Best iPhone and iPad Games for Kids: Let the Wings Fly

It’s no secret that games bring a ton of fun and enjoyment to kids. That's why; we thought it would be cool to present your little wonder the luxury of top 10 iPhone and iPad games specifically primed for children to have endless fun.

Your baby has just started to take enormous interest in gaming. Hence, you have decided to explore the best iOS games for children to pick a stunner for your little champ. I feel extremely glad to tell you that App Store has you fully covered with a plethora of enchanting apps designed specifically for kids—of all ages!

To help you quickly choose some of the finest options, we’ve made a special lineup. So, if you wish to make your baby learn while playing, select a game that serves the dual purpose. And if you want the cutie to have a blast, go for the full-fledged action game!

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Best iPhone and iPad Kids Games

#1. Barnyard Games For Kids

Barnyard Games For Kids iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Barnyard is packed in with 14 exciting games for kids (18 months and above). While playing the game, your child will learn counting, shapes, colors, and the alphabet.

Upon tapping farm, the kid will hear animal sounds and cool animations at the farm. He can drag and drop animals to create puzzles. Check out the balloon burst that’s well-timed for enhancing the hand-eye coordination.

Helpful voices assist the child in identifying numbers and letters. Besides, there is also a game where your kid will place and sort different sized and colored objects in the correct bucket.

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Price: Free

#2. Peek-a-Zoo

Peek-a-Zoo iPhone Game Screenshot

Peek-a-Zoo is incredibly fun-loving and designed for kids aged 2-5 years. The game helps children identify different animals. Besides, they can also learn emotions like smiling, surprised, crying.

The app teaches different actions like winking, waving, yawning nicely. With attractive animations and interactive concept, it keeps children engrossed for more. This app is compatible with iPhone only.

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Price: Free

#3. Sago Mini Monsters 

Sago Mini Monsters iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

How about creating colorful monsters? Kids can use a variety of things like paint, food to decorate the giant. They can also swap eyes, horns, and mouths. Oh yes, there is also an option to brush the huge teeth!

Children can also capture the photo of their creation to share with friends and parents. Developed for kids aged 2-4 years, Sago Mini Monsters can instantly attract your sweetheart for a long roll.

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Price: $2.99

#4. Thinkrolls 2

Thinkrolls 2 iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Time to introduce logic puzzle games to your kids! Thinkrolls 2 comes with 270 levels of science-filled mazes that can bolster the intellect of your child. It features a collection of 135 easy puzzles for ages 3-5 and an equal number of hard puzzles for ages 5-9.

They can have a ball at gravity, buoyancy, levitation, electricity, density, acceleration and other science concepts. It can play a significant role in boosting fine motor skills as they use expansion and compression to open pathways, build bridges and create stairways. That’s not all, the game offers 32 fantastic characters to play with.

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Price: $3.99

#5. Kidzongs

Kidzongs iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Wouldn’t it be great if your child learns while singing songs? Kidzongs is readied for children who are in kindergarten. It’s packed in six songs namely 12345, ABC, incy-wincy spider, row row row your boat, 3 little monkeys and the evergreen twinkle twinkle little star.

They will relish listening songs with the fun vocal track or sing along. Thanks to the animated lyric pages, learning remains smooth-sailing and fun-filled.

Price: $0.99

#6. Disney Crossy Road

Disney Crossy Road iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

How about getting into action mode? Disney Crossy Road can really thrill your kid. Explore the al’s toy barn, the pride lands of Africa, the haunted mansion and the amazing san fransokyo. There are cool tunes like “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” and “I Just Can’t Wait to be King!” to ensure your kid remains hooked with the play for long.

While playing the game, children can collect a number of over 100 Disney and Pixar figurines including Mickey, Donald, buzz lightyear, Rapunzel, Mufasa, sadness, wreck-it ralph, madame leota and more. With special themed challenges like weathering blizzards, it ensures the boredom remains miles away. Even better, this intriguing game has the support for multiple languages like English, Catalan, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Price: Free

#7. Star Walk Kids

Star Walk Kids iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Wish to teach astronomy to your child in an interesting way? Star Walk Kids would be a fascinating option to help your baby learn astronomy.

With funny characters and scintillating music, it never lets the fun go away. Plus, the child-friendly design brings more joy into the play. Besides, the game is fully translated into English so that your kid has an easy-going time while learning.

Price: $2.99

#8. Minion Rush

Minion Rush iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Deservedly ranked at number 3 in family category and achieved four and a half stars out of more than 48K ratings, Minion Rush can bring tons of laughter and joy to your child.

Encourage your kid to race with minions and take part in special events to grab attractive costumes. The child will have a wonderful while speeding through great locations inspired by Despicable Me movies.

The app lets you choose from multiple eye-catching costumes like Lucy, the Surfer or the Ninja Minion. To stay ahead in the race, you can also power up the minions.

Price: Free

#9. Hot Wheels: Race Off

Hot Wheels iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Here comes one of the hottest racing games for kids! Hot Wheels is what you should offer your baby to make him/her fall in love with racing.

Boasting more than 60 physics-based tracks, the game offers a lot to your child to experiment. There is also a multi-player mode in which he will enjoy playing with his friends. Better still, it allows him to make a special collection of Hotwheels cars and be the best racer in the town!

Price: Free

#10. Racing Penguin: Slide and Fly!

Racing Penguin iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Racing Penguin has long been one of my favorite games for kids. What makes it a delight to play is the physics based slide and fly.

There are six enchanting worlds where your child will love flying. With 48 awesome racing levels, he will have a filled time at the gaming. Moreover, he can earn a lot of stars by clearing levels. Did I say; it also has a multiplayer mode to let him compete with friends and showcase his skill.

Price: Free


My Boo

My Boo iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

The prime reason why I have included My Boo in this lineup is that kids love playing pet games. And this game has got all the ingredients to be the darling of your child.

To get started, adopt a nice boo, give it a cute name and offer it a lot of care. Bath the pet every day to keep it clean and healthy. Choose from a variety of costumes to make your pet look beautiful. Don’t forget to pamper your sweetie with yummy stuff like candy, cookies, fruits, pizza and more.

Price: Free

That’s all!

Your pick?

Assuming, you have discovered some of the coolest games for your little master. Which one is it and what has appealed you towards it? It would be nice to know that down below in the comments.

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