There are some really cool cases and bags for the iPhone and the iPad but it's definitely hard to find cases or kit bags that are perfect for travel. When you're out traveling/touring, you most likely need something that keeps all your iPhone/iPad-related accessories (cables, charging brick, batteries, earphones and even spare cases) in place.

It is surprisingly hard to find an iPad or iPhone-specific travel kit bag. Most people keep all these things in their backpacks (and most backpacks do come with space for gadgets). But in the event that you're planning to keep the gadgets segregated, here are a few options to pick from.

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Best iPhone and iPad Travel Kit Bags

Best iPhone and iPad Travel Kit Bags

#1. Water Field iPad Travel Bag

Water Field iPad Travel Bag
The iPad travel bag from Water Field is a cool travel accessory for your iPad and iPhone coupled with all the related accessories. The nylon bag with cushioned interiors offers a safe haven for your iPad and iPhone as you travel. It's handy with the shoulder-strap (which is a +$12).

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Price: $64 for the #10-series bag, $76 for the #23-series bag
You can buy it from

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#2. iPhone Travel Case

iPhone Travel Case

This one's from Water Field too. The iPhone travel case is exclusively for iPhones. You can get these in three different sizes (small, medium and large with medium fitting a cased-iPhone perfectly). The iPhone travel case is made of water-resistant material, with a good padding that keeps all items safe and secure. The case is perfect if you carry earphones, power banks, portable chargers and more along with your iPhone but want to keep them all quickly accessible.

Price: $35 (small), $37 (medium), $39 (large)
Buy it from

#3. Damai Portable

Damai Portable Travel Bag for iPhone and iPad

The Damai Portabe accessories bag is more of a full-on travel bag for your iPhone, iPad, all those cables, earphones, battery packs and much more. It's specifically designed to fit the iPad so it's a little large but it's still handy and portable. You can add a lot of other things too: starting with your iPhone or iPod touch, your cards, earphones, charging cables, power packs, pens etc. You can even slip in a notepad inside. The travel bag is well-padded, made of water-proof nylon and has a lot of pockets. It justifies the “organizer” tag.

Price: $25.99
You can buy it from

#4. Everpurse (Luxury)

Everpurse iPhone and iPad Travel Bag

This one's totally a luxury product. I'm not quite sure if the Everpurse iPhone charging bag fits the travel accessory line-up but it's a curious product that you should definitely take a look at. It's probably one of the very few unicorns out here: the Everpurse is an iPhone bag that can also charge your iPhone when it's inside the bag. The Everpurse comes with a special pocket for the iPhone; you place the iPhone inside it and your iPhone gets charged too. The Everpurse is high-quality leather product (a definite no if you care for animals and are anti-leather). They used to have bags in fabric but it's not up there on their website now. Too bad. The bags are charged by placing them on the charging pad.

Price: $249 (for the bag), $79 (for the charging pad)
You can buy it from

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