Beautiful night sky wallpapers for iPhone in 2024

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If you’re an astronomy enthusiast or someone who loves to enjoy the beauty of the world above us at night, then these night sky iPhone wallpapers are for you. Here we bring some of the most stunning images of the night sky to the small brilliant display of your iPhone.

1. Lone person night sky iPhone wallpaper

This wallpaper for iPhone is a stunning 4k image that captures the beauty and solitude of the night sky. You can see a lone figure standing on a hill, with the blend of beauty and mystery of the night sky. Like this? Then it’s yours to download.


2. Mountain night sky wallpaper

In this wallpaper, you are gifted with a breathtaking view of a starry night sky as seen from a mountain valley. The mountains with the sky create a stunning contrast against the vibrant colors of the cosmos. Want to keep this view forever with you? The download button is below.

Mountain night sky wallpaper for iPhone


3. Ocean night sky iPhone wallpaper

The wallpaper showcases a mountain range reflected onto a water body next to it, expected to be an ocean. This wallpaper showcases the peacefulness of the ocean with the majesty of the mountain ranges touching the stars above.


4. Man under the stars night sky wallpaper

The silhouette of the man against the bright stars creates a sense of wonder and solitude, inviting the viewer to view and wonder how small beings we are in this vast universe. The wallpaper is suitable for any iPhone 14 model and can easily be made yours by clicking that download button.


5. Ocean near a mountain range night sky wallpaper

You can see a stunning image that combines the beauty of the ocean, surrounded by the majesty of a mountain range, and the wonder of the night sky.


6. Stars night sky wallpaper

Trees result from nature’s incredible beauty, and stars reflect the beauty of the amazing universe around us. So seeing them together feels like you are watching the most beautiful combinations in the universe.


7. Cabin under a night sky wallpaper

In this wallpaper, you could see a cozy and rustic image of a cabin standing tall on the edge of the mountain surrounded by a starry night sky. You can enjoy the peacefulness and serenity of the great outdoors and the magic of the night sky.

Cabin under a night sky wallpaper for iPhone


8. Long road under night sky wallpaper

Life is always considered a long, winding road disappearing into the distance but with many surprises on the way. When it’s surrounded by a mysterious night sky filled with stars, you are in for an adventure.


9. Man under beautiful night sky wallpaper

The wallpaper captures the awe and wonder that the stars can inspire, and the silhouette of the man against the bright stars shows the beauty solitude can sometimes bring to your life.


10. Ship under blue night sky iPhone wallpaper

This iPhone wallpaper features a stunning image of a ship still under a beautiful cover called the night sky.


The beautiful night sky on your iPhone!

I always enjoy the beauty of the night sky, the stars, the constellations, and sometimes a shooting star. While the night mode of our planet is a mysterious place, it still makes me want to explore and enjoy its beauty. So what’s your favorite wallpaper from our collection of best night sky wallpapers for iPhone? Let me know in the comments.

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