Best iPhone X Leather Cases in 2020

A premium leather case is generally on the hit-list of many iPhone X users. The quality that separates leather suits from the rest is rich craftsmanship. They may not look glamorous or eye-catching, but the professional touch they add to the smartphone is unmatched. Do you have a fancy for classic cover? Take a peek at these top iPhone X leather cases to give your all-new smartphone an adorable look!

Prepared with the finest leather, these cases make a worthy match with Apple’s all-new magnum opus. Enriched by the top-of-the-line workmanship, they also offer the required shield to the device against drops. Look forward to having a glance at what’s more they have in store for you? Let’s scroll through the list along with me!

Best Leather Cases For iPhone X in 2020

#1. Heritage Bella Fino from Pad & Quill

Pad & Quill iPhone X Leather Case

When there is a wish to go for the premium quality, it’s tough to look beyond “Heritage Bella Fino.” Whether it’s top-of-the-line craftsmanship or luxurious design, this leather case has ticked off all the boxes.

The full-grain American leather with nylon stitching looks really adorable. Thanks mainly to the UV resistance, the case doesn’t lose its shiny texture for long.

Talking about the interior slots, you get the option to store up to 5-7 cards, and there is also a cash pocket. Regarding protection, “Heritage Bella Fino” offers a reliable defense to the iPhone X. Plus, this leather suit also plays perfectly with wireless charging stands.

USP: Full-grain American leather
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#2. bellroy – Phone Wallet

Bellroy Phone Wallet iPhone X Leather Case

For global travelers, Bellroy brings a perfect solution. You can carry different credit cards you may use in different regions. This leather case offers five compartments or slots to store your credit/debit cards. A container like a case protects your iPhone from all corners and sides.

Bellroy uses environmentally certified leather and polymer to manufacture a robust case. You get peace of mind along with style and grace. To give you more space, Bellroy has compromised on minimal design.

USP: Extra storage capacity
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#3. Kulor

Kulor iPhone X Leather Case

When you have an elegant looking smartphone like iPhone Xs to flaunt, it’s more natural to go for the case that has a svelte profile. That’s the prime reason why Kulor’s beautifully crafted leather cases for iPhone Xs seem to be a great pick.

What calls for attention in these cases is the built quality. The top-grain leather has an adorable handmade finish. And with the leather texture always ready to provide much-needed grippy feedback, your palm will never get tired of holding the iPhone in hands.

USP: Minimalist profile with rich leather texture
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#4. Case Mate Tough ID

Case-Mate iPhone X Leather Case

Crafted out of genuine leather, Case-Mate Tough ID intended to be a protective case for your iPhone. It’s capable of providing 10 feet drop protection. The rugged textured finish offers enhanced grip which prevents slip.

You can securely store a card on the back. With the precise cutouts for camera, ports, and buttons, it fits snuggly on the device. Metallic buttons offer better feedback and are easy to press.

USP: Highly protective
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#5. bellroy – Slim Leather Case

BellRoy iPhone X Slim Leather Case

This leather case is specially made for those, who believe in impulse buying. For such shoppers, window-shopping quickly turns to serious shopping. And they immediately need a credit/debit card at hand. This case allows you to keep your primary card in a slot on the back. With a gentle push of your thumb, you can access your card fast and make payments.

Any bulky wallet case would have tested your patience while you are fumbling for your credit cards. Once your shopping is done, you can insert your card back into the slot with the equal ease.

USP: Quick draw of cards
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#6. Alto

Alto Anello iPhone X Leather Case

Alto offers some of the best iPhone X leather cases. They are made of high-grade leather and feature excellent workmanship. Snap-on design allows them to wrap around flawlessly on the device.

With the smooth leather texture, these covers provide a comfy grip. The PC casing bestows them additional strength to endure drops. Micro-fiber interior empowers them to keep scratch away, while precise cutouts make it more convenient to access camera, buttons, and port.

USP: Genuine leather
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FLY HAWK iPhone X Leather Case

Sporting modish design, FLY HAWK looks really elegant. The synthetic leather structure may look delicate, but it’s strong enough to fight out the challenge of minor impact and scratch.

Picture-perfect cutouts enable it to fit flawlessly on the iPhone. Courtesy of the snap on design, it’s easy to install and remove. Covered buttons have tactile feedback, making it easier to press. Besides, this thin case is available in six color variants: black, brown, blue, gray, khaki and red.

USP: Thin design
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#8. bellroy – Phone Case [3 Cards]

bellroy 3 Card iPhone X Leather Case

Bellroy has shattered the myth that a wallet case has to have a folio. This leather case, which doubles as a wallet case, has a discreet cardholder to store your plastic money. The cardholder is protected by a magnetic closure; thus, your credit/debit cards are guarded against falls or drops.

Although it is a wallet case, it flaunts a slim profile. This is because Bellroy has a team of qualified engineers. Woven fabrics provide durability and lightweight performance.

