Best iPhone 15 Pro Max cases in 2023

Best cases for iPhone 15 Pro Max

The buzz around the iPhone 15 Pro Max is going strong, and now that you have got yourself one, you’ll want to keep your new device protected. Luckily, plenty of brands have protective cases and accessories to match. Check out my list of best iPhone 15 Pro Max cases.

  1. Spigen
  2. Supcase
  3. ESR
  4. i-Blason
  5. Case Mate
  8. TORRO
  10. Humixx

1. Spigen Tough Armor – Editor’s Choice

If you’re on the lookout for the best iPhone 15 Pro Max case, Spigen’s got your back with its rugged yet sleek case. This case means business and is crafted from a blend of tough materials like PC and TPU. Plus, this mysterious Impact Foam sounds like it’s been plucked straight from a sci-fi movie, promising next-level shock absorption.

However, Spigen isn’t just about toughness; they’ve got some nifty tricks up their sleeves. Need a hands-free Netflix binge? No problem. This case has a built-in kickstand, making your phone your mini-TV.

While holding up your phone, it’s also looking out for your screen and camera with raised edges, protecting them from clumsy accidents. Plus, you won’t lose any of your iPhone’s fancy perks, as this case works great with wireless charging and MagSafe accessories.


  • Snug fit
  • MagSafe compatible
  • Airy


  • No evident cons found

Check out on Spigen

2. Supcase rugged case – Ultimate protection

When it comes to rugged protection for iPhone 15 Pro Max, Supcase is a trusted companion. With its full-body armor, including a built-in screen protector, your phone is practically wrapped in a protective shell. Hence, you need not worry about scratches, bumps, or even the occasional freefall, as Supcase has your back.

Crafted from a combo of shock-absorbing TPU and unbending polycarbonate, this case is ready for all kinds of action throughout the day. And if you like to keep your hands free, it comes with a rotating belt clip holster. You can clip it to your belt, bag, or wherever suits your style, and you’re good to go.

Plus, the people at Supcase don’t just talk the talk; they walk the walk with a solid 1-year warranty. So, if you’re rocking that shiny new iPhone 15 Pro Max, don’t leave it naked. Give it the Supcase treatment and keep it safe in style.


  • Comes with a built-in screen protector
  • Excellent shock-absorbing capabilities
  • Belt clip is present


  • MagSafe compatibility is missing

Check out on Supcase

3. ESR clear case – Anti-yellowing

If you’ve got the new iPhone 15 Pro Max in your hands, I’ve got a case from ESR that’s tailor-made just for your brand-new device. What’s more, it’s crystal clear, allowing your iPhone’s style to shine through while resisting the yellowing that plagues lesser cases.

This ultra-thin polymer case is so lightweight it’s almost like going caseless, yet it packs military-grade protection. With shock-absorbing polymer, raised edges for your screen, and a camera guard, it’s certified to take a beating and keep your precious device safe. Plus, it won’t add much weight to your pocket, coming in at just 1.1 ounces.


  • Don’t add any bulk
  • Military-grade protection
  • Made up of anti-yellowing material


  • No support for MagSafe

Check out on ESR

4. i-Blason cosmo – Stylish design

The i-Blason iPhone 15 Pro Max case is a shiny protective cover with a sleek and stylish design. This case is ready to handle life’s little fumbles and has been drop-tested from a whopping 10 feet. Its trusty TPU bumpers make it like a personal bodyguard for your precious gadget.

Speaking of bodyguards, it even comes with a built-in screen protector, so you don’t have to worry about those accidental scratches. Moreover, this case has more tricks up its sleeve as it comes with a built-in camera cover that pulls double duty as a kickstand, so you can binge-watch your favorite shows without cramping your hand.

The raised edges of the protector make sure that your screen and lens are far away from the dangerous surfaces. Additionally, the case is MagSafe compliant, so your wireless charging strategy remains solid. The greatest thing is that they have your back with a one-year warranty.


  • Good in-hand feel
  • Clicky buttons
  • Have a variety of color options


  • Unsure about the grip

Check out on i-Blason

5. Case Mate – Lightweight iPhone 15 Pro Max case

If you’re after an iPhone 15 Pro Max case that’s tough and flaunts a bit of personality, you’ve got to check out the Case Mate Signature Rifle Paper design. It’s like having a work of art in your hand, but don’t let its pretty looks fool you.

This case means business with its 12ft drop protection. So, whether you’re prone to the occasional phone slip or just want to make sure your device survives life’s little mishaps, this case has got your back. This case has antimicrobial and anti-scratch coatings, keeping your phone pristine and clean.

For the MagSafe enthusiasts among us, Case Mate doesn’t disappoint. Those built-in magnets ensure your MagSafe accessories stay in place no matter how much you shake, rattle, or roll. Plus, it’s got the environment on its side as it’s made from recycled materials, so you can feel good about your choice.


  • Stylish look
  • MagSafe compatible
  • Protects from bacteria


  • Might be slippery

Check out on Case Mate

6. TORRAS 360° rotatable magnetic ring case – Magnets have your back

TORRAS iPhone 15 Pro Max cases

TORRAS 360° case is a game-changer for your iPhone 15 Pro Max. What sets it apart is that it has this sturdy ring holder that’s been put through the wringer with over 30,000 open/close tests. Hence, the rock-solid body of the case is ready to keep your phone safe from accidental slips and bumps.

