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iGBAccessoriesBest MagSafe car mounts for iPhone in 2024

Best MagSafe car mounts for iPhone in 2024

If you’re someone who uses their phone a lot when driving, either to take calls or for navigation, you should get a MagSafe car mount. If you’re using a phone while driving, you might not be using both hands, which can lead to a mishap. To reduce the risk, you can get the best MagSafe car mounts for your iPhone. This will help you use your phone without risking your safety.

Without further ado, let’s check the entries for MagSafe car mounts.

1. Montar AIR car mount – Editor’s choice

Montar AIR car mount

If you are looking for a slim and stylish car mount, the Montar AIR car mount from Wintergear is ideal. I always wanted a wireless car mount with no bulk, and this one works perfectly. It has a unique, sturdy locking mechanism compatible with any vent. So, you may simply press the fix feet clamp button, install the mount into your vent, and put your phone on top of it.

And unlike suction cup mounts, it doesn’t leave any stains on the dashboard or windshield. With the quick 360-degree rotation, you can view your phone in either vertical or horizontal mode. I loved its attractive carbon coating that protects the vehicle mount from scratches and looks premium. One 15W Type-C cable is permanently attached to your Montar AIR mount from the car’s USB port. 

Just put your phone on the mount, and it will start charging thanks to quick Qi charging compatibility. So, you may stop plugging and unplugging while driving. Additionally, it comes with metal plates, which is helpful if you don’t have an iPhone with MagSafe. The 8 quality N52 magnets in Montar AIR ensure your smartphone won’t fall even while driving off-road.


  • Easy installation for any car
  • Anti-corrosion, scratch-proof top coating
  • 360-degree rotation with one-hand


  • No significant cons

Check out on: Winner Gear

2. PITAKA MagEZ Car Mount Pro 2 – Wireless charging and NFC functionality

PITAKA MagEZ Car Mount Pro 2

Enjoy a perfect balance of design and utility with PITAKA MagEZ Car Mount Pro 2. Thanks to its robust MagSafe magnets, the mount holds your smartphone firmly with a magnetic force of up to 1.2kg, ideal for bumpy roads or rugged terrains. Its sleek frame has a vacuum-plated PC and Aramid fiber cover, promising improved durability, safety from everyday wear, and a stylish look.   

Regarding design, the car mount has a 17mm universal swivel ball, making it compatible with most car brands and models. In addition, several vents for heat dissipation protect your phone’s battery life. The car mount is easy to install and is detachable. And you cannot miss the 18W wireless charging support this PITAKA car mount offers.    

Another highlight of MagEZ Car Mount Pro 2 is its seamless NFC functionality. The built-in NFC chips help you access preset apps instantly. All you need to do for this is link your NFC-enabled phone to the car mount. You can choose between the three NFC shortcuts the gadget offers at your convenience. Further, if you have a Tesla model 3/X/Y/S, you cannot miss this car mount at any cost.  

Grab a fantastic discount on your PITAKA MagEZ Car Mount Pro 2 during the PITAKA Christmas sale. Hurry, it’s live!


  • Strong magnetic attachment
  • 18W wireless charging  
  • Easy to install and remove  
  • Universal compatibility


  • Might attract dust and dirt

Check out on PITAKA

3. Belkin MagSafe Car Vent Mount PRO – Premium build quality

Belkin MagSafe Car Vent Mount

Belkin has always produced some excellent products for iPhones. With the MagSafe Car Vent Mount PRO, Belkin brings forth one of the best MagSafe car mounts you can find for your iPhone.

It has a slim, sleek, and elegant look. Moreover, this adds an element of minimalism that goes well with the iPhone’s aesthetics. The Belkin MagSafe car mount uses official MagSafe technology. Due to this, you can rest assured that your phone’s battery life will remain efficient.

The car mount can also be oriented in any direction or angle based on your needs. In addition, the cable management of the car mount ensures that the cable is always near you so that you don’t run out of power. Furthermore, this car mount works excellently with official MagSafe cases.

Although the vent clip quality is decent, it may not fit all air vents. Moreover, it’s quite an expensive car mount for the features it offers.


  • Decent build quality
  • An elegant and minimalist look
  • Uses official MagSafe technology
  • Additional cable provided for charging
  • Can be oriented according to requirements


  • Vent clip may not fit all car vents
  • Expensive

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4. OTTERBOX Performance – Versatility champion

OTTERBOX Performance Car Dash & Windshield Mount for MagSafe

Most MagSafe car mounts tend to attach only to the air conditioning vents. With this offering from OTTERBOX, you get a versatile car mount that can also be installed on the dashboard or your vehicle’s windshield.

