Best Baseball Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2021

Best Baseball Apps for iPhone and iPad

Give your passion for baseball a massive boost by trying out these best baseball apps for iPhone and iPad. Remain updated with all the latest news, get to know players’ ranking and projections, and check out the analysis from well-known experts. What’s more, you can also take part in the game and blast your opponents. You can create a legendary team of players and train them to win the league. Win a lot of perks and rewards to be the star of many. Dominate the competition to reach the top. Head over to discover all the great things you can do with these top baseball apps for iPhone!

1. ESPN Fantasy

ESPN Fantasy Sports iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

This one is a must not just for ardent baseball fans but also for those who have a great passion for football and hockey. You can create an exclusive league to play with your friends or take part in the available league to play with others.

It provides you with complete freedom to prepare a world-class team. You can edit your team, change the lineup and even trade players. Get to know the player rankings, projection as well as analysis from Matthew Berry and other noted experts.

Price: Free, (ESPN+ (Monthly) – $4.99)

2. CBS Sports Fantasy

CBS Sports Fantasy iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

CBS Sports Fantasy is a very popular app that covers Baseball, Football & Basketball all in one clean package. You can get player rankings and projections from well-known experts. Remain updated with the latest player news. Use the in-depth analysis to have a better perspective. Easy team management with live and mock drafts makes this app worth a download.

Price: Free, (Baseball – $179.99)

3. At Bat At Bat iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Rated as the number one app for live baseball, this app is the official app Major League Baseball. You can keep yourself updated with breaking news, schedule, and stats of players/team. You will also listen to the radio broadcast of the spring training games.

There is a huge video library archive which you can search by player, team or keyword. You can subscribe to it enjoy watching live MLB games from spring training to the opening day of the World Series.

Price: Free, (At Bat Premium – $2.99)

4. Yahoo Fantasy

Yahoo Fantasy Football iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Considered as one of the best and all in one fantasy app, this baseball app is an absolute beast. You can quickly switch between your sports and leagues. Choose the most skilled players in your team and manage them smartly.

Get the latest scoring updates and prayer news. The expert analysis will help you have better insight. That’s not all, you can draft a new roster each day to win money.

Price: Free

5. Home Run Derby 18

MLB Home Run Derby 17 iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

It’s the official home run derby game from Major League Baseball and the MLBPA. You will enjoy playing bracket-style timed rounds in single player. There is also a multiplayer derby mode which is based on the official 2018 derby format.

The arcade mode is as scintillating as you can ever imagine. Hit maximum home runs, smash the targets and MLBuck balls. And yes, also take part in multiplayer derbies and daily tournament to win a lot of rewards to climb at the top of the ladder.

Price: Free, (MLBucks Pack: 100 – $5.99)

6. MLB 9 Innings 18

MLB 9 Innings 17 iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

MLB 9 Innings 18 has an advanced simulation system that allows you to autoplay the action. With the use of the live player system, it provides a real-life experience.

You get a chance to play in all 30 MLB ballparks. Based on your goal, you can choose to play an aggressive or defensive brand of cricket. Complete the challenges to win a lot of rewards.

It has a Live Player System that shows the latest player stats and schedule for the 2018 season. What’s more, you can also listen to the expert play-by-play commentary.

Price: Free, (Star – $1.99)

7. Baseball Star

Baseball Star iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Baseball Star is a treat to play! To get going, you can build a robust team with great players and lead them. Your ultimate goal is to win the Legend Championship.

The game allows you to choose both the number of games and innings. It features five leagues such as Minor, Major, Master, Champion, and Legend.

It has a challenge mode to test your mettle as a player. Moreover, the app keeps you charged up with free bonuses like player cards, items, game points and more.

Price: Free, (CP 250 – $1.99)

8. Big Win Baseball

Big Win Baseball iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“Big Win Baseball” is a terrific baseball game. You get the absolute freedom to create your dream team which can be the best in the business.

Improve your player’s skill to stay ahead of the race. Open Bronze, Silver and Gold card packs to get new talented players in your team. Lock horns with opponents to win tons of coins and lucrative prizes. Share your achievements with your friends via Facebook and Twitter.

Price: Free, (Briefcase of Big Bucks – $9.99)

9. Race to the Pennant

Race to the Pennant iPhone and iPad Baseball App Screenshot

Race to the Pennant is a super app to quickly scan through the position of your favorite team. It represents the standing position of your team in the league against other teams in the bar chart. This makes it easier to find how great or poor your favorite team is performing against other teams.

The app is available for free with basic features, but if you upgrade to paid version; it offers you a lot more. If you are a hardcore baseball fan, this app is something you should indeed look into.

Price: Free, (Premium: Baseball – $1.99)

10. MLB Fan Quiz

MLB Fan Quiz iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

 I installed this game on my iPhone. I launched it and tapped on Play Now, chose a mode, selected an Avatar, and I was competing against a player. Each quiz has ten questions. Every question has four options, and you have to choose the correct out of them. In total, there are over 1000 questions with more added every day. You can also suggest your questions.

There are three game modes to choose from. First, there is ‘Heads up’ where you play one-on-one versus a random opponent. Next is the ‘Normal’ mode that has ten questions, and you can try to beat your high score here. Finally, the ‘Survival’ mode is the most exciting one. Here, you can keep playing as long as you continue answering correctly.

Price: Free (Remove Ads – $0.99)

Wrapping Up

It’s time to take these top baseball apps for a spin. I’m sure they would light up your gaming experience. Have I missed any of your favorite games on this list? Do let me know that in the comments.

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