Best iPhone 15 Plus clear cases in 2023

Best iPhone 15 Plus clear cases

The iPhone 15 Plus comes in various amazing colors and with unprecedented features, including the Dynamic Island and USB-C port. With so much in hand, you won’t like to have a shorter lifespan for your precious iPhone. This is why you should consider investing in a great iPhone 15 Plus clear case!

To save your efforts, I have compiled a list of the best iPhone 15 clear cases here. From MagSafe-compatible cases to fancy ones – this collection has it all. Let’s check them out quickly.

  1. Apple
  2. Spigen
  3. Speck
  4. ESR
  7. Case-Mate
  8. ESR Classic Series
  10. OtterBox

1. Apple clear case – Editor’s Choice

Apple iPhone 15 plus clear case

Light, sleek, and grippy – Apple clear case flaunts the stunning design of the iPhone 15 Plus while providing complete protection. The case fits snugly around your smartphone and is designed using optically clear polycarbonate and flexible materials. Once attached, it saves your precious iPhone 15 Plus from unforeseen slips, drops, or falls.

The perfect fit ensures a firm grip on your smartphone even after holding it for hours. Moreover, the scratch-resistant coating on the interior and exterior surfaces keeps your iPhone 15 Plus pristine. Thanks to the layers, your case won’t turn yellow! 

The built-in magnets in the Apple clear case offer you speedy wireless charging from anywhere and anytime. With perfectly aligned magnets, the cover easily snaps on your MagSafe charger, giving your smartphone the required power boost. Furthermore, the Apple clear case with MagSafe comes in beautiful pastel shades of pink, yellow, green, and black.   


  • Strong, lightweight build 
  • Anti-yellowing coating 
  • Built-in magnetic charging support 
  • Steady grip 


  • No cons found 

Check out on Apple 

2. Spigen Ultra Hybrid – Strong build for full safety

Spigen Ultra Hybrid best clear case for iPhone 15 Plus

Spigen is trusted for creating top-quality smartphone accessories. The Spigen Ultra Hybrid case lets you experience best-in-class protection wrapped in a crystal-clear case. This amazing case is made of hybrid technology that involves a TPU bumper and a polycarbonate back. Both materials promise an edge-to-edge fitting and firm grip for your iPhone 15 Plus.   

With this said, your phone won’t sneak out of the cover and drop on the floor, leaving you gaping. Apart from this, the raised bezels slightly elevate your screen and camera. In turn, this saves them from scratches, bruises, and marks. Also, the anti-yellowing coating allows you to use it longer.  

This clear-build iPhone 15 case comes with pronounced buttons that are smooth to feel and easy to press. It feels as if you are using the iPhone buttons. Further, the big cutouts at the bottom allow you to accommodate most cable varieties without hassle. 


  • TPU and PC build 
  • Perfect fit and grip 
  • Pronounced buttons for easy access 
  • Raised bezels around the camera  


  • No MagSafe support 

Check out on Amazon 

3. Speck GemShell – Goodbye to yellow cases

Speck best clear case for iPhone 15 Plus

Speck GemShell case gives you every reason to flex your all-new iPhone 15 Plus. This iPhone 15 Plus clear case adorns a two-layer design with inside cushioning and raised bezels running around the screen. The top-notch protection offered by this iPhone 15 Plus cover saves the smartphone from getting ugly scratches, bruises, and lines when kept face-down or upright.   

Designed after rigorous testing, the Speck GemShell case offers 8ft drop protection at your fingertips. No matter how frequently you drop your iPhone, GemShell will keep it safe and working. In addition, the transparent case has an anti-yellowing coating, ensuring improved durability in a flexible build. Its strong MagSafe compatibility always ensures quick charging.   

The transparent case features precise cutouts that sit perfectly over the buttons for seamless access. Further, you get big spaces to plug your speakers and chargers without hassle. With Speck GemShell clear case, you can show off your iPhone 15 Plus without meddling with its protection.   


