8 Spectacular space wallpapers for iPhone (Free download)

Space Wallpapers for iPhone

Hey fellow stargazers and intergalactic aficionados, we’ve got something special. Check out these beautiful space wallpapers for iPhone that are sights to behold. No images can capture the full beauty of the universe, but I think these do a pretty good job.

Scroll down to view the images and click the links to download the HD space wallpapers for iPhone

1. Red planet

Mars, the red planet, has always fascinated us, earthlings. Here’s a gradient wallpaper for iPhone showcasing the beauty of the red planet.

space wallpaper1


2. Planet Earth

Earth is definitely the prettiest planet, from up close or far away. Here’s a wallpaper to remind you of what your home looks like when you zoom out far enough.

space wallpaper2


3. Black space wallpaper

Enjoy stargazing on your Home Screen with this beautiful black space wallpaper to keep you mesmerized. Did Apple get inspired by this wallpaper for its Unleashed 2021 event? 😀

Tip: You can download Apple’s Unleashed event 2021 wallpaper here.

space wallpaper3


4. Outer space wallpaper

Here’s a space wallpaper that’s got something hypnotic about it. I love all the magical colors and more so because it faintly reminds me of Thor!

space wallpaper4


5. Space astronaut wallpaper

Be reminded of the marvels of science with this space wallpaper featuring an astronaut. Pretty cool!

space wallpaper5


6. Cartoon space wallpaper

I adore this fun and colorful iPhone space wallpaper featuring the solar system.

space wallpaper6


7. Aesthetic space wallpaper

This space wallpaper for iPhone will add an aesthetic look to your Home screen or Lock screen.

space wallpaper7


8. Solar system

Here’s a super cute space wallpaper perfect for kids or the child within you. It will add a playful look to your screen.

space wallpaper8


So, which of these splendid space wallpapers won your heart? Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this post with fellow space enthusiasts.

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