Best AI Apps for iPhone and iPad

Artificial Intelligence aka machine intelligence can have a drastic impact on our lives and the way we go about our tasks. To be more precise, AI can work as an ever-ready personal assistant to instantly answer a query, control the smart-home devices, stream music, keep up updated with the latest happenings, you name it.

Should you want to get the most out of machine intelligence, have a glance at some of the best AI apps for iOS and choose the ones that elegantly fit into your needs. Whether you want to speed up your typing, take control of your tons of workloads, or have a personal advisor, these apps can cater to your requirements perfectly.

Not to mention, these AI iPhone and iPad apps can also keep you cheered up with tongue-in-cheek jokes. Moreover, they keep a tab on your taste and ideally mold themselves for more personalization. Dive in to explore ’em all!

Best iPhone and iPad AI Apps in 2020

#1. SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey Keyboard iOS AI App Screenshot

Time to make typing not just faster but also more convenient! SwiftKey Keyboard has been one of the most appreciable iOS keyboard apps for long.

What makes this app a smart pick is the ability to offer a spot-on prediction and super handy swipe gestures. Therefore, you can type a lot faster with little effort.

The autocorrect functionality ensures mistakes remain away from your text. Moreover, there is an expandable menu with quick shortcuts so that you can easily access the needed tools to communicate more conveniently.

Price: Free

#2. News360

News360 iPhone and iPad AI App Screenshot

Should you want to enhance your news reading, News360 would be the way to go for you. Depending on your interest, you can fine-tune the app to access the desired stories quickly. Besides, this news app also delivers more personalized stories.

The neat user-interface makes it easy for you to take a peek at the latest headlines and also preview the major stories. And with the instant notifications about the breaking news, it ensures you never miss out on a big headline.

With over 100,000 well-known sources, you have the freedom to read the latest news from not only famous providers but also local niche websites.

Thanks to the option to save articles, you will be able to read stories at your own pace.

Price: Free

#3. Google Assistant

Google Assistant iOS AI App Screenshot

Known as the most intelligent virtual assistant, Google Assistant is always readily available to answer your queries, play music, keep you updated with the latest news and even offer up tongue-in-cheek jokes.

Set reminders about the things you want to complete well before the deadline. Get the latest weather information and also navigate places. Furthermore, you can use it to send an email and even set the calendar events to stay in sync with everything that’s lined up for you.

Price: Free

#4. Cortana

Cortana iPhone and iPad AI App Screenshot

Cortana has always impressed me as a super handy digital personal assistant. It works elegantly in letting you manage your emails, reminders, and tasks. Also, get the instant answer about anything that strikes your mind.

Tune into your favorite music, podcasts as well as get the personalized news to stay in touch with everything that’s trending. And yes, you can also send reminders based on location. I mean, you can set Cortana to remind you to visit your friend when you go past that area.

Price: Free

#5. ELSA Speak – Accent Reduction

ELSA Speak iOS AI App Screenshot

Are you willing to improve your English pronunciation? If yes, ELSA Speak can be an ideal tool to help you speak correctly and fluently.

You can use this app to figure out your English pronunciation proficiency and find out the challenges that you must encounter to become a more accomplished speaker. Get a custom curriculum based on your level and start your practice consistently.

The app offers more than 400 lessons and over 2000 common English words from different topics. Even better, it provides instant feedback to ensure you’ve got the right idea about how well you are performing your tasks.

Price: Free

#6. HOUND Voice Search & Assistant

HOUND Voice Search & Assistant iOS AI App Screenshot

HOUND is a pretty simple app that lets you search with your voice. It can also use follow up commands to provide additional information. You ask it to provide accurate and weather information to plan your outing perfectly.

Check out the restaurants rated 5 stars at a particular location and ask it to play only the top hits of your favorite artists. On top of all, Hound can help you carry out calculations and even offer mortgage estimates. So, the next time you want to get into quick search, do not forget to try out this app!

Price: Free

#7. Seeing AI

Seeing AI iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Microsoft’s Seeing AI is unique in its own right. The best part about this app is the ability to recognize people and describe faces as well as emotions.

You can use this app to make your device speak text and also scan barcodes. Get the description of the scene you’ve just captured. Plus, take advantage of the audio guidance to capture a printed page and also recognize currency notes.

As it works perfectly with the VoiceOver feature, the blind and low vision community would find this app enormously helpful.

Price: Free

#8. Wysa

Wysa Anxiety & Depression Bot iOS AI App Screenshot

Wysa is a fun-loving chatbot. Whenever you want to get rid of stress or talk to someone who can feel your emotions and even offer the right tips to deal with them, this one can come into play really well.

The app can help you figure out the areas where you need to focus more to bolster your productivity. It can offer tips to boost your confidence and also suggest the exercises to increase compassion.

Get to know the ways to calm the thoughts and the secrets of living a peaceful life. The app promises to keep your identity anonymous and ensure your conversations remain private.

Price: Free

#9. DataBot Personal Assistant

DataBot Personal Assistant iPhone and iPad AI Apps

Though not as popular as its rivals, DataBot can be useful in many ways. This virtual assistant is designed to offer quick and accurate search. Make a fully customized presentation and also share the results via SMS and email.

You can fine-tune the virtual assistant based on several things like language, voice, name, and behavior. Make it read the latest news for you and also solve Math exercises.

Moreover, DataBot can also share funny jokes to keep you entertained.

Price: Free

#10. VPN AI

VPN AI iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Keep spammers and data trackers at bay while browsing the web. VPN AI is a reliable app that encrypts your online information so that it remains safeguarded. You can use this app to securely access any websites, games and even videos.

The app lets you select from several high-speed servers from more than 15 countries such as US, UK, CN, HK, CA, IN, SG, JP. It doesn’t log any of your information for additional privacy.

Besides, VPN AI is available for a free trial after that you will need to upgrade to the premium version ( price ranges from $4.99-$79.99) to continue.

Price: Free Trial/$4.99 (starting price)

That’s pretty much it! Now that all the smart AI apps are at your disposal get the ones that appear more equipped to deliver the goods for you.

What’s your pick?

I have a huge liking for AI apps as they are very smart and get a lot better with time. I take full advantage of them to carry out several things more comfortably. Of course, Artificial Intelligence still can’t yet match human intelligence in all its forms. However, it’s here to stay. That’s for sure!

What’s your take on AI and would you like to let us know the names of your top picks?

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