Best Travel Planning iPhone and iPad Apps

Going on a tour – business or personal – is one of the best things we do in otherwise routine life. The late Mark Twain laid total emphasis on travel and frankly, nothing opens up the mind than traveling.

Going abroad, going for tours and general travel has changed since the good old days. But one important aspect has remained the same: planning. If you don’t plan well before you begin your traveling, you might end up with some confusions or lose track of your things or expenses. Luckily we’ve got something that will help us plan our travels. In style.

The iPhone is a fantastic device when it comes to planning those weekend trips or week-long travel itineraries. There are hundreds of iPhone travel apps which help to plan your trip.

Best Travel Planner iPhone and iPad Apps of 2020

#1. Travel Planner iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“” is perfect for finding fantastic deals. With more than 1,000,000 hotels, restaurants, apartments and more available to explore, the best deals are never away from you. As most hotels are bookable without a credit card, you will be able to put your hands on the last-minute reservations without any problem.

You can search by city, hotel name, the landmark to easily find the most suitable deal as per your budget or requirement. There is also an option to filter by Wi-Fi, price, and review. Browse through more than 100 million reviews to select the most comfortable stay.

Price: Free

#2. Expedia

Expedia Travel Planner iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Expedia is primed to let you quickly book hotels, restaurants flights and save a lot of money through exclusive deals. You can save up to 40% on special deals for tonight or any nights. To reach your destination without any delay, book an airport car rental about half-an-hour in advance.

Tickets are available for shows, tours, reserve airport shuttles, theme parks and more. Quickly check out the upcoming trip deals to cash-in-on huge discounts. Instantly access address information and take the help of maps for directions. Through alerts it keeps you updated about flight delays, hotel check-out time, etc.

Price: Free

#3. Kayak

Kayak Travel Planner iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Kayak is a relatively simpler service but with an interesting interface. It offers precisely the same thing that TripIt does: send your booking confirmation email (or the confirmation number) to Kayak, and it will make your plans magically ready. There are also alerts which will help you remember that meeting with Chinese clients next week. Well, you know, I was just exemplifying.

Price: Free

#4. TripIt

TripIt Travel Planner iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

I don’t think this app needs any introduction. TripIt is the numero uno app when it comes to itineraries. The simplicity of TripIt makes it enormously powerful. All you do is send the confirmation email from your travel agent or airline to and it automatically (or as the website says, “automagically”) get your plans for the app.

It’s versatile: it comes with several other features and most notably, you can share your trip itineraries with your family, so they know where you are or where you will be.

But hold on. There are countless alternatives to TripIt. By default, TripIt itself is a great comprehensive service but just in case, here are some more.

Price: Free

#5. Skiplagged

Skiplagged Travel Planner iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Skiplagged is fabulous for finding awesome deals and top offers. With this travel app, you will be able to easily find cheapest flights such as hidden-city flights and arbitrary round trips with massive up to 80% off. You can filter task by duration, take off/landing time, layovers, etc.

Most interestingly, it sends you fair alert notifications when the price of any flight drops. You also have the opportunity to make the most of the last-minute hotel deals to save plenty of money. The reviews and travelers ratings make it a lot easy to find better deals.

Price: Free

#6. Orbitz

Orbitz Travel Planner iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Orbitz is a highly-rated travel app which lets you book flights, hotels, rental cars and more with the needed convenience. Most importantly, it makes it super easy to find last-minute hotel rooms nearby. On exclusive offers, you can save up to 40%.

The travel tools allow you to view upcoming trip details, get maps for direction, access address information, etc. With the 24/7 customer support, you won’t have any problem in solving any mistake or wrong booking. Even better, you can join Orbitz Rewards to earn or bucks on flight and hotel bookings which you will be able to easily redeem as per your need.

Price: Free

#7. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor Travel Planner iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

With more than 350 million rave reviews and opinion by travelers, TripAdvisor is a top-class travel app. It makes ultra-convenient to find the best restaurants, hotels, lowest airfare and more. You can easily compare airfare and find the best deals as per your budget.

It also makes discovering interesting things to do in a destination a lot simple. The “Use Near Me” feature lets you quickly discover famous places near your current location. Take part in the forum and get the answers to your particular questions. Besides, you can also add your own reviews and photos to help others.

If you are planning your travel, must take the right advice from TripAdvisor to have better deals.

Price: Free

#8. Roadtrippers

Roadtrippers Travel Planner iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Are you all set for a memorable road trip? Roadtrippers is exactly what you need to bring a lot of fun. With this exciting travel app, you won’t have any problem in discovering great places to visit or have enjoyment. You will have a wonderful time discovering things like scenic points, national parks, local dinners, well-known street food and more.

It lets you plan your trip just the way you want. Share your plan with your friends about the special trip you have prepared. Overall, it’s a great choice for the folks who want to explore local places.

Price: Free

#9. Tripomatic

Tripomatic Travel Planner iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

The last app on our list, Tripomatic City Guide, is a very popular app which is used by several travelers to destinations across the US, Europe and a few more places in Asia and Australia. It’s a visual treat – but sometimes I think it becomes a bit too congested. But that’s good because it shows Tripomatic has so much information about the place you are visiting.

Itinerary management is made simple through an easy interface which works smooth.

Price: Free

#10. TripCase

TripCase Travel Planner iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

TripCase is an excellent app too. It’s smooth, and it’s pretty simple. It can help you keep track of almost every aspect of your travel: flights, rentals, hotel reservations and more. You also get alerts for flight information.

One of the good things about TripCase is that if you use Travelocity, it becomes easy to integrate them both. And of course, like TripIt, you can add all other plans associated with your trip to make it one big plan that you can always read from.

Price: Free

That’s all, folks!

Wrapping Up

Make the best use of these top travel apps to cash-in-on the exclusive offers and make your picnic or journey memorable. Do let us know if any of your favorite apps is missing from the list and stay connected with us via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more such special lists. Also, don’t forget to download our app on your iPhone and iPad.