If you’re considering extreme protection, this case has your back with a military-grade shield that can handle drops from heights of up to 12 feet. It’s been through rigorous testing, taking thousands of hits, so your phone stays snug even in the most challenging situations.

And that’s not all. There’s a 2.5mm raised lip for your camera and a 1.5mm screen bezel for extra safeguarding. Plus, despite all this armor, it’s still slim and stylish, fitting effortlessly into tight pockets while keeping dust and gunk at bay. With its matte back and flexible rubber edges, it’s like shaking hands with confidence.


  • 360° rotatable magnetic ring case
  • Durable and protective
  • Slim and lightweight


  • Ring could be stiff at times

Check out on Amazon

7. PITAKA MagSafe case – Charge without tangling wires

PITAKA iPhone 15 Pro Max cases

The PITAKA MagSafe case for the iPhone 15 Pro Max stands out as one of the best choices out there. It’s made from 600D aramid fiber, a material trusted in aerospace and military applications, so you know it’s tough without messing with your phone’s signal.

This finely built case keeps your phone safe from everyday scratches, keeping its color looking vibrant over time. What’s really cool is that it’s super light, just about as heavy as two half-dollar coins, and as thin as a credit card.

With its unique 3D Grip Technology, this MagSafe case not only feels smooth to the touch but also keeps your phone from slipping out of your hand. The stylish chamfered rim on the back adds to its looks and makes sure you can hold it comfortably and securely. Plus, thanks to MagSafe SlimBoard technology, your iPhone 15 Pro Max will charge just as fast as if it didn’t have a case on.


  • Made of durable aramid fiber
  • Slim and lightweight design
  • Available in three unique colors


  • Can be difficult to put on and take off

Check out on Amazon

8. TORRO leather case – Multipurpose protective cover

TORRO iPhone 15 Pro Max cases

The leather case from TORRO is one of the best in the business if you are looking for a durable case to protect your beloved iPhone 15 Pro Max. It’s tough and precise, giving you easy access to your screen, camera, buttons, and charging port.

What distinguishes the case from the rest of the cases in the list is the top-grain cowhide leather, which is sourced from the top US tanneries. Moreover, with minimal treatment, the leather retains its natural beauty and character, adding a touch of luxury to your device that’s hard to match.

When it comes to safeguarding your device, the leather protective cover goes the extra mile. It comes with an enhanced GEO-AS-3 technology, which provides robust protection. Inside the case, a specially engineered TPE layer, geometric air pockets, and elastomer work in unison to absorb shocks and impacts effectively.


  • Made from high-quality leather
  • Has a built-in stand for hands-free viewing
  • Reasonably priced


  • Can be a bit bulky

Check out on Amazon

9. CASEKOO transparent slim cover – Feels like nothing

CASEKOO iPhone 15 Pro Max cases

The iPhone 15 Pro Max is the only device for which this CASEKOO transparent case was created. With exactly sized holes for buttons and ports, precision is everything. It tightly encloses your phone, ensuring that dust has no possibility. The use of premium Bayer TPU from Germany and cutting-edge AR technology, which increases light transmittance to almost 100%, distinguishes this case from others.

As a result, the display on your phone keeps its sharpness. Additionally, there are raised edges for additional protection around the camera and screen, as well as small corner lips on the rear to keep your device looking flawless. It maintains an incredibly small profile that feels cozy in your palm and is simple to tuck into your pocket despite all of this roughness.

This case is designed to be durable with U-SHOCK airbags at the corners, a 3-ply buffer bumper, and a sturdy backplane, so it’s not just about appearance. Furthermore, it has passed SGS’s demanding drop testing up to 3.04 meters (MIL-STD 810G-516.6) to receive certification. Therefore, even if your iPhone 15 Pro Max falls and hits hard concrete, this case will protect it.


  • Ultra-thin and lightweight
  • Crystal clear transparency
  • Scratch-resistant and durable


  • Prone to fingerprints and smudges

Check out on Amazon

10. Humixx shockproof bumper hard cover case – Face the challenges heads-on

Humixx iPhone 15 Pro Max cases

The Humixx shockproof bumper hard cover case stands out in my list of best iPhone 15 Pro Max cases because it includes the ground-breaking Magnetic Slide Lens Cover, a component made with accuracy and sturdiness in mind. This special cover offers a sleek, automatic magnetic open and close mechanism in addition to protecting the phone’s delicate lens.

Over 8,000 slides were used to carefully test it, ensuring a stable and dependable performance. It ensures scratch protection because there is enough space between the cover and the lens. Additionally, it offers additional security with its raised corners for screen and lens protection, making it the ideal ally for your device.

In addition, this case includes many cushioning layers, including reinforced soft TPU bumpers and 4-corner U-shock absorption airbags, and it has passed 12,000+ 14-foot drop tests, satisfying military-grade standards. Your phone is protected from impacts, and because of its compact profile, it is simple to put and take out of your pocket.


  • Military-grade shockproof protection
  • Raised edges to protect the screen and camera lens
  • Slim and lightweight


  • Can be difficult to put on and take off

Check out on Amazon

Protection, guaranteed ✅

The iPhone 15 is pretty cool, and it’s worth thinking about keeping it safe. You might want to check out cases for the iPhone 15 Pro Max to add an extra layer of protection. I’m a fan of the slim-fit cases because they give my iPhone 15 a better grip. Which one catches your eye? Feel free to drop a comment and let me know!

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