15 Squid Game wallpapers for iPhone every fan will love


Squid Game has broken all records to be the most popular Netflix show ever. Despite the disturbing content, it boasts distinctive costumes, sets, and symbols. We’ve captured these in some Squid Game wallpapers for iPhone that will help you keep a part of the show with you everywhere you go. We’re sure these images will inspire you to watch Squid Game again or have a watch party with friends.

Check out the collection below and follow the links to download the HD Squid Game wallpapers.

1. The deadly doll

You’ve got to admit; the first game was by far the most shocking and disturbing. Here’s a memorable scene featuring the deadly Squid Game doll.

squid game wallpaper 1


2. Squid Game scene

Despite the graphic content, there was some excellent cinematography in Squid Game like this background.

squid game wallpaper 2


3. Looks can be deceiving

This wallpaper has a playful vibe, but viewers know how much horror it evokes.

squid game wallpaper 3


4. Aesthetic Squid Game wallpaper

The Squid Game staircase is super aesthetically pleasing and makes a pretty wallpaper. I love the candy colors!

squid game wallpaper 4


5. Guarded

Here’s another example of some great cinematography from the sets of Squid Game.

squid game wallpaper 5


6. Card of death

I’ve got to admit, that invitation card to the Squid Games looked quite interesting. You can put it on your iPhone screen with this wallpaper.

squid game wallpaper 6


7. Beyond the shapes

The shapes played a symbolic role in the series. Different levels of guards wore different shapes. Here they are all together.

squid game wallpaper 7


8. Bright Squid Game wallpaper

Squid Game was far from a happy show, but this wallpaper adds a joyful touch to it.

squid game wallpaper 8


9. Squid Game logo wallpaper

From the logo itself, this show sparks interest. If you love it as much as I do, here’s the perfect wallpaper for you.

squid game wallpaper 9


10. Dreaded Dalgona

Dalgona is a Korean sweet that made an appearance in the Squid Games. It looks quite delicious, so here’s how you can add it to your phone screen.

squid game wallpaper 10


11. Squid Game court

Check out this minimalist Squid Game wallpaper that features just the shape of the court in which the game is played.

squid game wallpaper 11


12. Teal aesthetic

For a unique look, check out this teal-colored Squid Game wallpaper for iPhone that’s pleasing to look at.

squid game wallpaper 12


13. Square guard

If you liked the unique look of the guards, we’ve got three varieties of wallpapers for you. Here’s one featuring a Square guard.

squid game wallpaper 13


14. Circle guard

Circle guards did the most heart-wrenching jobs of disposing of the bodies. Here’s a wallpaper featuring them.

squid game wallpaper 14


15. Triangle guard

Guards donning the triangle mask were arguably the most dangerous because they carried guns. Here’s a wallpaper dedicated to them.

squid game wallpaper 15


That wraps up our collection of the best Squid Game wallpapers for iPhone that are sure to appeal to every fan. What are you expecting from Season 2? Let me know in the comments below.

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