Best iPhone car mounts in 2023

Best iPhone car mounts

It’s never safe to operate your phone when driving and want to check the maps or take calls. In such situations, you need a car mount that can hold your iPhone securely and safely. This also increases the safety factor as you don’t have to look for your phone or fiddle with it.

Hands-free operation is the norm in most phones now, and the iPhone is no different. This is why we’ve curated a list of the best iPhone car mounts that you can use today. Without further ado, let’s dive into the list!

  1. Montar AIR
  3. Belkin
  4. Syncwire
  5. Loncaster
  6. Vanva
  7. ESR
  8. LISEN
  9. Humixx

1. Montar AIR car mount – Editor’s choice

Montar AIR car mount for iPhone

Ease of use is a big deal when looking for a car mount. You don’t want an iPhone car mount that will take you ages to set up or take off parts so that it can vent into the vehicle’s air vent. For this reason, you should give the Montar AIR by Winner Gear a shot.

This new iPhone car mount is compatible with all Qi charging technology-compatible devices. Moreover, the manufacturers have stated that this car mount fits all vehicle air vents. This is regardless of whether your car has horizontal or vertical air blades.

Additionally, it comes with a USB cable that can be plugged into the USB outlet of the car. With this, you can place your phone on the car mount’s surface, and your device will start charging. While it supports MagSafe charging, you don’t have to worry if your phone doesn’t support it. The car mount comes with metal plates for non-Magsafe devices. These metal plates facilitate charging for your device.

Lastly, it’s quite durable and can hold your phone in bumpy road conditions. For orientation purposes, there’s a swivel ball that allows 360° rotation.

While this iPhone car mount features are quite good, its retail price can be expensive for some. However, you’re in luck because the product is currently available at a heavy discount, and you can save up to $40.


  • Compatible with all Qi-compatible devices
  • Decent build quality
  • Fits into most car vents
  • Can be orientated according to your needs


  • No evident cons

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2. VANMASS – Patented multi-scene design

VANMASS iPhone car mount

The best iPhone car mount provides you with quality material and near-universal compatibility. With the VANMASS car mount, you’re getting a durable car mount, providing many orientation options.

This car mount has been created after extensive research and has received CP65/REACH/ROHS safety certifications. These certifications ensure that you receive a bonafide product that won’t give way easily.

The silicone clamps on the mount have a good grip and will not let your phone drop easily, even on the bumpiest roads. It also comes with many accessories, such as a 360° swivel ball head, an adjustable bottom tray, and a rotatable telescopic arm. This helps you orient the mount based on your requirements, whether you’re navigating maps or playing music.

It also comes with a steel-core vent grip and sucker patented by manufacturers. Combine this with the silicone clamps, and your phone will be secure in most situations.

Unfortunately, like any other car mount, it may not fit your car’s vents, especially if they are small. This car mount works better with bigger AC vents.


  • Passed all safety certifications
  • Can be rotated for accurate orientation
  • Excellent grip strength


  • Only fits bigger air vents

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3. Belkin car mount – MagSafe support

Belkin MagSafe Car Vent Mount

With the new iPhones that support MagSafe technology, you’re better off using MagSafe wireless car chargers supported to ensure good battery life. This iPhone MagSafe car mount from Belkin has been produced with official MagSafe technology so that you can charge your phone on the go.

The car mount itself is slim and elegant. It carries the same minimalist design that Apple has catered to for years. The mount also comes with a good quality base and vent to ensure that your phone is held securely in place. Add this to the strong MagSafe connection, and you no longer have to worry about battery life when traveling!

It also allows you to orient the phone according to your requirements. Moreover, if the MagSafe technology isn’t enough for you, you can also use the provided cable to charge your phone.

The only gripe that I have with this car mount is that it’s quite expensive. You’ll have to shell out the big bucks if you want MagSafe technology for your iPhone car mount.


  • Uses official MagSafe technology
  • Elegant design
  • Cable provided for extra charging capabilities
  • Good build quality


  • Quite expensive for a car mount

Check out onAmazon | Belkin

4. Syncwire – Magnetic car mount

Syncwire Magnetic Phone Car Mount

A huge hassle with car mounts is that they may not fit the air vents in your vehicle. With Syncwire’s iPhone car mount, you no longer have to worry about this.

The first thing you’ll notice with the car mount is that it has a beautiful, subtle look. The body is crafted with aluminum alloy and soft silicone. At the top, you’ve got 4th generation Neodymium magnets responsible for holding your phone. At the bottom, a 3M VHB adhesive is used to place the car mount on the dashboard.

What about orientation options, you ask? The car mount uses a solid metal ball joint to ensure that the head of the car mount can be moved the way you want. Finally, you get 3 years of dedicated customer support with the product.

However, this car mount will not work if you’ve slapped on a thick case to your iPhone. Battery and wallet cases will impede the magnet’s ability to secure your phone.


  • Unique design
  • Decent build quality
  • Can be freely oriented
  • 3-year customer support


  • Can’t be used with thick phone cases

Check out onAmazon

5. Loncaster – Easy viewing angles

Loncaster Car Phone Holder for iPhone

Most car mounts come with a default portrait orientation. This still leaves room for some doubt that the phone might fall. The Loncaster car mount for iPhone solves this issue!

The car mount places the phone in a perpetual landscape mode. Furthermore, it uses an adhesive at the bottom that helps the car mount stick to your vehicle’s dashboard. Ultimately, it utilizes the dashboard’s stability and more surface area to hold the phone safely.

