Best Instagram Caption Apps For iPhone and iPad in 2021

Best Instagram Caption Apps for iPhone and iPad

Everyone uploads pictures from their iPhone to social media. If you’re on Instagram a lot, you know that clicking a nice pic and uploading it is only half the battle won in getting likes. The other half is in finding the ideal caption. A great caption does more than tell your audience what’s a picture about. It speaks for itself. Moreover, on-trend captions with the right hashtags can go a long way towards boosting your posts’ visibility on Instagram.

1. Quotes Creator – Quote Maker

Quotes Creator iPhone App Screenshot

Apart from Instagram, you would also like to share your quotes on other media like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and other apps. This app allows you to customize fonts, colors, background, text size, etc. Once you remove the watermark (you need to purchase this app), you can add your watermark, QR code or logo to your image. With a single payment, you can buy this app to make the necessary changes in your image.

Price: Free

2. Caption Expert

Caption Expert iPhone Instagram Captions App Screenshot

The Caption expert is a great option when you want to pick caption options from a given category. The app gives you several different captions categories. These include Inspiration, Shower Thoughts, and Fun Facts, among others. You then get to select between top, trending, and recent captions for that particular category. The main drawback is that the number of category options isn’t that wide.

Price: Free

3. HashtagBook copy & past‪e‬

HashtagBook copy & paste instagram captions app for iphone and ipad

Hashtags are an essential part of your caption on Instagram, and this app can help you manage them better. You can log your own hashtags or texts in this app to copy and paste into Instagram whenever you need to.

Further, you can find new hashtags that can help increase your reach. The app also supports captions or comments with line breaks so that your text looks well-formatted on Instagram. It’s a must-have if you want to grow your followers and easily store frequently used hashtag lists.

Price: Free

4. Captions Now – Captions For I‪G‬

Captions Now instagram captions app for iphone and ipad

Explore an extensive collection of quotes or captions for your Instagram! These can be filtered based on the picture’s theme, such as relationships, travel, food, etc. You can effortlessly copy and paste the caption of your choice to your preferred social media platforms.

I appreciate the clean interface that makes this app so easy to use. It’s pretty simplistic yet so helpful. I no longer need to spend hours writing up the perfect captions for my posts, saving so much time and effort.

Price: Free

5. CAP – Caption Any Photo

CAP - Caption Any Photo

Why stress yourself out thinking of the perfect caption for your photo when you’ve got this app to help your out? You can search for intriguing captions using keywords such as ‘vacation’ or ‘selfie’ to find the words that best go with your picture. There are over 50 categories to browse through, including lyrics and quotes that are sure to wow your audience. Further, you can save your favorite captions for future posts and submit your own to win exciting prizes.

Price: Free

6. Issa Caption

Issa Caption iPhone and iPad Instagram Captions App Screenshot

Machine learning and AI are becoming more and more important in just about the area. Issa Caption brings the power of machine learning to Instagram captioning. It analyzes pictures that want to caption and then detects the objects within the frame. For instance, if you took a picture of your pet on the street, it’d identify a dog, the street, and any nearby vegetation. It then hip-hop lyrics you can use for the caption.

Price: Free

7. Caption Writer for Instagram

Caption Writer for Instagram

This app is like a personal assistant when it comes to captions writing. It’s the solution to putting line breaks in your caption and using the best hashtags to optimize your post. You can even sync your captions and hashtags between your devices for easy access at any time. Further, count characters as you type and explore hundreds of thousands of trending hashtags that match your aesthetic. You can save unlimited captions and preview them before posting. It’s a great way to increase your speed and productivity.

Price: Free

That’s all for this feature. If you use Instagram all the time, you might also want to find out how to view archived Instagram posts.

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Which Instagram caption app did you find the most useful?

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