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Best iPhone car mounts to buy in 2024

It’s never safe to operate your phone when driving and want to check the maps or take calls. In such situations, you need a car mount that can hold your iPhone securely and safely. This also increases the safety factor as you don’t have to look for your phone or fiddle with it.

Hands-free operation is the norm in most phones now, and the iPhone is no different. This is why we’ve curated a list of the best iPhone car mounts that you can use today. Without further ado, let’s dive into the list!

  1. iOttie
  3. Belkin
  4. ESR
  5. TOPGO
  6. Belkin
  7. iOttie iTap 2
  8. LISEN
  9. Gloplum

1. iOttie Easy One Touch 5 – Editor’s Choice

iOttie Easy One Touch Car Mount for iPhone

Sometimes, you come across products that break the usual notion and initiate a change. iOttie Easy One Touch 5 smartphone car mount does just that. Its top-notch quality helps you keep your iPhone in view while you focus on driving. Surprisingly, you get this amazing product at a price that doesn’t leave your pockets empty.   

Where people usually scrunch their noses on suction cups, One Touch 5 uses them as its USP. The car mount features a big suction cup that firmly attaches to your car. In addition, there is a telescoping arm that extends up to 8 inches and pivots 260 degrees. This helps you stick the car mount on your windshield or dashboard while giving you multiple viewing angles on your iPhone.   

The phone holder with the Easy One Touch button sits at the end of the telescopic arm. The strong build of the holder keeps your phone safe from unwanted bumps. Moreover, the universal cradle fits different-sized smartphones securely. However, the big size of the car mount can leave you disappointed.   


  • Strong and durable build 
  • Adjustable telescopic arm 
  • Big suction cups 
  • Economical 


  • Difficult to remove from the dashboard 

Check out on Amazon 

2. AINOPE – Strong grip for your iPhone

AINOPE best iPhone car mount to buy

Let Gravity save your phone! Well, at least the AINOPE gravity car phone holder can make this a reality. Adorning a useful hook shape design, the car mount clamps your iPhone automatically by gravity as soon as you slide it into the space provided. The clamp length is between 0.41-0.98 inches. Trust me, the car mount is handy when you are running tight on your schedules.   

One of the best features of the Gravity phone mount is the auto-lock arm slots on the sides that hold your phone tightly. So, your smartphone does not fall off the mount even when riding on a bumpy road. Moreover, there are two hook vent blades and one attached vent blade to fix it on the AC vent of the car. The three blades ensure 100% safety from slips and falls.   

Another reason to invest in the AINOPE gravity phone mount is its universal compatibility. The holder effortlessly holds all phones measuring 4-7 inches and with cases being ≤14mm in thickness. However, unfortunately, it works only with horizontal vents. Further, the car mount comes with a folding back structure that keeps it compact when not in use.   


  • Smart foldable design 
  • Sits perfectly over the AC vent 
  • Easy slip-in and pluck-out system 
  • Multidevice compatibility 


  • Less durable 

Check out on Amazon  

3. Belkin – Most affordable MagSafe iPhone car mount

Belkin MagSafe Vent Mount Pro best iPhone car mount to buy

MagSafe Vent Mount Pro by Belkin is a must-consider option for anyone looking for a good car mount. This stellar product is made of top-notch quality materials and keeps your smartphone in place without any hassle. Further, the embedded MagSafe technology ensures the correct alignment of your phone on the charging mount for a hassle-free in-car experience.   

The design of the car mount includes a sturdy base and flexible clip that always stays intact on your car’s AC vent firmly. In addition, the smooth rotatable ball joint lets you hop from landscape to portrait orientation and vice versa in seconds. Scroll through your playlist in portrait mode and use Apple Maps for easy navigation in the landscape.   

Say no to cluttered wires covering your dashboard with Belkin MagSafe Vent Mount Pro. Its in-built cable management keeps your charging wires organized and within reach. Further, with MagSafe, the car mount works effortlessly with the iPhone 14/13/12 series having wireless charging support. 


