Beautifully contrasting rose wallpapers for iPhone in 2024

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Roses are very contradictory, from the beautiful mix of soft and thorny textures to their representation in both romantic and hatred contexts. The best part, these paradoxes make for amazing backdrops; so here are some beautiful and aesthetic rose wallpapers for iPhone.

To get one or all of these rose wallpapers, tap the download button, save them to your iPhone and place them as your Lock Screen or Home Screen wallpaper.

1. Macro rose photography wallpaper

I have always been fascinated by the layers of rose petals, whether you’re plucking them out to resolve a conundrum (he loves me, he loves me not) or photographing them.

iPhone rose background


2. Aesthetic rose iPhone wallpaper

Nothing much, just a beautiful image to celebrate the subtle elegance and softness of fully blossomed roses against a rugged background.

Aesthetic rose wallpaper for iPhone


3. Beauty and the Beast wallpaper iPhone

It’s not just me; writers, poets, storytellers, and directors have been using the contradictory nature of roses to establish certain points. The most famous perhaps is the classic Beauty and the Beast.

Beauty and the Beast wallpaper iPhone


4. Rose for you iPhone wallpaper

Presenting a rosebud is so old school; if you’d like to explore some new tactics, this iPhone wallpaper has just the right romantic innuendo.

Rose for you wallpaper


5. Pink rose iPhone wallpaper

While we’re on the romantic side of the story, let’s complete the picture with a heart, colorful roses, and the perfect pink background.

Pink rose wallpaper


6. Skulls and roses wallpaper for iPhone

The combination of skulls and roses had always fascinated me, even before I knew their Mexican significance. And the connection is even stronger after Disney’s Coco and deep-diving into the history of Day of the Dead.

Skulls and roses wallpaper for iPhone


7. Sugar skull rose wallpaper

As I said, I love skulls and roses. And now that I have directed you towards the topic, how can I miss the chance of giving you another amazing sugar skull wallpaper. Enjoy!

Rose and skull wallpaper iPhone


8. Beautiful water color rose wallpaper

Roses look the most beautiful in watercolor paintings (at least in my opinion). Everything looks lifelike, delicate, and rich, from the transparency effect, shading, to the textures.

Beautiful rose wallpaper water color edition


9. Neon rose wallpaper

Rose is a very versatile flower. It not only comes in tons of colors, red, pink, white, black, yellow, etc., and looks amazing in neon light; here’s the proof.

Rose neon wallpaper for iPhone


Note: If you love neon, we might have just the collection of neon wallpapers you’ll love.

10. Firey rose wallpaper for iPhone

They say you should make a fiery exit to make a mark, so here it goes.

Rose and fire wallpaper for iPhone


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