Best iPhone X Wallet Cases of 2018: Endearing Suit for Your Premium Smartphone

What I personally like about these best iPhone X wallet cases are impressive design and durable built-up! Jump over to browse through the list and pick a right suit for your all-new iPhone...

Whenever I buy a new iPhone, the one cover that’s always on my radar is a wallet case. And iPhone X is no exception! Having explored a variety of options, I’m all set to let you know my best iPhone X wallet cases (available so far.)

There are certain qualities that I prefer to see in a wallet case. For instance, the cover must have durable built-up and be able to survive bumps and keep off scratch. Though I have a penchant for a trendy design, I also like to pair my iPhone with a vintage looking folio wallet case to securely carry all of my valuables like cards and cash. Ready to give these top wallet cases for iPhone X a quick glance? Let’s explore the list.

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Best iPhone X Wallet Cases

Quick glance

#1. iPulse Vintage Book Series

iPulse Best iPhone X Wallet Case

iPulse has topped our collection as the best iPhone X wallet case. It’s for the folks who prefer aesthetic design. iPulse Vintage Book Series is crafted out of Italian full grain leather. With the handcrafted design and neat built-up, it has a retro-book-style look.

There are two credit card slots and a cash pocket. You can also double up the folio to convert it into a useful kickstand for media watching. TPU casing makes this leather wallet case very durable. Above all, this vintage cover comes with lifetime warranty.

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USP: Italian grain leather
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#2. Silk Q Card

Silk Q Card has got all the qualities to stake its claim to being the best iPhone X wallet case. It sports a lightweight and slim design. It features protective air-cushioned corners to provide the needed shield to your iPhone to absorb impact. The textured sides offer better grip, making it a lot comfortable to hold the device in hands.

The wallet case features a slot on the back to let you keep up to three cards and a dollar bill. You can also prop up your device using the card to enhance the hands-free experience. What’s more, you can pick this minimalist wallet case in three nice-looking colors: crimson red, blue jade, and black onyx.

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USP: Minimalist design
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DAVIS CASE iPhone X Wallet Case

DAVIS CASE is one of the best iPhone X wallet cases which is crafted for the purist only. The excellent handmade design gives it a retro look. Top-quality leather ages gracefully and able to retain its appeal for long.

Having multiple card slots and money sleeve, it can flawlessly serve as a useful travel wallet case. The magnetic clasp keeps the case steadily fastened. Impact-resistant casing boosts its durability and also offers the dependable shield to the iPhone.

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USP: Adorable retro design
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#4. ProCase

ProCase iPhone X Wallet Case

Should you wish to make your iPhone X look urbane, ProCase would be a good option to consider. Built with genuine leather, the case has got both the longevity and rich profile to pair neatly with the smartphone. The bold stitching adds more flair to its appeal.

With three card slots and a money pocket, the wallet case allows you to carry your valuables comfortably. The ability to work as a useful kickstand helps it light up your media time. Beyond features, ProCase comes in three colors: black, red, and brown.

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USP: Kickstand function
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SHIELDON iPhone X Leather Wallet Case

SHIELDON is the sort of wallet case that ticks all the boxes. The genuine leather structure has been ideally augmented by the handcrafted design. The leather case has TPU frame to absorb shock and also protects the device from scrape.

Interior features anti-slip and heat dissipation design. SHIELDON has three card slots and a money pocket for carrying cash. Stand function is great for using the device hands-free. Features aside, you can choose this quality case in six colors including black, blue, brown, purple, red and coffee brown.

USP: Genuine cowhide leather
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#6. Spaysi

Spaysi iPhone X Wallet Case

If you are a businessman or someone who often has to attend high-profile meeting, you should give Spaysi a chance to showcase its admirable quality.

The Italian cowhide leather has endowed its premium feel. Augmented by great handmade design, it fits the iPhone elegantly. Magnetic snap closure makes it easier to open and close the case, while three slots for cards and a money sleeve let you conveniently carry your valuables on the move. Besides, the folio helps the case function as a reliable stand for your movie time.

USP: Italian cowhide leather
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#7. Benuo Vintage Book Series

Benuo iPhone X Wallet Case

Does retro design appeal you a lot? If yes, you shouldn’t miss out on Benuo Vintage Book Series.

This wallet case has been made of genuine leather and features book design. The inner PC shell boosts its construction allowing it to endure shock with ease. It has a couple of card slots, which are good for regular use. Moreover, you can choose this classy wallet case in two colors: black and white.

USP: Retro book style
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#8. FYY

FYY Wallet Case for iPhone X

FYY has made this wallet case from premium genuine leather, and it is 100% handmade. The top quality case is equipped with a kickstand so that you can watch videos and movies on your iPhone X comfortably.

You can quickly access all the ports, buttons, and controls on your phone even as it is wrapped by the case. Genuine apricot and wine red also look stunning colors.

USP: 100% handmade
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This synthetic leather wallet case from MIFXIN is well crafted. The soft-textured surface with the visible stitching looks appreciable on it. For all being so graceful, it has the strength to offer the essential defense to your smartphone from shock and scrape.

