10 Curiously abstract wallpapers for iPhone to behold in 2023

Best Abstract iPhone wallpapers

Abstract art is not just a thought or idea. It’s an emotion that flows through your mind and is a personal interpretation. But does abstract art inspire abstract yet brilliant ideas? Let’s test with these awesome and flawless abstract wallpapers designed to keep your idea engine going.

Note: Click Download below the selected wallpaper and save it on your iPhone.

1. Abstract light trails wallpaper

Where are the trails of colorful abstract light coming from? Nowhere or everywhere? Get the wallpaper on your iPhone, solve the mystery and let me know in the comment below.

Light Trails Abstract wallpaper for iPhone


2. Tangy pop wallpaper for iPhone

Some twisty tangy, bubbly abstracts that’ll give an instant citrusy change and some funk to your phone.

Tangy Pop iOS wallpaper


3. Pink abstract iPhone wallpaper

The color pink has an odd quality; everyone loves and hates certain shades. Some love baby pink, while others hate it. And then some prefer dark or pastel shades. Well, this abstract wallpaper covers almost every shade of pink, so pinkify your iPhone screen immediately.

Pink Abstract iOS wallpaper


4. Midnight grills wallpaper

The beauty of abstract art is its millions of interpretations. So, while you might get a different feeling, the foodie in me instantly thinks of grills.

But don’t let its name fool you. Gorgeous crisscross patterns in midnight and starlight colors are just right for your iPhone. Download it right away!!

Midnight grills Abstract wallpaper for iPhone


5. Abstract warm waves

What’s better than a sea shore with a setting sun? Abstract wallpaper with warm shades of setting sun on the deconstructed waves. So, what are you waiting for? Get it now!

Warm waves iOS wallpaper


Love the sun and sea? Do check out our collection of sunset wallpapers and Ocean-inspired iPhone wallpapers.

6. Abstract mosaic wallpaper for iPhone

You don’t need to be Piccaso to appreciate the art; it is a way to express your abstract thoughts. This Mosaic will be love at first sight, even if you are numb to the art and artworks. Download now to jump into the world of art!!

Abstract Mosaic iOS wallpaper


7. Cool abstract wallpapers

It’s cool, not cooler than you, though! Add some zesty pinch to your iPhone screen with this cool abstract wallpaper!!

cool abstract iOS wallpaper


8. 8

That’s it! That’s the title!

Number 8 is unique and much loved by many. No matter how much you flip it, turn it when it’s placed vertically. There will never be a loss of its personality. Similarly, if you place it horizontally, it will be infinite.

So here’s to an infinite amount of abstract thoughts throughout the day and night, cheers!

8 Abstract wallpaper for iPhone


9. Starry splash iPhone wallpaper

Wellcome night, gazers! Once you start staring at that starry sky, there’s no back!! So even if you are not a night gazer, you will surely love gazing at this wallpaper.

starry splash Abstract wallpaper for iPhone


10. Abstract paint spill

Imperfections add characters to everything. It also reminds us that nothing has to be perfect to look good. Flaunt your imperfections like you’ll sport this imperfect paint spill wallpaper on your iPhone.

abstract painy spill wallpaper



You have made it till here, buddy; for that, you deserve a BONUS!! Here’s a surprise bonus wallpaper for your iPhone’s lock and home screens.

Download: Lock Screen | Home Screen

A good wallpaper can always make your day better. Hope these wallpapers make a great addition to your Home Screen. Ping us how you felt about these wallpapers in the comments, and let us know if you ended up using any of them.

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