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iGBWallpapersDisney wallpapers for iPhone in 2024 (Free download)

Disney wallpapers for iPhone in 2024 (Free download)

If you love animated movies as much as we do, here’s a treat for you. These amazing Disney wallpapers for iPhone feature some of the most loved movies and characters, from Cars and Toy Story to Frozen and more. Each one is sure to bring a smile to your face every day.

So download these cute Disney iPhone wallpapers to make your phone the happiest place in your life. Scroll down for a preview, then click the links to download the high-resolution images.

1. Disney Star Wars iPhone wallpaper

Step into a Disney world with this aesthetic Star Wars wallpaper. It features The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda against an awe-inspiring sunset backdrop. So, you can add that Disney aesthetic touch to your iPhone while showcasing your love for the most iconic Star Wars duo.

Disney aesthetic wallpaper for iPhone


2. Disney castle wallpaper

Escape to Disney World with our Disney Castle wallpaper, a perfect blend of mesmerizing sunset hues on your iPhone. So, this aesthetic wallpaper is ideal for anyone who cherishes the magic of Disney.

disney wallpaper 6


3. Beautiful Lion King iPhone wallpaper

Deck your iPhone with this enchanting Lion King wallpaper. It captures a heartwarming silhouette of the iconic Mufasa and Simba in the warm hues of sunset. Download this aesthetic iPhone wallpaper to pay tribute to one of the most beloved Disney characters.

Disney Lion King wallpaper for iPhone


4. Disney Car wallpaper

The Disney Cars wallpaper brings the excitement of the racetrack to your screen. This vibrant backdrop features the legendary Lightning McQueen, who is hoping to return to the racing competition.

disney wallpaper 13


5. Disney Aladdin wallpaper for iPhone

Who doesn’t love enchanting stories of Arabian nights? With this iPhone wallpaper, dive into the magical night where Princess Jasmine and Aladdin share a romantic moment on a flying carpet. Tap Download and indulge with this dreamy Disney princess wallpaper.

Disney Princess wallpaper


6. WALL-E wallpaper for iPhone

Pixar movies sure feel nostalgic. This WALL-E wallpaper captures the essence of the beloved robot from the Pixar universe. The twilight hues across the cosmos decorate the background beautifully. As WALL-E ponders the vastness of space, this wallpaper resonates with the heart of every dreamer.

Disney wall-e wallpaper for iPhone


7. Aladdin Genie lamp wallpaper

This Disney iPhone wallpaper features the iconic golden Genie lamp on a mystical backdrop. It is ideal for anyone who loves the classic tale of Aladdin. Adorn your iPhone with this captivating Aladdin wallpaper and carry a piece of Disney magic wherever you go.

Disney Aladdin wallpaper for iPhone


8. Disney Toy Story wallpaper

Illuminate your iPhone screen with Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear. Amidst shimmering lights, Buzz stands proud, his Space Ranger shining brightly. Download the wallpaper and showcase your love for Disney.

Disney toy story wallpaper for iPhone


9. Disney Cars wallpaper

Feel the buzz of Lightning McQueen as he speeds through a splash, his number 95 shining in the spotlight. It’s not just a wallpaper; it’s a statement of speed and excitement that Disney’s Cars fans will adore.

disney wallpaper 15


10. Disney Frozen wallpaper

Let’s visit Arendelle with our Disney Frozen snowflake wallpaper for your iPhone. Each delicate snowflake in this wallpaper is a reminder of Elsa’s journey and sisterhood. So, deck your iPhone with simplicity and elegance.

disney wallpaper 1


11. Disney princesses wallpaper for iPhone

Get the timeless charm of Disney royalty on your iPhone screen. The cute Disney princess wallpaper features all the characters, from the adventurous Ariel and Elsa to the brave Mulan and Merida to the classic Snow White and Cinderella.

disney wallpaper 3


12. WALL-E and Eve wallpaper

Capture the heartwarming scene between Pixar universe robots WALL-E and EVE with our enchanting wallpaper. The moonlit background showcases the hope and love that WALL-E represents!

disney wallpaper 5


13. Cool Cars wallpaper

Brighten up your iPhone with the magic of Disney cars. With Lightning McQueen leading the charge in mid-race, this car wallpaper makes every day an adventure.

disney wallpaper 14


Bring Disney to your iPhone screen

I hope you enjoyed these free Disney wallpapers for your iPhone. They’re sure to keep your inner child happy! Do you have any other requests for wallpapers? Share your suggestions in the comments below.

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