USP: Durable & lightweight
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#9. Poetic Nubuck

Poetic Nubuck iPhone X Leather Case

If you have a liking for the slim design, Poetic Nubuck would easily catch your eyes. This sleek case is carved out of soft TPU and PU leather. With the smooth exterior, it offers improved grip.

The integrated card holder on the back allows you to keep a couple of cards. The pull-tab design makes it a lot easier to access the cards without any hassle. It spotlessly fits on the device with the exact cutouts. The pronounced buttons have the better click. Moreover, you can choose this stylish case in three colors: black, brown and navy blue.

USP: Pull-tab design
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SHIELDON iPhone X Leather Case

SHIELDON is one of the popular iPhone leather case makers in the world. This genuine leather folio is exclusively made for iPhone X. SHIELDON has used genuine cowhide leather to make this premium case. Although iPhone X and Xs have similar dimensions, SHIELDON does not recommend users to use this case for the latter.

SHIELDON has chosen cowhide for its quality, strength, character, and grain. The leather adds style and natural feel to this case. Along with leather, SHIELDON has used durable TPU to keep the edges shockproof.

USP: Magnetic closure
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#11. Gulee

Gulee iPhone X Leather Case

Gulee offers lightweight iPhone case that flaunts slim and luxurious profile. The case is made of leather and TPU – both materials make it beautiful, simple, and natural. Supporting wireless charging, this one-piece soft case is eco-friendly.

For protection, Gulee keeps raised edges and installs shock-absorption corners. Your iPhone X is nicely protected against shock, drops, scratches etc. Precisely cut out openings allow you to access your phone’s essential features quickly.

USP: Seamlessly skinny-fit
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FLY HAWK iPhone X Leather Wallet Case

FLY HAWK is one of the slimmest wallet cases in the market. It’s beautifully crafted with the PU leather. Being ultra-lightweight and compact, it looks impressive on the iPhone.

This wallet case features three card slots and a pocket for carrying dollar bills. The soft exterior feels really cozy in the palm with the better grip.

For all being so thin, it can keep scratch at bay. Above all, you have four color options to pick from black, brown, khaki and red.

USP: Quality synthetic leather
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OtterBox iPhone X Leather Case

This leather case from OtterBox STRADA SERIES is premium. It’s carved out of genuine leather. It features a strong frame to absorb shock. Due mainly to the double layers of construction, it offers certified drop protection to your smartphone. There is also a vertical cardholder slot to let you keep ID and card.

The pocket-friendly design allows it to slip in and out of the pocket easily. That aside, it comes in multiple colors and comes with the lifetime warranty.

USP: Genuine leather
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#14. bellroy – Bumper Leather Case

Bellroy iPhone X Leather Bumper Case

When simplicity becomes a style, people surely notice this subtle transformation. Bellroy leather case for iPhone X showcases this makeover in style. And the accessory has quickly become a rage among fashionista. Super slim profile of this case tells everything. It is the most elegant case available on the market today.

But what makes this case so beautiful? Well, Bellroy has taken the pain of sourcing the premium hides tanned under environmental protocols rated by Leather Working Group. To add strength, Bellroy has used a flexible polymer that protects your phone against bumps and scratches.

USP: Super slim profile
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#15. KAVAJ

KAVAJ iPhone X Leather Case

If you prefer trendy design, KAVAJ can be a good pick. The combination of genuine cowhide leather and PC has strengthened the construction. It’s fully capable of dispersing impact and absorbing shock.

It has a couple of slots on the back to let you keep card and cash. Perfect cutouts ensure you have quick access to all the functions of your device. Plus, KAVAJ leather case comes in two colors: black and cognac brown.

USP: Slim-fit design
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SUTENI iPhone X Leather Wallet Case

What about going for a retro book design? This wallet case from SUTENI is created to look truly vintage. Created with the high-grade leather, it features hard shell to endure impact.

There are three card pockets to let you securely keep your valuables. It also turns into a stand to let you boost your media viewing experience. Furthermore, this leather case comes in four colors options.

USP: Retro design
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LOHASIC iPhone X Leather Case

Luxury has adopted the shape of a smartphone case. Lohasic has crafted this luxurious iPhone X case from soft PU leather. The premium handmade case doesn’t have any stitch on it. Check the gold electroplated frame around the rear camera and buttons.

The case is as light as a feather as Lohasic has maintained a slim profile by removing bulk. The flexible and soft body allows you to carry your phone everywhere without adding any weight.

USP: Leather case without any stitch
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#18. X-Level

X-level iPhone X Leather Case

Taken from X-Level’s Vintage Series, this iPhone X leather case is ultra-slim and yet protective. This case looks like Apple’s own leather case for iPhone X. The case is so slim that you will feel nothing on your smartphone.

The excellent grip is the trademark of this leather case. The soft touch is what makes this case stands apart from others. Experience smooth and silky feeling in your hands.

USP: Excellent grip
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Your pick?

Which one of these leather cases have you chosen for your iPhone X? Let us know its name and the qualities you have liked in it?

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