Best iPhone 15 Pro clear cases in 2023

Best clear cases for iPhone 15 Pro

With the release of the iPhone 15 Pro with a titanium frame, users are bound to look out for a compatible protective case. To protect and showcase the awesome colors of your iPhone 15 Pro, there’s nothing quite like a clear case. And I am here to make this tedious task plainly simple for you. Allow me to introduce you to the best iPhone 15 Pro clear cases available on the market.

  1. ESR
  2. Spigen
  3. Supcase
  4. Totallee
  5. Mkeke
  8. Speck
  9. Pelican
  10. Miracase

1. ESR iPhone 15 Pro air armor clear case – Editor’s Choice

ESR Clear Case for iPhone 15 Pro Case

The ESR iPhone 15 Pro clear case undoubtedly stands out as one of the best options, featuring a unique blend of protection and style. Crafted specifically for the iPhone 15 Pro, this transparent case offers robust drop protection with shock-absorbing Air Guard corners.

Raised bezels around the camera and screen prevent scratches and maintain an admirable level of care. With high-quality materials, the case stays crystal clear over time with minimal yellowing, making it easy to show off your phone’s elegant design.

The precise cutouts provide easy access to ports and buttons like the Action button without compromising functionality. Additionally, this case offers easy outlets for wireless charging and seamless compatibility with iPhone 15 Pro accessories, making it ideal for style-conscious and tech-savvy individuals.


  • Wireless charging ready
  • Slim and lightweight
  • Military-Grade protection
  • Climate pledge friendly


  • Might overheat under extensive use

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2. Spigen iPhone 15 Pro clear case – Frost clear

 Spigen Ultra Hybrid MagFit Designed for iPhone 15 Pro Case

The next in line, eye-catching product is straight from the warehouses of Spigen. The case is precision-crafted to perfectly fit the contours of your iPhone 15 Pro, ensuring a snug and secure fit. The composition of the magnet, in this case, further allows for seamless MagSafe support.

In addition to protecting the iPhone 15 Pro from scratches and minor drops, the transparent design allows the original beauty of the device to shine through. Despite using high-quality and durable materials, this clear case provides reliable protection without adding unnecessary bulk or weight.

With precise cutouts for easy access to all buttons, ports, and functionalities, its raised edges provide extra screen and camera protection. For professionals looking for both style and durability for their valuable iPhone 15 Pro device, the Spigen iPhone 15 Pro clear case is a great choice.


  • Raised corners to protect the screen
  • Tactile buttons for solid feedback
  • Air cushion technology


  • Slippery design

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3. Supcase clear MagSafe clear case – Slim case for iPhone 15 Pro

Supcase clear MagSafe clear case – Mag Slim

If you’re looking for an iPhone 15 Pro clear case that offers great protection and a stylish design, the Supcase clear MagSafe case might be a perfect fit. Made from top-notch materials, this case ensures that your device is well-protected from accidental drops and scratches, extending its lifespan.

Magnetic attachments allow easy attachment of accessories and effortless charging with the MagSafe feature. The transparent design not only showcases the elegance of the iPhone 15 Pro but also enables compatibility with wireless charging capabilities.

The Supcase’s MagSafe clear case is an ideal choice for individuals looking to showcase their iPhone 15 Pro while keeping it safe from damage. The case is ideal for those in search of an iPhone 15 Pro clear case that strikes the perfect balance between style and protection.


  • 15 ft drop test certified by MET Labs
  • 1-year warranty
  • MagSafe compatible


  • Comparatively pricey

Check out on Supcase

4. Totallee clear iPhone 15 Pro case – Easy to grip

 Totallee clear iPhone 15 Pro case

The totallee Phone 15 Pro clear case is designed to fit the premium Apple offering perfectly, providing excellent protection while maintaining the elegant design. The case is slim and minimalistic, making it an ideal choice for those who want to keep their phone safe without sacrificing style.

Featuring high-quality polypropylene material, it effectively shields your device against scratches, bumps, and accidental drops. Due to its resistance to yellowing or discoloration, the ultra-transparent surface allows your phone’s natural beauty to shine through.

Overall, the totallee clear case offers a seamless user experience with optimal grip and portability. In terms of combining style and functionality, this case is certainly one of the best choices you can make for your iPhone 15 Pro.


  • Ultra-thin design
  • Shock-absorbing drop protection
  • Extra grip anti-slip material


  • MagSafe-supported case is expensive

Check out on Totallee

5. Mkeke for iPhone 15 Pro clear case – Military grade protection

 Mkeke for iPhone 15 Pro Case Clear

As one of the best options for discerning iPhone users seeking a sleek and stylish protective solution, Mkeke’s Clear Case for iPhone 15 Pro is hard to beat. The transparent case showcases the iPhone 15 Pro’s elegant design while providing reliable protection against scratches, dust, and accidental drops.

The case has precise cutouts that align perfectly with the buttons and ports. It has a non-slip surface that improves grip and maintains the phone’s slim profile. It uses anti-yellowing technology to maintain its crystal-clear appearance over time.

For professional individuals seeking both aesthetics and reliability, the Mkeke clear case is an excellent choice for protecting their iPhone 15 Pro. It guarantees optimal durability, attention to detail, style, and functionality. Everything you need is right here.