It’s easily adjustable and can be oriented according to your requirements. Moreover, you can remove the adhesive used around the suction cup. This will help reposition the mount wherever you want in your vehicle. However, if you’re sure about the positioning, you can position the mount permanently on your vehicle’s dashboard using the provided mounting disc.

The mount has a decent build quality and strong magnetic alignments and attachments. Thanks to these, your phone will be held securely regardless of the terrain. Lastly, you also get a limited lifetime warranty with this product!

Ultimately, the only con of the product is the pricing. Many potential buyers may not spend that much money on a car mount.


  • Versatile – can be installed on the dash and windshield
  • Can be adjusted to fit requirements
  • Good build quality
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Very expensive

 Check out on Amazon

5. ESR HaloLock – Strong hold

ESR HaloLock MagSafe Car Phone Mount

The ESR HaloLock has one of the best car mount designs in today’s market. Even as a MagSafe car mount, it’s a good product.

Bear in mind that the HaloLock is a car mount. It doesn’t provide charging capabilities. That being said, the elegant design of the car mount ensures that it fits into the air vent of any car model. Moreover, it offers strong holding capabilities thanks to the magnets inside and a non-slip silicone ring. Together, they provide an excellent hold for your phone.

The ring in the middle of the car mount is filled with magnets. This allows the car mount to easily change the orientation between portrait and landscape modes. So, you’ll face little to no issues when you’re changing the car mount’s orientation.

The included USB-C to USB-A cable could be too short for some vehicles. Consider getting a different cable if that’s the case with you.


  • Strong magnets for a good hold
  • Good design philosophy
  • Orientation can be changed


  • Included USB-C to USB-A cable is short

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6. Spigen OneTap – Efficient charging

Spigen OneTap Pro Designed for Magsafe Fast Wireless Car Charger Mount

Spigen is a popular accessories maker for iPhones. With the Spigen OneTap, you get good wireless charging MagSage car mount worth checking out.

The OneTap provides an optimized charging capability of 7.5W. The charging speed is optimized to ensure that your phone’s battery isn’t hampered. However, if you want faster charging, you can use a 20W USB-C Power Car Charger from Spigen that’s sold separately.

The build quality of the OneTap car mount is good. Moreover, it’s strong enough to hold even bigger phones such as iPhone 13 or 12 Pro Max. Furthermore, the provided telescopic arm can be extended up to 11.3 inches in case you’re using the phone from the car’s backseat. Finally, you also get 24 months of manufacturer warranty!

There are a couple of issues, though. Firstly, the charging speed can be a bit on the slower side sometimes. Secondly, if you charge the phone for too long, it starts to overheat.


  • 7.5W efficient charging available
  • Strong holding capacity
  • Telescopic arm can be extended
  • 24 months manufacturer warranty


  • Charging can be a bit slow
  • Phone can overheat if charged for a long time

Check out on Amazon

7. VICSEED – Elegant design

VICSEED Magnetic Phone Holder for Car

While VICSEED does advertise the MagSafe car mount’s holding capabilities quite a lot, I think that it also comes with a beautiful design. The car mount could be a good aesthetic addition for modern car models.

Coming to the car mount itself, it comes with two extra metal rings. You can stick the metal rings to the phone or its case and attach them to the car mount. This will ensure a strong grip and security for your iPhone. Moreover, regardless of the phone case you’re using, whether the official MagSafe case or other MagSafe cases, this car mount works with them all.

Finally, while the head contains 12 wider Rb magnets, the biggest draw is the rotation. The head can be rotated 360-degrees. So, you can use this car mount and orient it any way you like.

The only gripe with the product is that the build quality for the base could’ve been better. Users have reported that the base bounces too much.


  • Excellent design
  • Good compatibility with most phone cases
  • Can be rotated 360 degrees


  • Build quality is subpar

 Check out on Amazon

8. Quarble – Simplicity redefined

Quarble Magnetic Dashboard Car Mount Compatible with MagSafe Case iPhone

While there are plenty of flashy MagSafe car mounts on the market, what if you want something that just screams simplicity and elegance? This offering from Quarble could be exactly what you were looking for!

The front end of the car mount uses silicone with high tensile strength. This ensures that the head will not deform even after being used for long periods. The manufacturers state that the magnets used inside this car mount are exceptionally strong and call them Super Magnets. It provides a good hold on your phone, even in the bumpiest of road conditions.

