14 Must-Have Travel Accessories for iPhones in 2020

A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for. It has to face the vagaries of nature and challenge the high tides of oceans. Similarly, your iPhone is a mobile device and you need to take it to different places. While accessories cannot protect ships, you can always wrap your smart gadget with a few products that can be perfect companions during your travels. For a frequent flier or traveler, here is my list of must-have travel accessories for iPhones.

People with itchy feet would never like to stay at one place; they keep roaming and they take their iPhones along to shoot videos and capture the dynamism of marvelous nature.

Best iPhone Accessories to Make Your Travel Comfortable in 2020

#1. Xcentz Portable Wall Charger

Xcentz Portable Wall Charger for iPhone

Charging your iPhone is the first challenge when you cross the borders of your nation. You may or may not find the plug and wall charger compatible with your iPhone. A universal power adapter from Xcentz is the right solution. Before you pack anything in your travel bag, put this wall charger.

You can use this adapter in more than 150 countries in the world. Whether you are in the United States, the UK, European Union, Australia, or any other country, charge your iPhone with Xcentz power adapter. Charge four devices simultaneously with its four ports 4.8A USB output. Apart from iPhone, you can fast charge your iPad and iPod touch with Xcentz wall charger.

USP: Rapid Charging
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#2. RAVPower Portable Solar Charger

RAVPower Portable Solar Charger for iPhone

Whether it is your regular power bank or solar charger, RAVPower offers you the best solution. Your adventure travel may take you to places, where electricity is not available. In this situation, an unconventional energy source is a great help. RAVPower gives you a 15000mAh portable solar charger to power up your iPhone no matter where you are under the sun.

Take “under the sun” literally as this solar power bank gets its energy from sun rays. When the sky begins to cloud over, you can use dual DC 5V/2A to recharge the power bank anywhere.

USP: Splashproof Design
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#3. ZeroLemon Battery Case

ZeroLemon iPhone X and Xs Battery Case

When it comes to battery cases for iPhone X/Xs, Zero Lemon leads from the front. This brand manufactures highly efficient battery cases for your device. You would love to experience its superior performance even as it boasts a slim design. When you are exploring the unexplored terrains, a battery case keeps powering your iPhone.

Though the battery pack has 4000mAh capacity, Zero Lemon ensures fast and consistent charging. Moreover, your iPhone is protected against common threats like overcurrent and short-circuit.

USP: Apple MFi Certification
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Explore our list:

#4. Anker Selfie Stick

Anker iPhone Selfie Stick

During your travels, you may meet some nice people you want to capture on your phone camera. Why don’t you be in the frame with those people? Use Anker’s Bluetooth selfie stick. This selfie stick is popular for its flexible phone cradle, which provides stability to your iPhone even if you are walking on rough terrains.

Once you charge this selfie stick, its battery lasts for 20 hours. During your long journey, you can rely on this product as it won’t stop working during your selfie spree.

USP: Flexible phone cradle
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#5. Supershieldz iPhone Xs Max Screen Protector

Supershieldz Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone Xs Max

Primarily, a screen guard may not be considered as one of the essential travel accessories for iPhones. But when you are on an adventure trip, you wish you had installed a high-quality tempered glass screen protector on your iPhone. Supershieldz is an obvious choice when it comes to iPhone screen protectors.

Curved edges and 9H hardness make it an ideal screen guard for your device. Get full-screen protection with 99.99% HD clarity. Hydrophobic and oleophobic coating puts an extra layer of protection against smudges and stains.

USP: Anti-smudge
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#6. AMIR iPhone Camera Lens

AMIR iPhone Camera Lens

A camera lens is a perfect accessory when you are out for a nature hunt. AMIR has made a wide angle professional DSLR phone camera lens, which is suitable for selfies and shooting scenery. You can make your photos creative and fun, as it can precisely show the beauty and details of any object.

Apart from being a travel accessory, this camera lens is a perfect gift for your friends and family. Its updated and detachable design makes it easier for users to install and remove the lens.

USP: Detachable clamps
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#7. Ubeesize Tripod

UBeesize iPhone Tripod

Tripods give you stable photos and videos on any surface. Ubeesize has made this tripod from durable and robust foam and plastic. Its ball head and non-slip feet make positioning and straightening devices easy for users.

This tripod comes with a wireless remote and universal clip. The best thing about this product is octopus-style legs, which provide better stability. You can place your iPhone anywhere and get the best photos every time.