  • Powered with MagSafe technology 
  • Supports both orientations 
  • Easy rotatable ball joints 


  • Loose grip 

Check out on Amazon 

4. ESR HaloLock – Multiple views at your fingertips

ESR HaloLock best iPhone car mount to buy

ESR HaloLock car mount is a stellar masterpiece from the top accessory brand. Equipped with high-grade N52H magnets, the product holds your iPhone securely, irrespective of how rough a driver you are. In addition, the 360-degree magnet ring aligns perfectly with the MagSafe support available in iPhone 12 and above series and enjoys a one-tap mounting.  

The unique design of ESR HaloLock features strong mounting arms and hooks that attach to vents and lock firmly for a stable grip. Moreover, the car mount gives you complete flexibility to instantly switch between the portrait and landscape modes. For instance, you can use the horizontal view for navigation and pick the portrait mode for hands-free calls.   

HaloLock works with all car AC vent designs, including vertical, horizontal, circular, and cross-hatch. This becomes possible with the rotatable mounting head and ball joint. Simply rotate the mounting hook to any angle and enjoy the perfect fit. The ESR car mount gives you a steady display of your iPhone screen every time. 


  • Top-grade magnets  
  • Unique tap-and-mount design 
  • 360-degree rotatable mount 
  • Widescale compatibility 


  • Works with iPhone 12 or above

Check out on Amazon 

5. TOPGO – Top-quality car mount for all

TOPGO best iPhone car mount to buy

Gift your iPhone unperturbed safety with the TOPGO cup holder phone mount. This reliable product is fully adjustable and fits effortlessly in the varied size cup holders of your car, golf cart, treadmill, etc. Made of high-quality plastic, the car mount features one-key release side arms and holder legs, promising a sturdy grip on your iPhone. Moreover, the soft backing saves your smartphone from unwanted scratches.   

Like other car mounts, TOPGO gives a flexible solution for holding your smartphone. The 360-degree rotatable ball joint ensures that you have the best smartphone screen display without any compromise in safety. Its adjustable side arms help you switch between vertical and horizontal orientations per your requirements. You can enjoy safe driving even while talking, streaming music, or charging.   

Regarding compatibility, this car mount fits devices in the 2.01 – 3.54 inches range. The list includes smartphones like iPhone 13 Pro Max/ iPhone 12 Mini/XS/XR/SE2/8/7 Plus/6s. Furthermore, if you plan to use the smartphone with a battery case, ensure the thickness is less than 0.51″.   


  • Smooth and simple installation 
  • Strong plastic build 
  • Multiple device compatibility 


  • Issues with grip 

Check out on Amazon 

6. Belkin BoostCharge Pro – Fast MagSafe charging in car

Belkin MagSafe Vent Mount Pro best iPhone car mount to buy

Okay, let’s accept that we love getting more at the price of one. Belkin BoostCharge Pro car charger and mount serve two most vital purposes of your life – phone charging and phone safety. The MagSafe support gives up to a 15W power supply for hands-free, fast charging in your car. Simply place your iPhone on the charging spot with one hand and get  

Apart from this, the charger-cum-car mount features a strong build that keeps your iPhone safe and sound. In addition, the strong base attaches itself to the AC vent of the car, thereby adding another layer of safety for your precious smartphone. And the best part is that you get all the positives wrapped in an elegant body that merges well with the aesthetics of your car.   

Like other car mounts, Belkin BoostCharge Pro lets you position your iPhone per your will. Its easy rotation support helps you view in either landscape or portrait orientation, depending on your requirements. Further, the car mount comes with smart cable management support to save you from the ever-persisting problem of tangled wires.  


  • Sleek, stylish design 
  • Efficient MagSafe charging 
  • Perfect magnetic alignment  


  • Weak magnetic grip 

Check out on Amazon  

7. iOttie iTap 2 – Durable iPhone car mount

iOttie iTap 2 best iPhone car mount to buy

iOttie iTap 2 doubles as a smartphone mount and wireless charging pad designed to make your car trips hassle-free. The product consists of a suction cup base and a flexible pad that firmly sticks to the dashboard or windshield. In addition, there are two rare-earth magnetic plates and a protective film that attaches directly to the backside of your phone for a steady grip.  