  • Climate pledge friendly
  • Thermoplastic Polyurethane material
  • Resists stains and sweat


  • The plastic build feels cheap

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6. CASEKOO for iPhone 15 Pro case – Quality or nothing

 CASEKOO for iPhone 15 Pro Case Crystal Clear

This CASEKOO case stands out as one of the best iPhone 15 Pro clear cases. Crafted with utmost precision and using high-quality materials, this case provides optimal protection. The crystal-clear transparency allows users to flaunt their iPhones without compromising on safety.

The phone case comes with reinforced corners and raised edges, which provides excellent protection from accidental drops and scratches. Its sturdy construction ensures long-lasting durability. In addition, it features an advanced coating that prevents yellowing over time, keeping the case looking brand new for years to come.

The CASEKOO iPhone 15 Pro clear case provides superior protection while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing design. Its precise cutouts allow easy access to all ports and buttons without hindering functionality, making it an excellent choice for discerning iPhone users seeking both style and security.


  • Military-grade drop protection
  • 0.04″ thickness and 0.98 oz weight
  • GRYS-GEL non-yellowing tech
  • German Bayer premium material


  • Turns brown with passing

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7. LUHOURI for iPhone 15 Pro Case – With screen protector

 LUHOURI for iPhone 15 Pro Case

Next in line is the LUHOURI iPhone 15 Pro Case, packed with some outstanding add-ons. Its outstanding design perfectly complements the device’s sleek elegance, creating a sophisticated and professional look. The case is constructed using high-quality TPU materials, ensuring durability and providing excellent protection against scratches, shocks, and drops.

It has a built-in screen protector that safeguards the display without affecting touch sensitivity or clarity. The precise cutouts provide easy access to all ports, buttons, and functions and also allow for wireless charging.

The LUHOURI clear case is an excellent choice for professionals who value the beauty of their iPhone 15 Pro and want to ensure its optimal protection. Its slim profile makes it easy to handle and pocket-friendly, while its superior design and reliable safeguarding features provide peace of mind.


  • Chic trendy patterns
  • Multiple options
  • Full-screen safeguard
  • Clear acrylic design


  • Designed specifically for women and girls

Check out on Amazon

8. Speck clear iPhone 15 Pro case – GemShell clear

Speck Clear iPhone 15 Pro Case

The Speck Clear iPhone 15 Pro clear case is undeniably one of the finest available for the latest generation of iPhones. The case is crafted with precision and attention to detail, providing both style and protection in equal measure.

Its transparent design enables you to showcase the exquisite aesthetics of your iPhone 15 Pro while protecting it from scratches, drops, and everyday wear and tear. It uses advanced technology that seamlessly integrates with Apple’s MagSafe feature, ensuring the best possible user experience.

The phone case has a robust design that meets military-grade drop test standards, providing assurance that your device remains secure even during accidental drops or falls. The Speck Clear iPhone 15 Pro Case stands out as an excellent option for those seeking an elegant clear case for their prized iPhone 15 Professional.


  • Slim design
  • MagSafe compatible
  • 8ft drop protection
  • Raised bezels


  • Expensive

Check out on Amazon

9. Pelican Protector series – Lifetime guarantee

 Pelican Protector Series - iPhone 15 Pro

The Pelican Protector case is designed with a rugged dual-layer structure that offers unbeatable impact resistance and shock absorption capabilities. It ensures optimal protection against accidental drops or bumps. The clear polycarbonate back showcases the device’s elegant aesthetics while maintaining a slim profile that doesn’t add unnecessary bulk.

Furthermore, the case has reinforced corners and a raised bezel that provides additional protection for the screen and camera lenses, effectively preventing any potential scratches or cracks. It also features precise cutouts and responsive buttons, ensuring easy access to all ports and functions without compromising usability.

The Pelican Protector Series boasts innovative antimicrobial technology that effectively eradicates 99% of bacteria growth on the surface, ensuring a healthier and cleaner environment for the users. This protective case option is an excellent choice for iPhone 15 Pro owners who want exceptional clarity and durability.


  • 16ft drop protection
  • Non-slip edges
  • Lightweight design
  • 5MM raised edges


  • Very expensive

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10. Miracase magnetic for iPhone 15 Pro case – With built-in glass screen protector

 Miracase Magnetic for iPhone 15 Pro Case

Now that we’ve come to an end, let’s end this list with a bang. The Miracase Magnetic iPhone 15 Pro case is among the top clear cases in the market. This case is crafted with great attention to detail and precision, providing excellent protection while preserving the sleek design of the iPhone 15 Pro.

The case’s transparent and durable materials showcase the device’s aesthetic while also providing protection against daily wear and tear. Because this case uses MagSafe technology, it offers effortless alignment and secure attachment without interfering with wireless charging.

Doing what it does best, this rugged case is meticulously designed to provide easy access to all ports and buttons while the raised edges protect against scratches and drops. It’s a stylish and reliable accessory for any iPhone 15 Pro user.


  • Perfect fit
  • Built-in 9H glass screen protector
  • Crystal clear case


  • Might be bulky for users with small hands

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Clean and clear

In a world where form meets function, the choice of a clear case for your iPhone 15 Pro is a testament to your appreciation for elegance and innovation. These cases not only safeguard your prized possession but also allow its beauty to shine through. Whether you prioritize durability, slimness, or additional features, there’s a clear case out there for you.

Thank you for reading. Please take a moment to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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