10 Aesthetic galaxy wallpapers for iPhone in 2023

Aesthetic galaxy wallpapers for iPhone

They say the sky is not the limit. And I say, there is no limit to the sky’s beauty. If you love, enjoy, and are passionate about the sky, stars, and galaxies beyond, we have lined up some amazing galaxy wallpapers for iPhone.

May the Force be with you, and you find the right match for your device. To get the wallpaper of your choice, tap the download button and save the image on your iPhone.

1. Northern lights galaxy wallpapers

Northern lights, aka aurora borealis, are part of almost every wanderlust and sky lover (including me). And if it also includes you, here’s a beautiful and mesmerizing reminder.

Northern lights galaxy wallpaper iPhone black


2. To infinity and beyond

Let’s celebrate the magic of outer space and its glory with this wallpaper and the wise words of Buzz Lightyear.

Starry galaxy wallpaper iPhone black


3. Purple Galaxy wallpapers for iPhone

Tipy-Tipy top, what color do you want? If it’s a mix of purple and midnight blue, we have the perfect wallpaper for you (wow, that rhymes).

Purple galaxy wallpaper for iPhone


Note: If the color of your choice is orange, yellow, or red, surely check out our collection of sunset wallpapers.

4. Milky Way galaxy wallpaper

Like Instagrammers do appreciation posts to praise, marvel, and celebrate something, this one is an ode and an appreciation post for our Milky Way galaxy.

Milky way galaxy wallpaper iPhone


5. It’s raining men stars! Hallelujah

Missed the opportunity to catch a meteor shower? Don’t worry; this aesthetic galaxy wallpaper will help you live/re-live the experience any time, anywhere.

Shooting stars galaxy wallpaper for iPhone


6. Goosebump raising HD galaxy wallpaper

This magical and mesmerizing wallpaper is definitely a goosebumps raiser from nature’s special color gradient effect to the perfect play of highlight and shadows.

Galaxy wallpaper HD iPhone


7. Mysterious galaxy wallpapers

My words might fail to describe this beauty, so I am borrowing an anonymous quote to emulate my feelings – “Reach for the stars, you just might become one!”

So, go, little rock star!

Galaxy iPhone cool backgrounds


8. Coolest iPhone galaxy wallpaper

Ever wondered how would it feel to live in the sky? Let’s add a visual to these wonderful musings. If you loved it as much as I did, hit that download button ASAP.

Galaxy iPhone cute wallpapers


9. We’ll be counting stars

Never have I ever counted stars?

  • If you drank to that – Here’s a pretty wallpaper to make you nostalgic
  • If you didn’t – Here’s a pretty little reminder to add that to your bucket list.
Cool galaxy wallpaper for iPhone


10. Galaxy-inspired wallpaper for iPhone

Though we have not yet uncovered all the secrets of the infinite galaxies, we can still enjoy and get inspired by its mysteries, vastness, and patterns.

iPhone aesthetic galaxy wallpaper


You’re all clear, kid 🖖🏻

Now, aren’t these galaxy wallpapers just amazing? Don’t worry, if you like more than one, because you can download and use all of them at once.

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