12 Halloween wallpapers for iPhone in 2022

Halloween wallpapers for iPhone

All set for trick or treating? We can’t tell what tricks you might come across, but here’s a treat for you. Dress up your screen for the spooky season with these free Halloween wallpapers for iPhone. From the creepy to the cute, we’ve got them all in vibrant colors that’ll make your display alive.

Scroll down for a glimpse of each and click the links to download the high-resolution Halloween wallpapers for your iPhone.

1. Happy Halloween wallpaper

Get in the Halloween spirit whenever you glance at your screen with this classic pumpkin wallpaper that says it all.

halloween wallpaper 1


2. Trick or treat graphic

I love the vibrant colors in this graphic wallpaper that’ll remind you to go trick or treating.

halloween wallpaper 2


3. Fun Halloween wallpaper

Feeling the witchy vibes? Grab this colorful wallpaper featuring a pointy hat and vibrant patterns.

halloween wallpaper 3


4. Spooky Halloween wallpaper

If you lean towards the dark side, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this creepy wallpaper that’s perfect for the spooky season.

halloween wallpaper 4


5. Cute Halloween wallpaper

Halloween does not have to be scary. Check out the cute little ghosts on this minimalist black wallpaper. Isn’t it adorable?

halloween wallpaper 5


6. Scary Halloween wallpaper

Get your outfit inspiration from this ghost wallpaper! Just throw on a white bedsheet with some holes cut out for your eyes and mouth, and you’re good to go!

halloween wallpaper 6


7. Happy Halloween graphic

If you prefer typographic wallpapers, here’s one that perfectly embodies the spirit of Halloween!

halloween wallpaper 7


8. Vintage Halloween wallpaper

Prefer an understated look? I think this pattern looks vintage and whimsical while still showcasing the Halloween vibes.

halloween wallpaper 8


9. Disney Halloween wallpaper

A haunted house is an iconic part of Halloween. And I love how the one in this iPhone wallpaper looks straight out of a Disney movie.

halloween wallpaper 9


10. Black & white ghosts

Are they smiley faces? Are they penguins? No, they’re cute little ghosts! Put them on your iPhone screen to keep smiling throughout the spooky season.

halloween wallpaper 10


11. Skull and crossbones wallpaper

Can you handle the dark stuff? Indulge yourself with this orange and black wallpaper patterned with skulls and crossbones.

halloween wallpaper 11


12. Pumpkins wallpaper

If you love pumpkins, I’m sure you’ll love this wallpaper full of them!

halloween wallpaper 12


Why not download all these iPhone Halloween wallpapers and have them alternate on your phone screen? That way, you can always have something new to look at. Let me know in the comments below which one you like the most!

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