Gone are the days of canvases, oil paints and sculpting clay. Well, not exactly: many artists around the world still prefer more traditional media, but recent advances in technology mean that almost any piece of art – whether that’s painting, sculpture, or more obvious video and photography – can also be produced digitally.

iPads and other tablets are some of the best tools for any artist who wants to experiment with digital media, and many apps, software, and hardware are available – from photo editing suites to digital sketch pens. The team at a mobile phone comparison site, mobilephones.com take a look at the best apps every artist should download now.

Best iPhone Apps For Budding Digital Artists

Best iPhone Apps For Budding Digital Artists

#1. Artsy

Artsy iPhone and iPad App IconTechnically an art buying app, Artsy features more than 50,000 works from artists all over the world – from the most famous to the just emerging – and is perfect for those who want to browse and discover a curated collection of artworks, whether you intend to buy or not.

Fine art collectors will especially appreciate the ability to bid on and purchase works from all over the world, without having to travel all the way to an auction in New York. Those who’d rather just observe and learn will also find the app particularly useful to follow their favorite artists and learn more about art, from the most basic subject to the latest news shaking the art world.

Price: Free
Download Artsy Artsy

#2. Art Set

Art Set iPhone and iPad App IconPerfect for children and adults alike. Art Set, like the name suggests, is a virtual art set which allows you to draw, paint, blend, and more – all from your iPad’s screen. It features an impressive range of digital paints, crayons, pencils, pens, pastels and markers, all with different textures and vibrant colors. You’re painting on high-quality digital paper, but it’s also possible to draw over a photo of your choice.

Art Set is the perfect way to practice on the go without bothering with heavy sketchbooks and tubes of acrylic and offers plenty of options to experiment with different media.

Price: $1.99
Download Art Set

#3. Adobe Illustrator Draw

Adobe Illustrator Draw iPhone and iPad IconThe more advanced illustrators and graphic designers among us (mainly those with a working knowledge of Photoshop) will love Adobe’s Illustrator Draw app – using vector drawing tools like in other Adobe creative suites, the app allows users to create hand-drawn images using only a tablet and a digital pen.

One of the main selling points of the app is that it includes a “community” feature, where users are able to browse others’ artwork, “appreciate” (basically alike) their favorite works, as well as follow their favorite artists. But beyond the community aspect, Adobe Illustrator Draw is a fantastic app for anyone who wants to play around with digital brushes, paints, and even photos.

Price: Free
Download Adobe Illustrator Draw

#4. Auryn Ink

Auryn Ink iPhone and iPad App IconWatercolor fans, this is the app for you: by some crazy digital magic, Auryn Ink is able to replicate the exact look of watercolor paints and paper. It’s fairly easy to use and packs some incredible features – not to mention that the attention to detail that went into building this app is particularly impressive.

Users are able to choose their brushes, blend their own pigments to create the perfect color, control the amount of water on their brush and even on the digital paper! (You can choose to have a wet or dry canvas to start with.) Despite packing all these features in, the app feels minimalistic and streamlined, and the menus are sleek and simple – which makes it well worth the $2.99 price.

Price: $2.99
Download Auryn Ink

#5. Procreate

Procreate iPhone and iPad App IconDesigned to be a complete artist’s toolbox, Procreate is a fantastic app for digital sketching and painting. With over 100 different brushes and ultra HD canvases, it is able to mimic real-life painting almost perfectly – and the HD resolution means users are able to print their artwork even in very large sizes, without losing any of the quality. Procreate offers plenty of different tools to make you feel like you’re working with real paint, such as smudge tools to blend colors and dual-texture brushes. While this app is designed to be used on iPad, it’s also suited to smaller screens – as long as you use a stylus.

Price: $5.99
Download Procreate

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