10 Spooky Halloween wallpapers for iPhone in 2023

Halloween wallpaper for iPhone

The spooky season is here! While decorating our houses with frightening themes of Halloween, why leave the beloved iPhone behind. Here are some of the greatest of all-time Halloween-themed wallpapers for your iPhone.  

We have got some high-quality, free Halloween iPhone wallpapers. However, a little warning, these wallpapers are quite spooky, scary, and addictive. And surely, they’ll make you the center of attention this season.  

How to Download: Click the download button below the wallpaper for any iPhone model with just a click. It will perfectly go with your house’s Halloween spirit.

1. Ghost house wallpaper for iPhone 

While you’re busy making your house as spooky as Satan’s, let us help you bring the same feel to your iPhone. Here’s an eerie and fun haunted house wallpaper for you to enjoy.

Ghost house wallpaper for iPhone 


2. Pumpkinhead scary Halloween wallpaper 

Definitely not as scary as the 1988 American horror film Pumpkinhead, but this one is the next best thing. Looking at the horrifying prosthetic makeup, this is the best version of Pumpkinhead; what do you say?

Pumpkinhead scary Halloween wallpaper 


3. The classic Halloween wallpaper

Whenever the topic of Halloween comes up, the first picture that pops into our heads is a pumpkin lantern. Now, won’t these wallpaper series be incomplete without including the classic pumpkin lantern?

The classic Halloween wallpaper


4. Aesthetic Halloween wallpaper for iPhone

It shouldn’t be all about spooky and scary wallpapers; there should be some aesthetically appealing ones in the mix. So here you go; let me know in the comments which type of wallpaper you enjoyed the most.

Aesthetic Halloween wallpaper for iPhone


5. Pumpkin mask wallpaper for iPhone

Another pumpkin wallpaper keeps the spooky spirit alive on your iPhone’s screens. It is beautiful, vibrant, and funky! This is among my personal favorite wallpaper.

Pumpkin mask wallpaper for iPhone


6. Clocked a cloaked ghost?

Clocked a cloaked ghost Halloween wallpaper for iPhone

Something about this image strings my nostalgic guitar; how about you? Ghosts are the real G.O.A.T of Halloween. And the easiest way to cosplay as one is with a white bedsheet.


7. Scary yey cute Halloween wallpaper

The hanged pumpkin scarecrow should look foreboding, but somehow this one looks too cute to resist. Try it yourself!

Scary yey cute iPhone Halloween wallpaper


8. Sparkler HD Halloween background iPhone  

A wallpaper that gives your iPhone the panache it deserves this Halloween season. Moreover, the masked man gives the image a mysterious feel. If you love the overall feel, grab this wallpaper without further delay 

Sparkler HD Halloween background iPhone


9. Masked farmer Halloween iPhone wallpaper

The farmer, like no other, this one can drill hysteria into our bones and veins. This goosebump-raising wallpaper is a must-have in your Halloween wallpaper series.

Masked farmer Halloween iPhone wallpaper


10. Scarecrow Halloween wallpaper HD 

I can’t guarantee how well will this pumpkin scarecrow scare away the prying eyes, but this surely scares away those nosey children off your phone. Try it out!

Scarecrow Halloween wallpaper HD


Happy Halloween!

The Halloween season is packed with spooky, cute, and fun moments. From pumpkins, spirits to ghosts… I hope these Halloween iPhone wallpapers will make the festivities more amazing.

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