13 Cozy winter wallpapers for iPhone in 2023 (Free download)

Cozy winter wallpapers for iPhone

It’s the season of skiing, snowballs, and cozy evenings under dark skies. Love it or hate it, you can’t escape winter. So why not add some seasonal spark to your phone with the best winter wallpapers for iPhone?

We’ve curated some favorites that feature fun ski slopes, mountains, landscapes, and more, all in soothing shades of white, grey, blue, and purple.

Scroll down to have a look and click the link to download these high-resolution winter wallpapers for your iPhone.

1. Beat the winter blues

Beat the winter blues with this beautiful turquoise background featuring a skier.

winter wallpaper 1


2. Snowman winter iPhone background

Let Mr. Snowman in this cute winter wallpaper lift your spirits each time you glance at your screen!

winter wallpaper 05


3. Winter wonderland

Soothe your eyes with this calming winter landscape featuring trees and snow.

winter wallpaper 3


4. Snowy hills winter screensaver

Doesn’t this image make you want to roll around in the snow and have fun snowball fights? I’ll see you outside!

winter wallpaper 4


5. Ski and sky cute winter background

Add a fun look to your Home screen or Lock screen with this cute winter wallpaper that will transport you to the ski slopes.

winter wallpaper 2


6. Barren tree wallpaper

A barren tree is just a sign of the spring that’s bound to come. Add this hopeful symbol to your iPhone screen, and it’ll help you make it through winter.

winter wallpaper 6


7. Cozy winter evening

Enjoy the warm and fuzzy vibes with this lovely wallpaper featuring a magical snow-laden scene.

winter wallpaper 07


8. Alpine lake beautiful winter wallpaper

How gorgeous are the colors in this picture? Get mesmerized by putting it on your screen!

winter wallpaper 08


9. Winding winter road

Here’s the best winter wallpaper to fuel your wanderlust and motivate you to venture down unfamiliar roads.

winter wallpaper 9


10. Pretty peaks winter iPhone wallpaper

For a dash of color, grab this beautiful mountain wallpaper featuring shades of blue and purple.

winter wallpaper 10


11. A winter’s tale

Get in a Christmas-y mood with the colorful fir trees and soothing lines in this winter wallpaper.

winter wallpaper 12


12. I heart winter iOS screensaver

If your heart beats for all things winter, here’s a super beautiful yet minimalist winter wallpaper for you.

winter wallpaper 13


13. Winter aesthetic wallpaper

Add a winter aesthetic to your iPhone screen with this cool graphic wallpaper featuring wintry elements!

winter wallpaper 14


That wraps up our collection of the best winter wallpapers for the iPhone that perfectly match the season. Spread the cozy vibes by sharing this with friends.

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