  • Strong and durable build 
  • Precise cut outs  
  • Does not turn yellow 


  • No air cushions on the edges 

Check out on Amazon 

4. ESR – Military-grade protection for iPhone 15 Plus

ESR best clear case for iPhone 15 Plus

ESR is known to create top-quality accessories. With the launch of the iPhone 15 series, the brand is here with a stunning collection of cases. For the iPhone 15 Plus, ESR has curated a robust and transparent case using a zinc alloy that offers improved durability. With military-grade protection, this amazing clear case saves your smartphone from unwanted drops, bumps, and falls.   

One of the best features of the ESR clear case is the adjustable stash stand aligned around your iPhone 15 Plus camera outlay. The frame saves your lenses from getting scratches when you keep your smartphone flat on rough surfaces. Moreover, the shock-absorbing Air Guard corners paired with raised screen lips give extra protection to the edges.   

Like most iPhone 15 Plus clear cases, ESR also offers a MagSafe-compatible option. The powerful outlay of built-in magnets enables speedy and convenient wireless charging. Further, the camera guard allows you to keep your iPhone 15 Plus in horizontal mode while streaming content.   


  • Camera Guard stand included 
  • Durable and sleek build 
  • Air Guard for edges 


  • It might be heavy on the hands 

Check out on Amazon 

5. CASETiFY Bounce – Bumper edges for extra protection  

CASETiFY Bounce best clear case for iPhone 15 Plus

Embrace stylish protection for your iPhone 15 Plus with the CASETiFY Bounce case. Designed to excellence, this mobile case houses a slim, sturdy build that feels lightweight. One of the most essential parts of this versatile case is the bumper edges with air cavities that offer structural support with extended rigidity.   

Paired with EcoShock, this case qualifies for 21.3ft of drop testing and 6x military-grade safety standards. And the best part? You get top-notch safety in a super-slim and lightweight body. Cool, right? This CASETiFY clear case is perfect for all your adventure trips when your smartphone can be prone to damage pretty easily.   

This MagSafe-compatible iPhone 15 Plus case has a perfect magnetic alignment for fast charging. With a convenient snap-and-go charging support, you can enjoy seamless wireless charging while traveling. Moreover, the CASETiFY Bounce clear case for iPhone 15 Plus has thousands of prints and colors.   


  • Bumper edges for extra safety 
  • Multiple patterns 
  • Strong and lightweight 


  • Might poke when kept in pockets 

Check out on Amazon 

6. TORRAS Sparka – Raised bezels for scratch-free lenses

TORRAS best clear case for iPhone 15 Plus

This multipurpose iPhone 15 Plus clear case has a trendy 6-in-1 design that protects your smartphone from sudden drops and falls. Moreover, TORRAS’ Transternity anti-yellowing technology ensures your iPhone cover is safe from harmful UV rays, fingerprints, sweat stains, etc.   

The 1.3mm thick screen bezels running across the edges allow you to place your iPhone 15 Plus on flat and unsteady surfaces. Moreover, with 1.5mm thick camera lips, you can save your lenses from tiny scratches. The clicky buttons offer smooth functionality, while curved edges give a strong and steady grip.  

As the name suggests, this cover is MagSafe compatible. Equipped with thirty-eight 18N Halbach magnets, the cover keeps your iPhone 15 Plus charged and running anytime and anywhere. The magnetic alignment holds your phone tightly, thus giving fast charging.   


  • Strong and flexible design 
  • Anti-yellowing coating 
  • Elevated screen and camera lips 


  • Clipping on and off might be tricky 

Check out on Amazon

7. Case-Mate – Instant MagSafe charging

Case-Mate Tough best clear case for iPhone 15 Plus

Last but not the least. Case-Mate tough clear MagSafe is one of the best covers you can get for your iPhone 15 Plus. Adorning a mix of style and safety, this cover keeps your smartphone safe from drops as high as 12 feet without any hassle. Its robust build, made using recycled materials, envelops all the corners of your iPhone 15 Plus like a second skin. There is no room for dust to sneak in or for your smartphone to slip off.   

The transparent cover has anti-scratch and antimicrobial coatings for all-inclusive protection. In addition, the durable anti-yellow build of this Case-Mate clear case saves you from the struggle of changing your existing covers frequently. No extra expenses!   

