10 Cool Naruto iPhone wallpapers in 2024 (Free HD download)

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We’ve got a special treat for all you manga and anime fans out there! Yes, get ready to be blown away by some cool Naruto wallpapers for your iPhone. Add an aesthetic touch to your Home screen or Lock screen and showcase your love for this bestselling series.

For the uninitiated, Naruto is one of the most renowned Japanese manga series adapted into an anime. It’s a coming-of-age story about a young ninja who seeks recognition from his peers and aspires to be the leader of his village.

Scroll down to check out how the pictures will look in action on your iPhone. Click the download button for these free Naruto wallpapers for iPhone.

1. Naruto death wallpaper

I love the goth vibe of this Naruto wallpaper! It’s both mystical and beautiful.

Naruto wallpaper for iPhone 1


2. Spiral wallpaper

Here’s a Naruto wallpaper with a cool scene and a bright spiral that adds a dash of color to your screen.

Naruto wallpaper for iPhone 2


3. Mysterious vibes wallpaper

I love the deep shades of green in this cool Naruto background for your iPhone. It’s got a mysterious and enigmatic vibe.

Naruto wallpaper for iPhone 3


4. Demonic red wallpaper

Addicted to all things dark and devilish? Try this creepy red Naruto wallpaper!

Naruto wallpaper for iPhone 4


5. Character wallpaper

Carry a bit of Naruto with you wherever you go with this beautiful character wallpaper that’s got a vintage look.

Naruto wallpaper for iPhone 5


6. Eyes wallpaper

The eyes definitely say it all in this purple iPhone wallpaper inspired by Naruto!

Naruto wallpaper for iPhone 6


7. Aesthetic red wallpaper

Add a touch of color to your screen with this aesthetic Naruto wallpaper in black and red tones.

Naruto wallpaper for iPhone 7


8. Minimalist wallpaper

If you prefer to keep your screen background clean and simple, I think you’ll appreciate this dark yet minimalist Naruto wallpaper.

Naruto wallpaper for iPhone 8


9. Red symbols wallpaper

Even if you’re not a fan of Naruto, I think this red and black background would appeal to almost anyone!

Naruto wallpaper for iPhone 9


10. Colorful wallpaper

Enjoy a retro art style with this funky wallpaper that adds some color to your screen.

Naruto wallpaper for iPhone 10


So, which free Naruto wallpaper did you like the most? Remember to share this with a friend to spread the love. And let us know in the comments what other kinds of wallpapers you’d like to see from us.

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