USP: Octopus-style Legs
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#8. Joto Universal Waterproof Pouch

JOTO Universal Waterproof Case for iPhone

Your passion for water sports may take you underwater. While snorkeling or scuba-diving, you wish to shoot the aquatic world. In this situation, you can protect your iPhone by a waterproof case or pouch. Joto is a leading case maker and the company has mastered the art of manufacturing waterproof bags and cases.

By using this waterproof case, you can keep your credit/debit cards and currency notes dry while you are fishing, kayaking, boating, swimming, or any other water activities.

USP: Convenient carrying
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#9. i-Blason Kickstand Case

i-Blason Kickstand Case for iPhone XS Max

A kickstand case allows you to watch visual contents and read eBooks comfortably. While you are traveling, you can read books or watch movies & videos on your large-sized iPhone. Moreover, you would love to talk to your loved ones on FaceTime adjusting your phone.

i-Blason has crafted this robust kickstand case from hard polycarbonate and shock-absorbing TPU. Even if you drop your device accidentally, your iPhone is secure inside this kickstand case. i-Blason has built a kickstand in this kickstand to protect your phone’s touchscreen.

USP: Detachable belt-clip holster
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#10. AxumGear Bluetooth Headphones

AxumGear SPRINT Blutooth Earbuds for iPhone

During your travels, you want to carry minimum baggage. Your wireless Bluetooth headphones must have a minimalist design, which does not disturb you while you are on the go. AxumGear has manufactured super comfortable earbuds to offer you maximum comfort while wearing them.

This ergonomically designed buds never fall out of your ears; therefore, you can go carefree during your trips. Choose one of the 18 different sizes of hooks and ear tips.

USP: Comfortable hook
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#11. AOMAIS Bluetooth Speakers

Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers for iPhone

Waterproof Bluetooth speakers are the first choice of people, who frequently visit beaches and indulge in water sports. AOMAIS portable wireless bluetooth speakers are your perfect companion when you are on a long holiday. The waterproof speakers offer highest incursion protection degree of IPX7.

The speakers can be immersed one meter underwater for thirty minutes. It is designed for outdoor adventures, travels, pool parties, and get-togethers. AOMAIS packs 2400mAh powerful rechargeable battery, which gives you 12 hours of play time.

USP: Waterproof speakers
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#12. Anker Powerline Short Lightning to USB Cable

Anker Powerline Lightning Cable for iPhone

Any traveler will never appreciate tangled cables in his/her bag. Long lightning to USB cable certainly creates this mess. So what is the solution? Buy Anker’s powerline short lightning to USB cable for your travels. Made by one of the most trusted charging accessory brands, this cable has all the features to be high-quality lightning to USB cable.

With aramid fiber, this cable is strong and capable of resisting fraying, and for this very reason, your cable has got the power to retain its functionality for a long time. Certified by Apple MFi, this cable can charge up your devices fast.

USP: Aramid fiber material
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#13. Anker Wireless Charger

Anker 10W Wireless Charger for iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, XS Max

A wireless charger allows globetrotters to place and pick up their iPhones quickly from the charging pad. When you are travelling with a tight schedule, every second matter. For this reason, travelers prefer Anker wireless charger. This 10W wireless charger is compatible with your latest iPhones. If you are using iPhone 6, 6s, 6s Plus, and other devices, you can use a wireless charging case to power up your phone.

With the package, you get a three-foot cable, which is long enough to remove the mess from your desk. Anker has installed a highly efficient chipset in its wireless charger, which boosts 5W charge. Anker promises 10% faster charge than other wireless chargers.

USP: Aesthetically pleasing
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#14. BAGSMART Electronic Organizer

BAGSMART Electronic Organizer

Once you have prepared everything for your travel, don’t forget to put your accessories in an organized way. For this purpose, you need an electronic organizer. BAGSMART has done just the job by designing a universal cable organizer case. You can store your charging cables, chargers, iPhone, SD cards and other stuff in this smart organizer.

This organizer is made of heavy-duty, durable, and waterproof nylon material, which looks elegant and protects your accessories while you are traveling. Without this electronic organizer, this iPhone travel guide is incomplete.

USP: Nylon material
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That’s all friends!

Bon Voyage…

Before you board the flight, make sure you have got all the above products in your bag. Make the most of each travel accessory listed here and enjoy your travel.

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