There’s probably nothing as creative as drawing, sketching, painting. Kids who have the inclination to draw, to sketch and to paint must be encouraged as much as possible to continue. This is one of the coolest things about humans: our creativity.

With technology helping us be more creative in our life, you’ll find dozens of great iPad drawing apps for kids. We tried to narrow down to five of the best drawing apps on the iPad (for kids). Check out and tell us about your favorites too:

Best iPad Drawing Apps for Kids

#1. PixieDust

PixieDust iPad App

PixieDust is the true genius of coloring apps. It’s fun and fun is a large part of using PixieDust. With magical themes and an assorted list of tools that go along with the themes, the app brings a new kind of an interface to drawing apps on the iPad. Basically, it removes the boring old look of drawing apps and replaces it with something truly attractive.

PixieDust starts from the very basics where your kid can just decorate an art work to going advanced where he/she can touch up characters and even create new ones. Unfortunately, you’ll have to shell out quite a bit to make the best use of PixieDust.

Price: $3.99
Download PixieDust

#2. Drawing Pad

Drawing Pad iPad App

Drawing Pad is one of the coolest drawing apps you could present your kid. On the iPad, Drawing Pad works like magic with simple but sufficient tools, an enormous array of coloring books and a really simplistic user interface that makes drawing fun and interesting. The app is designed to be good enough for kids as well as adults.

The kind of results that you can get from Drawing Pad is, on some levels, comparable to what you get from advanced, high-end professional apps like ProCreate or Adobe Ideas. The app features almost every kind of a tool that an artists would need. And things like crayons and chalk make it a worthy drawing app for kids too. It’s definitely a one-stop to go from simple coloring lessons to advanced artistic expression.

Price: $1.99
Download Drawing Pad

#3. Monster Coloring Book

Monster Coloring Book iPad App for Kids

Probably the most fun coloring app ever for kids, the Monster Coloring Book comes with an almost-inexhaustible list of monsters and patterns to pick from. About 175 monsters are waiting to be colored in interesting patterns. The thing about Monster Color Book app is that it’s truly toddler-friendly but at the same time, it offers some of the most sophisticated mix-n-match options for palette and patterns that you’d think it’s for artists too.

Monster Coloring Book is a perfect app to expand the creativity of your kid through the iPad. It’s a playground filled with many options that are just a tap away but is simple enough to keep the interest and attention of your kid focused on the coloring process. The app lets you save the photos to the camera roll, share them with friends and even print them directly to any AirPrint-enabled printer.

Price: $2.99
Download Monster Coloring Book

#4. Disney Creativity Studio

Disney Creativity Studio iPad App for Kids

Disney Creativity Studio takes a thorough approach to a drawing app for kids. In truth, this app is something that teaches kids the art of creating Disney characters. The sketching artists from Disney take you through the various lessons. It’s a complete Disney world filled with characters from the movies. Kids familiar with the movies would be happy to be in this world.

The app clocks in at a size of 553MB which should kind of put things in perspective for you. It is a full-featured app that your kid can use to master the art of sketching, drawing and even painting. The process goes through various activities like tracing, connecting the dots, etc. which make it a fun app for many age-groups. There are many in-app purchases that add to the app. Having an iPad stylus [our post on best ipad stylus] will make this app much easier to use.

Price: Free (multiple IAPs)
Download Disney Creativity Studio

#5. Drawing Box Free

Drawing Box Free iPad App for Kids

Drawing Box Free is probably the best misleading art app on the store. The interface looks like it’s a kids app (or even less) but it truly is a very good drawing app both for kids and teenagers. The free version of this app has enough tools and enough room to let you create some really cool art work on the iPad.

Top it up with a lot of stickers and pictures for coloring activity, you have a killer app that will keep your kid occupied and working on something creative. Drawing Box Free comes with an IAP for drawing lessons too. Worth it.

Price: Free
Download Drawing Box Free

  • Paulina

    Drawing box looks great. My kids like 123 Kids Fun Coloring Book, it’s really cute and creative and the music is relaxing! There are many colours, brushes and patterns and blank pages too.
    Your kids will love it. It has full and free version.

  • elehealey

    The Monster Colouring Book sounds like a great app – I’ll have to download that one for my kids! They love creative apps and their favourite is Mister Maker – Let’s Make It. There are so many colours and patterns and papers and stickers to choose, plus you can import photos from the device camera and add stickers and funny faces on top (my kids like to do this with photos of dad!) It’s really enjoyable and I highly recommend it.