It features a slot wherein you can keep a couple of cards. It also has a small pocket for cash. You can use it to enjoy media with optimum viewing angle. That’s not all; MIFXIN folio wallet case comes in six fascinating colors.

USP: Beautifully crafted
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#10. Dockem

Dockem Luxe Wallet Case for iPhone X

Dockem has uniquely combined wallet and bumper into a single case. On premium canvas-style synthetic leather, Dockem has stitched two slots for your plastic money. The raised edge narrows at the bottom, allowing you to insert charging cable and hands-free without any hassle.

DuraFlex inner shell offers protection and shock resistance on corners and edges. Though the material of the case doesn’t interfere with wireless charging, the card slots naturally increase the distance between the wireless charging pad and your iPhone X.

USP: DuraFlex inner shell
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#11. ZVEdeng

Case-Mate Wallet Folio iPhone X Case

ZVEdeng has gone overboard and crafted a bulky wallet case for iPhone X. Look at this and you will realize that it is exclusively made for ladies. However, users would certainly appreciate that leather pouch attached to the case. And that pouch has a zipper to protect your credit/debit cards and currency.

You can convert this case into a kickstand by propping up the phone with your card. Use the lanyard and keep your iPhone X tied to your wrist.

USP: Multi-function case
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#12. FLY HAWK Vintage

FLY HAWK iPhone X Leather Wallet

If you are fond of the vintage design, FLY HAWK will easily catch your eyes. This wallet case is carved out of high-quality PU leather. With the neat built-up topped by adorable craftsmanship, it has the quality to be a long-lasting cover of your iPhone.

You can trust this folio wallet case to offer the essential protection to your device from drops and scratch. It also works as a handy stand to let you watch videos more conveniently.

Magnetic closure allows you to fasten the case perfectly. You get three card slots and a money sleeve which is sufficient to fulfill your basic needs. Lastly, this classic wallet case comes in four colors: black, brown, khaki and red.

USP: Vintage design
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#13. Trianium

Trianium iPhone X Wallet Case

Unlike traditional wallet cases that open like a book, this one is a bit different. Trianium has crafted a bumper case with the facility of a wallet case. On the back of the case, Trianium has built storage capacity by using premium TPU material.

You can easily insert your credit cards, IDs and cash in the cardholder. The high-quality TPU material protects your phone from scratches, drops, and bumps.

USP: Bumper-cum-wallet case
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Pasonomi iPhone X Wallet Case

PASONOMI has mastered the art of crafting wallet cases. This one is the result of PASONOMI’s experience and expertise in manufacturing highly comfortable wallet cases. Here is one that boasts nine card slots for your credit/debit cards, IDs, and cash.

Moreover, you can also insert your photo in a window slot. Premium quality PU leather, magnets, PC, and non-toxic material – everything makes this case truly unbeatable.

USP: Nine card slots
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OtterBox STRADA-Best iPhone X Wallet Case

If money is not a problem and you want to take some extra yards for a more protective wallet case, look no further than OtterBox STRADA SERIES. It’s made of genuine leather and features strong casing. Courtesy of the enduring built-up, you don’t need to worry about the impact and scrape as the case is fully equipped to thwart them.

This wallet case features vertical cardholder to let you securely carry your ID or credit cards. With the one-piece design, it easily slips in or out of the pocket. It comes in three colors: black, brown and soft opal. That’s not all; OtterBox offers the lifetime warranty with this case.

USP: Durable construction
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#16. KAVAJ

KAVAJ iPhone X Wallet Case

It’s hard to miss out on such a nice wallet case like this one from KAVAJ. Enriched by genuine cowhide leather, it has a classic design. PC interior bolsters the construction to survive bumps.

The low-profile design gives your smartphone an official look. Hence, you would love to use it in your office or high-profile meeting. It has a couple of card slots on the back and comes in only two colors: black and brown.

USP: Classic design
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#17. elago

elago iPhone X Wallet Case

The real beauty of elago wallet case lies in the sleek design. High-grade Italian cowhide leather has made its construction very durable. Micro-fiber interior further reinforces its casing; enabling it to withstand impact.

Smooth-finish ensures you have desired gripping when holding the case in your palm. There are a couple of cardholders on the back. With the open button design, it offers easy access to all the functions of your smartphone.

USP: Italian cowhide leather
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#18. LUPA

LUPA iPhone X Wallet Case

One of the best things about Lupa’s wallet case is that it allows you to travel lighter. You can easily store three-four credit cards or debit cards, and your ID. A pocket underneath the card slots lets you store your cash.

You should never bother about your plastic or hard currency, as there is an extra-strong magnetic closure, offering tight security and peace of mind. This rugged case is made of PU leather to resist stretching and fading over time.

USP: Classic design
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Your pick?

Assuming you have found these wallet cases up to the mark. Which one have you picked for your all-new iPhone?

Is there any case that we have missed to include in this list? Don’t forget to let us know that in the comments below.

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