Instagram caption apps for iPhone in 2022

Top 7 Instagram Caption apps for iPhone

Whether you use Instagram for personal or professional reasons, Instagram captions can help boost the quality of your Instagram posts and help win half the battle. However, an excellent caption demands time and energy, and more often than not, stresses you out. This is where Instagram caption apps for iPhone come to the rescue!

They ensure you don’t have to spend hours thinking for a perfect caption. While there are numerous caption apps in the App Store, knowing which Instagram caption app to use ensures efficiency! We’ve compiled a list of the top Instagram caption apps to help. Let’s dive in.

  1. Caption Expert
  2. Caption Writer for Instagram
  3. Command for Instagram
  4. TagWag

1. Caption Expert

Caption Expert for Instagram iPhone app

Caption Expert is the numero uno app offering countless captions for Instagram, which you can browse based on the keywords too. Moreover, if you like a caption but don’t want to use it right away, you can save it as a favorite too. 

I love the app’s neat and intuitive interface. You can choose from 20 different fonts, choose from different categories, and search them by emojis as well.

What’s remarkable is that the app also hosts caption challenges for various categories like Halloween, gym, summer, etc. You can participate and share your captions too. The best caption wins a 1-year subscription to the app and gets featured on the app’s Instagram page.

Another thing that makes this app interesting is the organic exposure. The user can add the caption to their username. Pretty neat, right? However, many features are limited to a paid subscription, like searching captions based on specific keywords.

Price: Free (Pro subscription for $29.99)


2. Caption Writer for Instagram

Caption Writer for Instagram iPhone app

Caption Writer for Instagram can pretty much rival the previous one. There are so many things that set this app apart from others. The perfect spaces, the 2000 and more fonts and symbols, and the millions of hashtags are just to name a few.

Moreover, this app has a potentially unending list of captions already made for the user. You can also save them for future use. What’s more? You can share the app’s content across devices. Other customization features include adding line breaks, fonts, symbols, and more.

Additionally, you can save captions in iCloud as well. There’s also a Hashtag group that allows you to save certain hashtags if you need them often. This way, you won’t have to search for them repeatedly.

However, one drawback is that most features on the app are premium. You’ll have to buy the subscription to access captions, custom fonts, and hashtags.

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.99)


3. Command for Instagram

Command for Instagram iPhone and iPad app

Having Command for Instagram is like having your personalized caption expert and PR team. I say that because when you upload a photo or a video, you receive expert recommendations on captions. You might not have to post it immediately. Just schedule it accordingly, and the app will notify you to do so. 

In fact, the app can also give you expert recommendations on when it is the best time to post them. The app can generate appropriate captions for the appropriate demography effortlessly. Besides, it’s only 117.3 MB in size. It’s available on all iOS devices from iPhone and iPad to MacBook as well.

Price: Free (In-app purchases start from $2.79)


4. TagWag: Captions for Instagram

TagWag Captions iPhone app for Instagram

If you’re someone who has a dynamic personality on Instagram and need a different set of captions for your posts now and then, TagWag should be your companion. The app also won the Best App (Social) in 2020.

You’ll find a ton of different caption categories to choose from. Moreover, the captions here range from super short to long ones. Moreover, if they are a quote by someone famous, those personalities would be given due credit.

Just copy-paste the caption, and you’re good to go. You’d also find hashtag categories in TagWag, where you can find many hashtags for your posts to widen their reach. In TagWag, you can also upload a photo from your camera roll, and the app would suggest several captions that go best with it.

Price: Free


That’s it!

This wraps up our list of best Instagram caption apps for iPhone. While there are many Instagram caption apps, the ones mentioned above have great rankings and are the most preferred. Which one do you use, and why do you like it best? Let us know in the comments below.

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