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iGBWallpapers15 Death Note iPhone wallpapers in 2024 (Free HD download)

15 Death Note iPhone wallpapers in 2024 (Free HD download)

Death Note is a must-watch for anime lovers. If you love its memorable characters as much as I do, here are some high-resolution Death Note iPhone wallpapers that you’ll appreciate. This suspenseful series was initially written as manga, and its powerful imagery is sure to make your Home Screen and Lock Screen stand out.

Scroll down to check out the wallpapers and download the free high-resolution versions.

1. Shinigami Ryuk Wallpaper

Here’s a wallpaper showcasing Death Note’s most iconic character. The bright red background will add a nice pop of color to your screen.

death note wallpaper 1


2. Light Yagami wallpaper

I love this minimalist Death Note iPhone wallpaper in classic black, red, and white shades. It features Light Yagami, also known as Kira.

death note wallpaper 2


3. Aesthetic Shinigami wallpaper

Give your iPhone screen a dark and dramatic look with this mystical Shinigami wallpaper. It looks super cool and aesthetic.

death note wallpaper 3


4. Shinigami with Death Note book

The smoky effects on this Death Note imagery look pretty mysterious. It would make a perfect dark theme wallpaper for your iPhone.

death note wallpaper 4


5. Aesthetic Death Note wallpaper

How about a vintage aesthetic look for your iPhone that will also remind you of Death Note? Here’s the perfect floral pattern wallpaper for that.

death note wallpaper 5


6. Death Note minimalist wallpaper

The Apple is a significant symbol in Death Note, and this wallpaper equates it to the Apple logo. It’s a nice creative twist for a minimalist look.

death note wallpaper 6


7. Death Note Ryuk wallpaper

Here’s a nice abstract background that Death Note fans will appreciate. The simplistic black and white tones make it perfect for Dark mode on your iPhone.

death note wallpaper 7


8. Death Note abstract wallpaper

Add a floral touch to your iPhone screen with this background. I think it would particularly appeal to writers and artists.

death note wallpaper 8


9. Shinigami on Earth Death Note anime wallpaper

Look no further for an iconic anime wallpaper for iPhone inspired by Death Note. It features Shinigami perched atop a pylon.

death note wallpaper 9


10. Shinigami abstract wallpaper

I love the artsy vibe of this wallpaper featuring Shinigami. It’s simple yet tells a story and looks unique.

death note wallpaper 10


11. Death Note Book background

Here’s the perfect wallpaper for fans who want to be reminded of Death Note every time they look at their phone. It’ll also remind you to eat an apple a day, perhaps!

death note wallpaper 11


12. Shinigami red and black wallpaper

By now, you can tell we’re pretty obsessed with Shinigami! If you are too, here’s another wallpaper of this alluring creature of darkness.

death note wallpaper 12


13. Light Yagami (Kira) wallpaper

This image has that classic anime vibe that true fans will love to showcase on their phone. I especially love the watercolor effect that adds an arty touch.

death note wallpaper 13


14. Light Death Note wallpaper

Keep seeing the light with this cute Death Note wallpaper featuring the protagonist, Light.

death note wallpaper 14


15. L Death Note wallpaper for iPhone

Give your screen a minimal aesthetic with this L death note aesthetic wallpaper in a deep teal-grey color.

death note wallpaper 15


That wraps up this cool collection of Death note iPhone wallpapers that will appeal to every fan. What did you think about this anime? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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