15 HD Fall wallpapers for iPhone (Free to download)

HD Fall wallpapers for iPhone

Think pumpkin spice and all things nice! My favorite season is here, so I had to share some beautiful fall wallpapers for iPhone that you can download for free! They’re inspired by the earthy colors of autumn leaves and seasonal pumpkins. So, change up your phone screen to match the changing world around you.

Scroll down for a glimpse and download these high-resolution fall wallpapers now.

1. Minimalist fall wallpaper

Can anything match the beauty of a single autumn leaf? I think not. 🙂

fall wallpaper 1


2. Autumn leaves wallpaper

Looking at this, I can almost feel the crunch of the crisp leaves under my feet.

fall wallpaper 2


3. Dark leaves wallpaper

Fall embodies how change can be beautiful. This autumn leaves wallpaper for iPhone is the perfect reminder of that on your screen.

fall wallpaper 3


4. Autumn pumpkin wallpaper

Whether you like them as decor or food, nothing captures the spirit of the season like pumpkins do!

fall wallpaper 4


5. Aesthetic fall wallpaper

Make your phone screen look dreamy with this pretty autumn-vibes wallpaper.

fall wallpaper 5


6. Fall colors wallpaper

If you love the colors of fall, this wallpaper has them all!

fall wallpaper 6


7. Hello Fall wallpaper

Make your phone match your fall decor with this aesthetic and minimalist fall wallpaper.

fall wallpaper 7


8. Fall pattern wallpaper

Here’s another free fall wallpaper with a quirky twist! I love this colorful pattern with these retro vibes.

fall wallpaper 8


9. I love autumn wallpaper

I guess this wallpaper says it all. How gorgeous is that flower wreath with the backdrop deep red!

fall wallpaper 9


10. Autumn pathway wallpaper

I love going for long autumn walks. This wallpaper will remind you to do more of that and enjoy the fresh air and pretty views.

fall wallpaper 10


11. Autumn leaves aesthetic wallpaper

Here’s a fall photo that captures the magic of autumn and is sure to look amazing on your iPhone!

fall wallpaper 11


12. Minimalist autumn wallpapers

This fall-themed background is perfect for Dark Mode on iPhone.

fall wallpaper 12


13. Autumn walk wallpaper

Remind yourself to stay grounded with this autumn aesthetic wallpaper for iPhone.

fall wallpaper 13


14. Aesthetic pumpkins wallpaper

This is one of my favorite autumn pumpkins iPhone wallpaper. It’s colorful yet understated.

fall wallpaper 14


15. Autumn road wallpaper

The beauty of the open road is only further accentuated by the colors of fall. I adore the aerial view of this photo that’s sure to inspire the wanderlust in you.

fall wallpaper 15


So, which of these fall iPhone wallpapers do you love the most? Let me know in the comments below. And don’t forget to spread the autumn vibes by sharing this with a friend.

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