 15

It’s a beauty! This was the first thought that popped into my mind when I saw this Pelican Protector Clear MagSafe case by Case-Mate. Here, you get an impact-resistant outer layer paired with a shock-absorbing rubber lining that blesses your iPhone 15 with military-grade protection. Also, do you know this delicate-looking cover is strong enough to endure a 16-foot drop? Amazing, right? 

The MagSafe charging available with this case comes handy for all those times when you are running late and need an instant battery boost. This becomes possible with the perfect alignment of the magnets stacked in this case. Further, Case-Mate has added antimicrobial and anti-scratch coatings on the case for an added layer of protection to your iPhone 15.  


  • Durable build 
  • Perfectly aligned magnets 
  • Lightweight design ensures portability 


  • A bit flashy design  

Check out on Case-Mate 

Wrapping up 

Clear cases are a perfect medium to flaunt your iPhone 15 without compromising its safety. I have tried to cover some of the best iPhone 15 clear cases in this article for you. If you find your favorite here, do share it in the comments section.  

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