Doodle apps let you sketch your imagination creatively. Though they are without any tricks, they are insanely addictive! Once you get into doodling, you would never feel like calling it off. And, just when your time runs out having played for hours, you crave to do a lot better than what you have done. That’s where it never seems to be ending!

There are tons of doodle apps with spectacular graphics, user-friendly settings and eye-catching designs. Willing to try some of the most fascinating doodle apps? If yes, here are the best doodling apps for iPhone/iPad. Let’s dive in to find your favourite app with unique features!

Best Doodle Apps for iPhone and iPad

Best Doodle Apps for iPhone and iPad

#1. Crayon Doodle

Crayon Doodle App for iPhone and iPad

Crayon Doodle brings out your creativity to the fore. Paint on your iPhone and watch it stroke by stroke. You can see its real effect on coarse paper texture. The doodle lets you do a number of exciting stuffs like, painting, creating something out-of the-box or even playing Tic Tac Toe with a kid.

Moreover, you can even share your kid’s creation through email. Though there is nothing called puzzle or trick in this doodle, it is cool and allows you to express your inner aspects.


  • Feel the Realistic Crayon Effect
  • More colors to paint
  • Draw smoothly
  • Capture and Share

Price: $0.99
Download Crayon Doodle

 #2. ASKetch

ASKetch iPhone and iPad App

How about mastering the art of drawing with ease? ASKetch is perfect for beginners who are passionate about drawing. It brings you the experience of charcoal drawing in order to provide you the much needed practice as initially.

If you make a mistake while painting then you can undo it with undo option. You can undo or redo up to 20 levels. You can, zoom, move and fix your painting. The multi -touch gesturing allows you to use your own stylus.


  • Two distinct Pencil type
  • Swipe double finger on the Screen for Menu to appear
  • 20 Level for undo/redo

Price: $1.99
Download ASKetch

#3. Draw for iPad

Draw for iPad App

Play your favorite sketching games over Bluetooth and share it on Twitter! With Draw for iPad, your sketching will have an altogether new experience. The multiple colors and pencils allow you to sketch as beautifully as you wish.

This app is compatible with iPad only.

Price: Free
Download Draw for iPad

#4. Penultimate

Penultimate iPad App

Digital handwriting had never been so simple. Penultimate is the combination of both natural handwriting and sketching. With the help of Evernote’s sync and search, your time while writing or sketching becomes amazingly easy.

You can prepare a demo note for meeting, even journal your thoughts with utmost efficiency. Graph or make an outline of your idea anywhere – in the office or on the go.

The app is compatible with iPad only.


  • Combination of both handwriting and sketching
  • Create new notes and access multiple paper
  • Highlight text with the highlighting tool

Price: Free
Download Penultimate

#5. Graffiti Spray Can

Graffiti Spray Can iPhone and iPad App

With improved controls and more artistic features than ever before, Graffiti Spray Can has the looks to mesmerize you. With classic shake animations, rattle sound for retina display, 5 new tips and brushes including DRIPS, color-wheel, full featured music player, enhanced touchscreen, the brand new HD background to choose from and a lot more, it is truly spectacular.

With The Graffiti Spray you can paint your masterpiece and create your own creativity. You can paint on brick wall or other (HD) background given in it. You can even select Hand-written Font Tool and Signature Pencil Tool for painting.


  • Color-wheel
  • Enhanced HD background
  • Shake Animation and Rattle Sounds
  • Full-featured Music Player

Price: Free
Download Graffiti Spray Can

#6. ColorBox

ColorBox iPhone and iPad App

If you have a penchant for colorful sketching, this one is bang on for you. Creating beautiful painting will become so easy for you with it. Design your imagination as attractively as you ever desire.

ColorBox is one of the best Doodle apps for iPhone to create your work of art. The multiple colors will let you fill every picture you desire. The user-friendly interface has been designed to offer the comfort you would want while painting or sketching.

The app is compatible with iPad only.


  • Multiple colors
  • User-friendly interface

Price: Free
Download ColorBox

#7. Draw and Doodle Free

Draw & Doodle Free iPhone and iPad App

With about ten kinds of background images and 36 different kinds of color pens, Draw and Doodle Free lets you draw on whiteboard, blackboard or white paper. The simple and smooth interface allows you to create any kind of picture you wish effortlessly. The 50 pieces of props help you draw a large number of pictures or drawings, it is truly superb.


  • 50 pieces of props
  • 10 types of Background images
  • 36 kinds of Pens

Price: Free
Download Draw & Doodle Free

#8. Toca Hair Salon 2

Toca Hair Salon 2 iPhone and iPad App

Toca Hair Salon 2 is cut out for super kids, who have vehement liking for hairstyling and accessories. Back with more engrossing and luxurious features, it is one of the funniest apps for kids.

The app lets kids run their own small hair salon with six characters to choose from. With the help of lots of different tools-simple comb and scissors, curling iron to straighter, you can cut, color any way you want.


  • More than 9 hair colors
  • 6 characters to choose from
  • Kid- friendly interface

Price: $2.99
Download Toca Hair Salon 2