17 Beautiful black wallpapers for iPhone (Free download)

Download free Black walllpapers for iPhone

Did you know that using black wallpapers on your iPhone can help conserve battery life? This is especially true for OLED displays, such as those on iPhone 12 devices. Dark wallpapers do not drain the battery because the black pixels do not produce light. Moreover, they complement Dark Mode and look pretty cool too!

That’s why we’ve collected some amazing black backgrounds for your iPhone from free images available online. Scroll down to have a look and download the high-resolution wallpapers.

1. Apple logo in black wallpaper

To celebrate the launch of the Apple Store in China, Apple recently released a new set of wallpapers for its devices. And we are loving this black shade of Apple!

Apple Logo Black Wallpaper for iPhone


2. Minimalist black wallpaper

For an all-black look, check out this simplistic abstract wallpaper. I love the subtle, understated look.

black wallpaper for iphone 1


3. Black aesthetic wallpaper 

Here’s a cool black wallpaper for iPhone featuring a lone figure. It looks quite poetic and profound, or is it just me?

black wallpaper for iphone 2


4. Dark wallpaper for travel lovers

At first glance, it looks like a random object. But look carefully, and you’ll find the airplane! If you love airplanes, you can’t say no to this image of a plane taking off.

black wallpaper for iphone 3


5. Abstract black wallpaper

Enjoy a pop of orange against a dark background with this black iOS wallpaper. Don’t worry; this isn’t the cursed ring!

black wallpaper for iphone 4


6. Black clover wallpaper for iPhone

Clovers are a sign of good fortune and luck. Add some good vibes to your screen with this wallpaper.

black wallpaper for iphone 5


7. Pink and black iPhone wallpaper

Moody, feminine, and aesthetic. That perfectly sums up this wallpaper featuring pretty pink trees against the black backdrop.

black wallpaper for iphone 6


8. Cute black iPhone wallpaper

The pink accents in this wallpaper sure make it cute and charming!

black wallpaper for iphone 7


9. Aesthetic dark wallpaper

Here’s an elegant black wallpaper that’ll look stunning on your iPhone Home screen or Lock screen.

black wallpaper for iphone 8


10. Black hills wallpaper

This one gives out quite a gothic vibe. It will transport you to mystical lands every time you look at it!

black wallpaper for iphone 9


11. Dark road wallpaper

There’s something so soothing about an empty road at night. This HD iPhone black wallpaper perfectly captures that!

black wallpaper for iphone 10


12. Neon typography Dark Mode wallpaper

If you love neon wallpapers, I’m sure you’ll appreciate this cool “Enter” sign that’s minimalist and moody.

black wallpaper for iphone 11


13. Black wallpaper for travelers

This solid black iPhone wallpaper comes alive with the tiny image of the airplane. Perfect for travel lovers!

black wallpaper for iphone 12


14. Dark aesthetic wallpaper

I love the abstract look of this black-and-white wallpaper that’s soothing to the eyes.

black wallpaper for iphone 13


15. Solid black iPhone wallpaper

This pitch-black wallpaper that stands out with a single light bulb somehow reminds me of the quote from Harry Potter: “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

black wallpaper for iphone 14


16. Cityscape wallpaper

Nothing beats the magic of the city lights at night! Enjoy the view with this beautiful dark mode wallpaper for iPhone.

black wallpaper for iphone 15


17. Dark clouds wallpaper

Here’s another black wallpaper with a mesmerizing, moody vibe!

black wallpaper for iphone 16


18. Black and gold iPhone wallpaper

Can you spot the subtle glitter on this minimalist black wallpaper? It’s sure to add just the right sparkle to your screen.

black wallpaper for iphone 17


So, what do you think of these fantastic black wallpapers? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and don’t forget to share with others who might like this.

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