Best Halloween Wallpapers for iPhone

Best Halloween Wallpapers for iPhone

It’s Halloween! The time of the year, when pumpkins are not cut to cook but crafted to become lanterns. Where scary things are more fun than they are creepy. And where it’s cool to dress up yourself, your home, and your iPhone! So let us help you get into the groove of festivities with some of the best Halloween wallpapers for your iPhone.

Note: To download the wallpaper on your device, tap and hold the wallpaper you want and save it to your Photos app. And set them as wallpaper via the Photos app or settings.

1. Halloween Lantern – Mr. Pumpkin wants a hug

Halloween Lantern Wallpaper for iPhone

2. Aesthetic Halloween – Everything comes together

Aesthetic Halloween Wallpaper for iPhone

3. Minimalist Halloween – Apple meets Mr.Pumpkin

Minimalist Halloween iPhone Wallpaper

4. Disney – The one where Mickey goes wild

Disney Halloween Wallpaper for iPhone

5. Creepy Pumpkin – Mr. Pumpkin is feeling Blue

Creepy Pumpkin Halloween Wallpaper for iPhone

6. Skull Aesthetic – Mr. Skeleton is peeping at you

Skull Aesthetic Halloween Wallpaper for iPhone

7. Funny Halloween – Mr. Skeleton is aiming for a Healthy Lifestyle

Funny Halloween Wallpaper for iPhone

8. Scary – Inner demons come to life

Scary Halloween Wallpaper for iPhone

9. Creepy Aesthetic – Chucky is back

Creepy Aesthetic Halloween Wallpaper for iPhone

 10. Cute Halloween – Every pumpkin is happy

Cute Halloween Wallpaper for iPhone

How About a Live Halloween Wallpaper?

Wallpapers are cool, but a Live Halloween-themed wallpaper on your Lock Screen could also be fun. While many live wallpaper apps are readily available, we have found a neat trick quite helpful.

Get a GIF from the Giphy app and use it as your wallpaper.  It’s quite simple, Download the app → search keywords like Halloween or scary or creepy → Choose a GIF, preferably portrait orientation → Tap on the three-dot icon, and then select the Convert to Live Photo → Save as Live Photo.

Once the Live photo is saved in your Camera Roll, set it as your iPhone wallpaper as per the usual method.

That’s all for now, folks! 

The collection of Halloween Wallpapers that we have lined up is sourced from Unsplash, Favim & Wallpapers central. We hope you found the perfect wallpaper, and now to match the aesthetics, you should try out some Halloween-inspired icons set as well.

Halloween apps and games can give you some momentary fun. But it is the wallpaper that sets the right mood as look at our phone multiple times a day. However, the definition of the right mood varies from person to person. It might be scary for some and cute for others, or creepy, minimal, sarcastic, and what not! So we have curated the Halloween special edition accordingly.

Liked our taste, want to check out more wallpaper collection? Here’s are some more amazing wallpaper collection curated by us:

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