Jack-o-lanterns and “trick or treats” have just broken all the shackles… Beware…!!! Folks are out to scare you. Either be prepared to see through the tricks of your friends or master some magic to fox them. It's all about remaining a step ahead…

Halloween can be even more fun if you've got an iPhone or iPad. With plenty of apps designed to not just bring your creativity to the fore but also let you add the much-needed fun into the play. To let you make the most the Halloween times, we have collected these ten amazing apps. Let's have a look!

Best Halloween iPhone Apps 2016

Best 2016 Halloween iPhone Apps

#1. Halloween City

Halloween City iPhone App IconHow about playing a game with Halloween-themed city? With this app, you can decorate your city with tons of Halloween characters like vampires, monsters, witch and more.

Better still, you have the option to try different cross-breeds of the characters. Collect as many coins as possible and unlock a lot of items.

Price: Free
Download Halloween City

#2. Halloween!

Halloween iPhone App IconWant to scare your friends with some interesting tricks? “Halloween!” can be just the spice you are looking for.

Features like Halloween countdown with frightening sound trivia and flashlight offer all the needed fun to keep up the tempo. The terrifying interface is like an icing on the cake.

Price: Free
Download Halloween

#3 The Very Hungry Pumpkin+

The Very Hungry Pumpkin+ iPhone Game Icon“The Very Hungry Pumpkin+” is quite fascinating to play. With 3D animations and amusing sound effects, it's been readied to for your awesome Halloween time.

Simply touch the screen of your iPhone to guide the pumpkin to the candy. Make sure to dodge the trick-or-treaters.

Price: Free
Download The Very Hungry Pumpkin+

#4. ZombieBooth Pro

ZombieBooth Pro iPhone App IconHave you ever thought how you would look as a zombie? I think you have guessed what I mean.

With ZombieBooth Pro, you can turn your face as well as your friends into 3D animated zombie. Moreover, your created zombies will scowl, blink and even breathe. And if you try to come close to him, he will even destroy your finger.

Price: $2.99
Download ZombieBooth Pro

#5. Craftsy

Craftsy iPhone App IconDuring Halloween times, folks love to design their own costume, learn sewing, knitting, crochet, cooking, cake decorating and more. If you also have wish to learn something really interesting, Craftsy can be an excellent option for you.

With a humongous collection of kits and supplies, plenty of project ideas, online classes, you won't have any difficulty in giving your creativity the real shape. Besides, you can ask questions and even interact with your instructors.

Price: Free
Download Craftsy

#6. Make A Zombie

Make A Zombie iPhone App IconWould you like creating your own zombies? You can choose from a range of clothes, eyes, hairstyles, heads, backgrounds to create your favorite zombie.

The integrated zombie store has got plenty of awesome items to ensure you never run out of options. There are several options like Facebook, Twitter to let you share your creativity with your friends.

Price: Free
Download Make a Zombie

#7. Halloween 13 Trick or Treats

Halloween 13 Trick or Treats iPhone & iPad Game Icon“Halloween 13 Trick or Treats” is undoubtedly one of the finest apps to let you make the most of your “All Hallows Eve” time.

With the magnificent collection of 13 dark Halloween surprises, this app keeps you entertained. Beware of the scary sounds! Simply shake your iPhone to get a new sinister sound effect.

Price: $0.99
Download Halloween 13

#8. Carve A Pumpkin

Carve A Pumpkin iPhone AppThe Jack-o-lantern is the symbol of Halloween but unfortunately, you can't let your kids take the knives out and slash their way through the pumpkin. How about letting them do it virtually?

Carve A Pumpkin is a simple and beautiful little app that will attract your kids. It lets them carve their own Jack-o-lantern with added effects. A really nifty app to keep them occupied while you get your own Jack-o-lantern carved.

Price: Free
Download Carve A Pumpkin

#9. Spooky Halloween Card Creator

Halloween Card Creator iPhone AppScare your friends with this really amazing Halloween card creator that comes with some cool special effects. This is the app you need to create fun Halloween cards that can be shared on Facebook or via Email, with dozens of fonts and wallpapers and more. There's also a FULL version that comes with even more features.

Price: Free
Download Halloween Card Creator

#10. Limbo

Limbo iPhone App IconLimbo has packed in with both the horrific concept and the much-needed puzzle to keep you engrossed. The scary sound effect, as well as unpredictable plot, is extremely dreading.

You have to help the little boy rescue his sister; making sure he succeeds in his mission. It can be a really challenging task for you. Use your wit to get through.

Price: $4.99
Download Limbo

That's all! Hopefully, these apps have been able to impress you to the core. If you like any Halloween app a lot, share it with us in the comment, on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Also, make sure to try our iOS app on your iPhone and iPad.

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