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Best anime wallpapers for iPhone in 2024 (4K quality)

Discover the ultimate collection of cool anime wallpapers and backgrounds for iPhone that are as engrossing as the anime themselves. These are inspired by some of the most popular series and films, including Naruto, Dragon Ball Super, Death Note, Demon Slayer, Your Name, My Neighbor Totoro, and Akira.

Scroll down to download these anime wallpapers for your iPhone, or have a look at them in action first.

If you’ve not heard of anime, it’s a form of hand-drawn and computer-animated entertainment that originated in Japan. Over the years, it’s become a sensation the world over with a cult-like following.

Love the flaming orange colors in this one. It gives your screen a fiery look.

1 1 800x589 1


2. Intense Naruto wallpaper

Here’s a free Naruto wallpaper to channel your wild side!

2 1 800x589 1


3. Tokyo Ghoul wallpaper

This aesthetic anime wallpaper has a gothic vibe that adds a mysterious look to your phone.

3 1 800x589 1


4. Dragon Ball Super wallpaper

Here’s a super cool anime wallpaper that will remind you to stand in your power and unleash it into the world!

4 1 800x589 1


5. Red and black Demon Slayer wallpaper

Stand out from the crowd with this HD iPhone wallpaper from Demon Slayer that looks unique and artistic.

5 1 800x589 1


6. Romantic Your Name wallpaper

Aww, don’t you just love the dreamy look of this one? I think this Your Name wallpaper is perfect for all the romantic souls out there.

6 1 800x589 1


7. Magical Your Name wallpaper

The sky and the lighting in this Your Name wallpaper are so on point! It adds an elegant look while being all cutesy.

7 1 800x589 1


8. Your Name couple wallpaper

Here’s another cute anime wallpaper featuring a couple and a dreamy backdrop.

8 1 800x589 1


9. Cute My Neighbor Totoro wallpaper

If you’re feeling moody, this My Neighbor Totoro wallpaper perfectly captures that!

9 1 800x589 1


10. Minimalist My Neighbor Totoro wallpaper

Anime is usually full of action and drama. But here’s a simple and soothing iPhone wallpaper from My Neighbor Totoro for a fresh look.

10 1 800x589 1


11. Dramatic Death Note wallpaper

For lovers of all things abstract, I think you’ll vibe with this Death Note wallpaper.

11 1 800x589 1


12. Akira wallpaper

Here’s an aesthetic Akira background in bold red!

12 1 800x589 1


13. Artsy Dragon Ball Super  wallpaper

I love the cool blue tones of this Dragon Ball Super wallpaper that adds an artistic touch to your screen.

13 1 800x589 1


I feel spoilt for choice with these amazing anime wallpapers for my iPhone. Which one’s your favorite? Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share with a fellow anime fan!

Download more wallpapers for iPhone:

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