Instagram is not the only app with the filters. And filters don’t have to be restricted to photos only. If you are one of those who’d like to experiment with filters on videos, this post is for you.

The app store is home for a lot of interesting iPhone and iPad apps which let you edit your videos in a variety of ways. One of them is applying cool filters to the videos and rendering them. And no, filters don’t just mean the sepia or the monochrome. There are dozens of options to pick from.

Best iPhone Video Apps

The basic idea is to find an app that can be called the Instagram for videos. Yeah, we know that Instagram has a video uploading option but that doesn’t cut it. We’re talking about videos where you can apply Instagram-like filters. And here’s that list.

8mm Vintage Camera

8mm iPhone Video App

There’s a ton of things you can do with this app. First off, it lets you capture video with live filters applied. So just like how you can apply live filters in iOS 7’s stock camera app for clicking photos, 8mm lets you apply live filters to videos you are capturing through the app (but of course, 8mm used the live-filter thing before iOS 7).

There are 7 types of lenses you can pick from and 10 types of film effects. The combination brings about 70 different types of looks for your video. Add to it the ability to decorate your film with themes and soundtrack and that makes 8mm Vintage Camera a really interesting video filters app.

Price: $1.99
Download 8mm Vintage Camera


Viddy iPhone Video App

NYTimes described Viddy as probably doing to videos what Instagram did for photos. Viddy came out long back but it has been one amazingly crafted app for videos. It features the ability to capture videos with pause: you can record videos, then pause, then resume the recording to create segmented videos which are stitched by the app. For videos that are already in the camera roll, you can preview how they look through the live-filters. With a huge selection of filters, you can quickly create beautiful videos on-the-fly.

Viddy is also designed to be a social app. It’s more of a share-my-cool-video feature. You get to capture, create and share 30-second videos.

Price: Free
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KitCamera iPhone Video App

KitCamera is one more contender in the live-filter genre that lets you capture videos with filters applied live. There are some very interesting features to KitCamera that others miss. Things like TIFF format support, a huge collection of lenses (superseding 8mm) and filter effects, and real-time white balance are things that the app brings to the table. Spectacularly.

KitCamera is actually designed to be much more than just a filter app. It has several amazing things like separate exposure and focus areas, auto/manual focus etc. Oh, it’s also a little more inclined towards photos but it does very good videos too.

Price: Free
Download KitCamera

Spark Camera

Spark Camera iPhone Video App

Listed last but it’s one of the best video-effects app I’ve seen in the App Store. Spark Camera pretty much defines the genre of creating quirky, interesting and cool-looking videos using filters, crop/mix effects and more.

The entire interface of Spark Camera is so in tune with iOS 7’s minimalism that it feels like a native app done right. The app supports 720p HD videos that you can stitch together, crop/trim, apply high-quality filters to, and spice it all up with music from your library. Spark Camera lets you create videos lasting 45seconds each. And of course, there’s the ability to share instantly on your favorite social networks.

Price: $1.99
Download Spark Camera

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