Lastly, it can be oriented according to your needs thanks to the 360-degree angle adjustment. Therefore, the orientation possibilities are endless!

Of course, the company had to cut some corners thanks to the cheaper price segment of the MagSafe car mount. It seems like they’ve used cheaper materials and that the build quality could have been better.


  • Simple yet minimalist design
  • High tensile strength silicone for the mount head
  • 360-degree orientation available


  • Build quality could’ve been better

 Check out on Amazon

9. DiTouch – Durability on a budget

DiTouch Magnetic Car Mount Compatible with iPhone

The biggest issue with most cheaper and affordable MagSafe car mounts is that they aren’t very durable. With DiTouch’s car mount, you don’t have to worry about that.

It uses OneTap technology so that you can attach or detach your iPhone in 0.1 seconds without any hassle whatsoever. Moreover, the ring used for holding the phone comprises strong N52 magnets. These can hold up to 8-10 times the weight of the heaviest iPhones.

If you use the MagSafe car mount on the vehicle’s dashboard, you don’t have to worry in terms of suction. The suction ring comprises three layers and won’t cause any issues even in hotter weather conditions. Lastly, the head of the car mount can be moved 360 degrees for optimal orientation.

The car mount cannot be used for vehicles that don’t have a perfectly flat dashboard, though.


  • Highly durable
  • Good holding capacity
  • Can be oriented in any direction


  • Only usable on flat dashboards

 Check out on Amazon

10. Ciencimy – Cheapest MagSafe car mount

Ciencimy Magnetic Car Mount Compatible with MagSafe and iPhone

If you’re severely restricted by your budget for a MagSafe car mount, you could try this offering from Ciencimy. The car mount is very affordable and easy to install. It uses a special ‘hook shape’ that can hold the mount in place, regardless of the road conditions. The mount’s head can also be rotated 360 degrees for any orientation need.

There’s also a soft silicone pad that’s present in the mount head to protect your iPhone from scratches. Finally, it can also be operated with one hand, thanks to the ease of attaching or detaching the iPhone from the car mount.

However, the magnetic pull of the car mount could’ve been stronger.


  • Aggressive pricing
  • Easy to install
  • Orientation options available
  • Silicone pad protects the phone from scratches
  • Easy one-hand operation.


  • Magnetic pull of the car mount is subpar

 Check out on Amazon

11. Satechi – Best premium MagSafe car mount

Satechi Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

If you’ve got the bucks to spend on a MagSafe car mount and are evaluating your options, consider the Satechi MagSafe car mount as well.

This MagSafe car mount is Qi-certified for 7.5W of optimized charging for your iPhone. It’s very convenient to install and use as it can attach to an iPhone (with a MagSafe case) instantly and start charging. The air vents used for mounting the accessory are padded to handle bad road conditions and provide extra grip.

Even if you look at the aesthetics, this wireless charging MagSafe car mount uses a minimalist design that can fit into any car interior. Moreover, it uses a USB-C port for convenient and faster charging.

Some users have stated that the features are a bit less for the price though. Few more mounting options would’ve worked well.


  • Qi-certified with 7.5W of charging power
  • Padded vent clips for extra grip
  • USB-C port for faster charging
  • Minimalist design philosophy


  • Lack of mounting options
  • Expensive

 Check out on Amazon

12. mophie snap+ wireless – A unique option

mophie snap+ wireless vent mount

This mophie snap+ wireless vent mount is one of the more unique iPhone car mounts you can find on the market. Unlike most of the car mounts for iPhones that come with an air vent clip, this one is far easier to install and maneuver.

For a smaller MagSafe car mount, it charges quite efficiently at 15W. Essentially, it provides almost double the charging speeds of most of its competitors. Moreover, the magnetic array in the car mount’s head is done so well that your iPhone will instantly start charging without any placement help.

The removable puck offers wireless charging too. You can remove it from the rest of the ensemble and use it as a wireless charging pad. Unfortunately, you’ll have to shell out a substantial amount of cash for this unique option. It’s quite expensive for the features.


  • Unique design
  • 15W charging capacity
  • Easy to use
  • Puck can be removed for wireless charging


  • Very expensive for the features

 Check out on Amazon

So, these were my top picks for the best MagSafe car mounts for iPhones. Have you tried any of these before? What are your opinions on using a car mount? Which of these do you want to try? Let me know all your thoughts and opinions in the comments section.

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