10 Fresh and beautiful spring wallpapers for iPhone in 2022

Fresh and beautiful spring wallpapers for iPhone

Spring is a reminder of how beautiful change can sometimes be. And here’s another reminder for you to change your iPhone wallpaper. Because we have got 10 beautifully fresh and seasonally appropriate spring wallpapers for your iPhone. Enjoy!

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1. Soothing spring iPhone wallpaper

Is there anything more calming than nature’s beauty? And is there anything more beautiful that a serene spring scene?

Here’s the perfect spring wallpaper if you’ve answered these questions with a no and a sigh.


2. Spring love wallpaper

A chirp-chirp here and purr-purr there, E-I-E-I-O… Now, whether Old MacDonald had parrots on his farm or not is debatable, but I sure love and cherish the sounds of the birds during the spring season.

Unfortunately, I can’t send across that sound. However, I can surely share a visual that’ll remind you of that.

Spring love wallpaper for iPhone


3. Mesmerizing HD spring wallpaper

A wallpaper designed to inject a healthy dose of wanderlust, whether you’re an avid traveler or not.

Spring iPhone wallpaper HD


4. Spring floral iPhone wallpaper

If you’re bored of the usual visuals of a garden full of blooms for spring wallpapers, here’s us stepping up the game.

Spring flowers wallpaper for iPhone


5. The perfect spring background for iPhone

This one has everything: blue sky, a blooming Tulip field, and a wind turbine to complete the scenic composition. There was just one thing missing, the idea to convert this into a spring wallpaper.

And thanks to our designer’s keen eye and quick-witted brain, you and I can have this perfect picture on our iPhone.

Spring background for iPhone


6. A garden full of poses

I know; I called it a cliché just one wallpaper ago. But, sometimes, all you need is a cozy cliché to warm your heart and tickle that nostalgic bone. So, here we go, enjoy this beautiful cosmos bed.

Floral spring wallpapers for iPhone


7. Spring flowers wallpaper for iPhone

I love peaking at the sky from underneath a tree; it’s just so… actually, I don’t have words to describe that feeling. If you have the right words to describe it, share them in the comments section below.

Spring floral iPhone wallpaper


8. Japnese spring flower wallpaper

How can we make a spring wallpaper series and not include the Japanese Sakura, aka cherry blossoms? So, here we go.

Japnese spring flower wallpaper


9. Tulip bloom spring wallpaper

“Flowers, don’t worry about how they’re going to bloom. They just open up and turn toward the light, and that makes them beautiful.” – Jim Carrey.

Thank you, dear Tulip, for blooming and looking so beautiful.

Spring Tulip wallpapers for iPhone


10. Spring daisies wallpaper for iPhone

Not all of us have the pleasure to live in such scenic places or visit them when the sun is blazing, the wind is cooling, and the flowers are thriving. But we can all surely enjoy the scene with this wallpaper.

Have an amazing spring shot that will make an amazing iPhone wallpaper? Share it with us, and we’ll share it with other wallpaper enthusiasts, with credits, of course.

Spring Daisies wallpaper for iPhone


Spring has sprung! And while the sun takes the duty of warming up our environment, we have taken the responsibility of warming your hearts with some awesome wallpapers. I hope we succeeded in our endeavor, do let us know in the comment section below.

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