The strong magnets keep your phone in place even on bumpy pathways. You don’t have to worry about your phone slipping from the mount and landing under your seat, where everything eventually goes missing. Moreover, the magnetic mounts adopt an easy snap-and-go functionality, thus saving you time and effort. Just reach out to the charging mount, and you are done. Easy, right?  

Enjoy a customizable viewing angle with the rotatable mount head that can easily tilt up to 360 degrees on your command. Further, the dashboard pad is made of a flexible plastic material that allows you to mold it however you want. This lets you clamp your mount on uneven surfaces without compromising grip.   


  • Compact design 
  • Super convenient to use 
  • 360-degrees rotatable mount 


  • Not compatible with MagSafe 

Check out on Amazon  

8. LISEN – Improved clips for enhanced security

LISEN best iPhone car mount to buy

The LISEN MagSafe car mount charger is a resourceful accessory that enhances your driving experience manifold times. Empowered with MagSafe technology, this durable holder offers a robust magnetic connection between your iPhone and car mount. Offering 15W fast charging support, the product does not interfere with your charging, keeping your phone in work mode.   

Made of silicone, this MagSafe car mount promises high-end durability and safety from scratches. The extension leg facilitates smooth angle adjustment for dual mode orientations – portrait and landscape. In addition, there is a steel hook, metal hook, and steady base. The steel hook improves stability; the metal hook attaches to the AC vent, while the base provides unmatched security.   

The steel hook clip of this mount is 50% longer than those you find in the market. Thus, making it compatible with vertical and horizontal car AC vents. Further, you get a 360-degree rotatable ball joint that allows you to use the mount flexibly without any second thoughts. 


  • Top-quality silicone build  
  • 15W charging support 
  • Fully rotatable mount 
  • Improved hook grip 


  • Less durable grip 

Check out on Amazon 

9. Gloplum – Top-notch safety for your iPhone

Gloplum best iPhone car mount to buy

Gloplum car mount with MagSafe is one of my best findings while creating this list. Packed with a big stack of 12 strong magnets, this stellar charger and car mount offers fast charging for your smartphone. The robust magnetic force keeps your iPhone attached to its place even on bumpy terrains. Your iPhone is entirely safe from impromptu slips, falls, or slides.   

Like most car mounts, Gloplum also features a 360-degree rotatable ball joint to bless you with the best views. You can switch between vertical and horizontal modes single-handedly within seconds. Moreover, once installed, the base of the car mount sits perfectly in your car’s air vent. Your phone stays safe no matter how you swivel or rotate the product.   

The magnets here are temperature-resistant and have anti-magnetic interference support that does not affect the phone signal. Further, the presence of MagSafe makes this product work seamlessly for the iPhone 12 and above series. Trust me; this car mount by Gloplum is a feasible pick against a limited spend.   


  • Multiple high-grade magnets 
  • 360-degree rotatable joint 
  • Supports both view orientations 


  • Overheating issues 
  • Slow charging 

Check out on Amazon 

10. HUSSELL Magnetic Car Mount – Stylish design with productivity

HUSSELL best iPhone car mount to buy

With the HUSSELL magnetic phone mount, you can clip, mount, and relax with your phone. With its non-slip finish and four powerful magnets, the product keeps your smartphone securelyt in place. It also provides easy one-hand installation on any surface due to its sleek design. 

The main highlight of this product is the specialty locking module adorning this car mount. With the firm hold of this ultra-secure lock, you can shoo away all the fears concerning your iPhone’s safety. Irrespective of the terrain you are moving in, the car mount saves your phone from sudden slips, drops, and jerks.   

Further, the 360-degree rotatable leg ensures optimal viewing angles in both orientations. Whether attending calls, navigating your way, or playing content, this car mount gives you the best views without compromising your phone’s safety. Moreover, the product is fully compatible with iPhone 8/9/10/11/12/13/X/XR/Pro, Max, and Plus models.  


  • 4 ultra-strong magnets 
  • Easy installation 
  • Exclusive locking system 


  • Complex design 

Check out on Amazon 

Wrapping up 

So, these are our picks for the best car mounts for iPhones. What did you think of the list? Have you used any of these car mounts? If so, how’s your experience been with them? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments!

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