Going on a tour – business or personal – is one of the best things we do in an otherwise routine life. The late Mark Twain laid total emphasis on travel and frankly, nothing opens up the mind than traveling.

Going abroad, going for tours and general travel has changed since the good old days. But one important aspect has remained the same: planning. If you don’t plan well before you begin your traveling, you might end up with some confusions or lose track of your things or expenses. Luckily we’ve got something that will help us plan our travels. In style.

Best iPhone Travel Apps

iPhone As A Planner

The iPhone is a fantastic device when it comes to planning those weekend trips or week-long travel itineraries. There are hundreds of iPhone travel apps which help to plan your trip.

5 Best Travel Planner Apps for iPhone for Planning Your Next Trip:

1. TripIt

TripIt iPhone AppI don’t think this app needs any introduction. TripIt is the numero uno app when it comes to itineraries.

The simplicity of TripIt makes it enormously powerful. All you do is send the confirmation email from your travel agent or airline to plan@tripit.com and it automatically (or as the website says, “automagically”) get your plans on the app.

It’s versatile: it comes with several other features and most notably, you can share your trip itineraries with your family so they know where you are or where you will be.

But hold on. There are countless alternatives to TripIt. By default, TripIt itself is a great comprehensive service but just in case, here are some more:

Download TripIt

2. Kayak

Kayak iPhone App IconKayak is a relatively simpler service but with an interesting interface. It offers precisely the same thing that TripIt does: send your booking confirmation email (or the confirmation number) to Kayak and it will make your plans magically ready. There are also alerts which will help you remember that meeting with Chinese clients next week. Well, you know, I was just exemplifying.

Download Kayak

3. TripCase

TripCase iPhone App IconTripCase is an excellent app too. It’s smooth and it’s pretty simple. It can help you keep track of almost every aspect of your travel: flights, rentals, hotel reservations and more. You also get alerts for flight information.

One of the good things about TripCase is that if you use Travelocity, it becomes easy to integrate them both.

And of course, like TripIt, you can add all other plans associated with your trip to make it one big plan that you can always read from.

Download TripCase

4. WorldMate

Worldmate iPhone App IconWorldMate has a neat little twist on the regular travel planner app. It introduces the concept of saving on hotel bookings and flight tickets through the app. This makes it easy for a frequent traveler to actually save a lot on routine flights and hotel reservations.

WorldMate gets you a very seamless interface which makes it possible for you to update or cancel or even book tickets right from within the app. And of course, with built-in navigation and maps, it becomes even more compelling. Read in depth review of WorldMate here.

Download WorldMate

5. Tripomatic

Tripomatic iPhone App IconThe last app in our list, Tripomatic City Guide, is a very popular app which is used by several travelers to destinations across the US, Europe and a few more places in Asia and Australia. It’s a visual treat – but sometimes I think it becomes a bit too congested. But that’s good because it shows Tripomatic has so much information about the place you are visiting.

Itinerary management is made simple through an easy interface which works smooth.

Download Tripomatic

So, these are some of the most brilliant trip managers you can get for free. Have you started planning your trip yet?

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  • jordkl

    Good list. Although World Mate, Tripcase and Tripit are redundant. Which is your favorite?