Additionally, you can also wash the car mount. You won’t have to worry about the adhesive coming off. The manufacturer claims to use high-tech adhesives that will not come off after a quick water rinse. Lastly, this car mount gives you exceptional viewing angles, especially when navigating.

I’d recommend not using this car mount if you live in the hot region. With the sunlight falling on the dashboard, the car mount’s placement could result in your phone overheating.


  • Landscape mode operation offers good stability
  • Can be washed and reused
  • Good viewing angles in most conditions


  • Can overheat easily if exposed to sunlight

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6. Vanva – Durability champion

Vanva Car Mount for iPhone

Durability is often the biggest concern when choosing an iPhone car mount. However, the good people at Vanva have solved this issue with their car mount.

The car mount is made from aviation-grade materials. It’s well known that there are few materials sturdier than this. Moreover, it’s averse to corrosion.

Coming to the car mount, it uses a vent clip and clamps guaranteed to hold your phone in place. Additionally, there’s a mechanical lock design for securing the mount to the vent. Even in sharper turns, the car mount won’t give way.

When you place your phone on the car mount, the anti-slip rubber padding can combine with the 360° swivel head. This helps you rotate your phone the way you want without the fear of the phone falling.

This car mount doesn’t work with vertical air vent blades, though. Since most vehicles have horizontal air vent blades, the manufacturers have taken the generic route in this regard. If your vehicle has vertical air vent blades, this car mount won’t work for you.


  • Highly durable
  • Holds phone securely
  • Can be oriented freely


  • Doesn’t fit vertical air vent blades

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7. ESR HaloLock – Car mount with fast charging

ESR HaloLock Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

The ESR HaloLock looks straight out of a sci-fi movie. These futuristic looks aren’t just for show – it is one of the best car mounts for iPhone that doubles as the best wireless iPhone car charger.

The insides of the car mount house heat management cables that produce fast charging speeds without overheating. In fact, you get charging speeds similar to the official MagSafe chargers. You can also enable fast charging through an 18W QC adapter. However, you’ll have to buy it separately.

You don’t have to worry about the phone being secure either. The ESR HaloLock comes with a non-slip silicone ring and powerful magnets with up to 1400g of holding force. Moreover, you can change the orientation easily for both portrait and landscape modes.

Unfortunately, the vent clip is only compatible with air vents that have horizontal blades.


  • Unique design choice
  • Efficient charging and doesn’t overheat
  • Strong magnetic holding ability


  • Only fits air vents with horizontal blades

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8. LISEN – Best budget option

LISEN Car Phone Holder Mount

While you can get the more premium car mounts that offer fast charging, there are some good budget options are too. If you don’t want to spend more than $15 on a car mount, go for this offering by LISEN.

The car mount is exceptionally strong for the price you’re paying. It comes with 6 magnets that can collectively bear the weight of 4 cellphones!

This magnetic mount doesn’t use any buttons either. It’s easy to use and fits in with the aesthetics of most car interiors due to its design philosophy. Besides, it’s also been awarded the SGS ROHS and SGS CP65 certifications. This means that the quality is top-notch and the materials used are safe.

My only gripe with this car mount is that it can start to overheat if it receives too much sunlight. This doesn’t bode well for the magnetic holder.


  • Aggressive pricing
  • 6 magnets for better magnetic holding force
  • Passed all safety certifications


  • Can overheat and damage the magnetic holder if exposed to sunlight for too long

Check out onAmazon

9. Humixx – Good premium option

Humixx Car Phone Holder Mount

If you’ve got the budget to spend on an iPhone car mount and don’t want the usual options, you could try this car mount from Humixx. It might be slightly expensive, but it has superior stability.

The manufacturers have ensured that the car mount passes a military-grade test for toughness and durability. The car mount uses a 2-level locking mechanism to keep your phone secure and a 3-layer nano-gel sucker. This ensures that even on the bumpiest roads, your phone won’t fall.

You can also install it in different places. If you don’t want to block the car’s air vents, you can install the car mount onto the dashboard, and it’ll work just as well. Moreover, the materials used for this car mount are aviation-grade PEFT. It not only ensures sturdiness but also brings resistance to the elements.

However, some users have reported that the vent clip could’ve been designed better. So, I’d recommend buying the dashboard option.


  • 2-level locking mechanism and 3-layer gel sucker give exceptional stability
  • Can be installed in different areas of the dashboard
  • Excellent build quality


  • Vent clip design needs to be improved

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Things to consider before buying an iPhone car mount

Although it’s always a good practice to stop the vehicle if you intend to use your iPhone, it’s not always possible. If you think that an iPhone car mount is essential for you, you should consider the following points before purchasing.

1. Ease of use

The car mount for iPhone must always be kept at eye level. If you’re using a car mount and have it attached to the windshield, ensure that it doesn’t hamper your vision. You could also go for car mounts that provide unique designs or other features such as wireless charging.

Ultimately, the best iPhone car mount is the one that offers convenience without hindering your driving.

2. Design

This is an important point to remember. Most iPhone car mounts are designed keeping air vents in mind. If your vehicle’s air vent blades are vertical, most car mounts may not fit. You should always check both the vent clip design of the car mount and the air vent blades design to see if the car mount is compatible.

3. Quality

In other words, look for durability. The car mount is meant to be used in all road/weather conditions. If you buy without researching, you might have a poor-quality car mount in your hands. The car mount could buckle during harsh weather or driving through bumpy roads.

Always save more money and go for iPhone car mounts that don’t buckle easily under pressure. It would be even better if they were made of strong materials.

That’s it!

So, these are our picks for the best car mounts for iPhones. What did you think of the list? Have you used any of these car mounts? If so, how’s your experience been with them? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments!

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