Best Halloween Apps for iPhone

Best Halloween Apps for iPhone

Yay! Halloween is almost here; it’s time to dress up, go trick or treating, attend or throw parties and get into that scary, spooky & funky groove. And with the help of your iOS device, you can make things even more fun. So, without further ado, check out these amazing and best Halloween apps for iPhone to add spark to your celebrations.

  1. Plants vs. Zombies 2
  2. Creepypasta
  3. Wallpapers Central
  4. Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
  5. myNoise
  6. PicCollage
  7. Bitmoji
  8. PicMonkey
  9. Greeting Cards & Wishes
  10. Spotify: Music and Podcasts

1. Plants vs. Zombies 2 – The Best Halloween Game

Plants vs. Zombies 2 iPhone Game Screenshot

With over 200 million downloads since its release, the award-winning strategy adventure game has been a staple game for all zombie lovers. And what better time to meet, greet and defeat legions of hilarious zombies than Halloween.

Defend your garden, aka territory, by building an army of amazing plants. Supercharge them with Plant Food and smartly strategize to protect your brains from the rampant zombies.

Ps: If you like playing games, check out our special listing to find some amazing Halloween games.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases start from $0.99)


2. Creepypasta – Addictive Horror Stories

Creepypasta iPhone App Screenshot

There is nothing scarier than a well-written horror story. And you can rely on Creepypasta for some chilling and goosebumps raising stories. The app boasts over 14500 hand-picked stories and some amazing helpful features.

You can take any story offline and read them or hear voice narrations at your leisure. Moreover, the app remembers where you left within the story, marks them as read, and supports a smooth keyword search.

Price: Free (Creepypasta Story Pack #2 – $1.99)


3. Wallpapers Central – Scary Wallpapers at your fingertips

Wallpapers Central iPhone App Screenshot

Whether you want a horrifying wallpaper for your iPhone or Apple Watch or want to kill it with a Live wallpaper, this app is at your beck and call. The Halloween edition is already up, and trust me, it is the right mix of creepy and fun.

Another benefit of downloading this particular wallpaper app is that it keeps updating wallpapers regularly. Additionally, the app is quite quick at featuring Apple’s default wallpapers and event-inspired artwork.

Price: Free (Basic – $4.49)


4. Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown – Halloween experience for Kids

Great Pumpkin iPhone App Screenshot

Our dear Charlie Brown has been making Halloween better for over 50 years now.  The app illustrates the well-loved television special in an interactive, kid-friendly graphic book.

When you tap on a page, the moments come to life with animation and takes you through the story step-by-step. The Halloween experience also includes costume cutouts and a pumpkin carving session.

Price: $4.99


5.  myNoise – For The Perfect Background Music

myNoise iPhone App Screenshot

Whether you are throwing a party, heading out for trick or treat, or prepping a scrumptious meal, the right music can set the tone. And while myNoise is a relaxing, sleep-inducing app, it does pack some Halloweeny tunes.

Thanks to the built-in sound effect generators such as the Poltergeist, you could play various scary sounds from scary screams, distant thunders to dungeon background noise.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases start from $0.99)


6.  PicCollage – Create Fun & Spooky Collages

PicCollage iPhone App Screenshot

Bring some spookiness to your images with tons of Halloween-inspired photo grids, exclusive stickers, and festive background patterns. Whether for social media or personal use, this one is amongst the best collage making apps.

And while you have tons of templates to play with, the app also sports a freestyle mode, presenting an open ground for your inner artist. Furthermore, you can also share the artwork with the world in just one click.

Price: Free (Remove Watermark and Ads – $1.99)


7. Bitmoji – Say it with a ‘Scarymoji’

Bitmoji iPhone App Screenshot

Stickers are a great way to express your mood, and what better way to say Happy Halloween with an appropriately themed Bitmoji. Amongst the most popular Emoji apps, it lets you create an expressive cartoon avatar.

Dress your avatar with as much spookiness as you want and send it to any group or personal message across various platforms. And if you want to step even further, get the Bitmoji printed as a sticker, on a t-shirt, notebook, or a phone case.

Price: Free


8. PicMonkey – Prep Your Halloween Posts

PicMonkey iPhone App Screenshot

PicMonkey is a pretty easy-to-use photo-editing app that incorporates tons of basic templates, filters, stickers, backgrounds & collage grids. The app welcomes Halloween with open arms every year.

So, you don’t have to search for appropriate backgrounds, stickers, or filters to don a spooky, scary, or cute Halloween-inspired feel in your photos. Whether Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram, the app has templates for all.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases start from $1.99)


9. Greeting Cards & Wishes – Say It With A Card

Greeting Cards and Wishes iPhone App Screenshot

No matter how old we get, getting a personalized greeting card will always be a special feeling. And with over 40K cards on the platter, this app has ecards for every occasion, including Halloween.

Everything from selecting the right design to editing and sending it to the concerned person is a super simple and easy to use process. It won’t take a lot of time but will make the receiver feel super special.

Price: Free (Yearly PRO Subscription – $2.99)



10. Spotify: Music and Podcasts

Spotify iPhone App Screenshot

When throwing a party at the last minute, there is no time to arrange a great Halloween inspired playlist. But why worry, because by downloading just one app, everything can be resolved.

Spotify users often create great playlists and freely share them on the platform. Just search for Halloween or scary-themed one, delete or add the songs according to your preference, and Tadda, your party playlist is all set.

Price: Free (Spotify Premium starts at $3.99)



With the fall bringing its beauty and winter air starting to nip a bit, Halloween is a fantastic way to kickstart the upcoming holiday season. I hope you have a memorable Halloween and the rest of the year ahead.

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