Another essential feature of the Case-Mate clear case is its robust MagSafe compatibility. The aptly aligned magnets support fast charging through any good-quality wireless or MagSafe charger. It saves you from carrying wired chargers around or bearing their clutter on your worktable. 


  • Top-quality material build 
  • Anti-scratch and anti-yellowing coating 
  • MagSafe charging support 


  • Might feel heavy

Check out on Amazon

8. ESR Classic Hybrid- Stylish protection  in budget

ESR Classic Hybrid best clear case for iPhone 15 Plus

The edges of your iPhone are most prone to scratches. Luckily, with the ESR Classic Hybrid case, you can keep the corners of your iPhone 15 Plus flawless. This security comes from the shock-absorbing Air Guard corners made with military-grade standards to offer protection from bumps and drops.   

In addition, the scratch-resistant, crystal-clear acrylic back ensures you can flaunt your iPhone 15 Plus’ stunning style without any safety glitches. With raised edges, the smartphone case not only keeps your screen safe from damage but also blesses you with a strong grip on the sides.   

Further, the Camera Guard running around the lenses lets you lay your smartphone flat even on hard surfaces. The powerful in-built magnets with 1,500g of holding power make charging super convenient. You can attach your smartphone to any wireless charger and get instant charging.   


  • Strong and steady build 
  • MagSafe charging support 
  • Scratch resistant  


  • Might feel bulky 

Check out on Amazon 

9. CASEKOO Crystal Clear – Anti-slip, strong grip

CASEKOO best clear case for iPhone 15 Plus

CASEKOO crystal clear case is one of the best gifts you can give to your iPhone 15 Plus. Crafted with strong polycarbonate and shockproof TPU bumpers, the mobile cover protects your smartphone from all edges. In addition, Flex-impact cushion technology helps your smartphone to bear severe shocks from falls or slips.   

The case fits nicely around your iPhone 15 Plus, saving it from dust, bruises, and scratches. Its ultra-slim body pairs perfectly with your screen protectors and lets you sneak it into your pockets. Moreover, the TPU frame does not leave fingerprints while promoting an anti-slip grip. It is indeed one of the best accessories to go with your iPhone 15 Plus.  

The raised bezels around the camera, screen, and back keep your iPhone safe from scratches when laid on a surface. Further, when you use clear cases, they turn yellow after months of continuous use. Luckily, with CASEKOO, you won’t be facing any such issues. The anti-oxidation coating efficiently resists 99.9% of yellowing, keeping it new.  


  • Anti-yellowing coating 
  • Strong TPU frame  
  • Lightweight, slim body 


  • No MagSafe support 

Check out on Amazon 

10. OtterBox – Optimised design for perfect fit

OtterBox best clear case for iPhone 15 Plus

Designed to fit, the OtterBox clear case might be the product you were looking for. With its ultra-sleek design, this smartphone cover promises comprehensive protection for your iPhone 15 Plus. Following this, the OtterBox transparent cover offers 3X more safety to your iPhone from all those sudden drops when you are careless or too busy to notice.   

The case is optimized to keep your iPhone 15 Plus in place. No matter how roughly you handle your smartphone, there won’t be any bruises or damage with this cover. Further, the magnetic charging pad works smoothly with wireless and MagSafe chargers. With perfect magnet alignment, the smartphone snaps easily on the charger to boost the battery instantly.   

Despite the close-ended fit, you won’t feel any hassle using the iPhone’s built-in buttons, functions, and features. The raised edges around the screen ensure easy installation and removal of the cover from your iPhone 15. Lastly, the elevated lips around the camera protect your lenses from scratches.   


  • Superior-quality build 
  • Raised bezels around the camera 
  • Strong wireless charging 


  • No anti-yellow coating 

Check out on Amazon 

Wrapping up 

Clear cases are one of the most pocket-friendly tools to ensure high-end safety for your iPhone 15 Plus. You can find a variety of versions for these transparent smartphone covers, and luckily, this article has them all covered. I hope you will find your pick easily. Do share your views in the comments section. 

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