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A spider bit me the other day, and though it wasn’t radioactive, my spidey senses are acting up. They recently told me that you were craving some Spiderman wallpapers for your iPhone. So, here you go! Scroll down and get some web-derful wallpaper.

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1. Spiderman quote wallpaper for iPhone

No matter which Spiderman movie or which Spiderman is your favorite, this quote has the heart of everyone. And it makes for a great wallpaper as well, so enjoy!

The Amazing Spiderman iPhone wallpaper


2. The web-shooting Spiderman

According to comics, Spiderman didn’t have organic webbing capabilities. However, Sam Raimi, the director of Tobey’s Spiderman, felt differently and added the skill to spidey’s repertoire. Who knew it would make for such a cool scene 19 years later.

Shooting web Spiderman wallpaper for iPhone


3. 3 is the magic number

In the wise words of De La Soul’s classic song (used in No Way Home end credits), three is indeed a magic number, especially if we are talking about the trio of Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland.

Three Spidermans iPhone for wallpaper


4. A wanderlust Spiderman wallpaper iPhone

While other Peter Parkers were stuck in and around New York City, Tom Holland’s Spiderman traveled a lot. It seems that Marvel’s Peter was bit by a travel-loving radioactive spider.

Spiderman Far From Home wallpaper for iPhone


5. Is Spiderman an Avenger?

While Tony Stark recruited Peter, he was later kicked out because he wasn’t ready yet. Yes, he fought alongside Tony in Civil War, but the Avengers team was broken up at the time.

In Infinity War, we saw a slew of superheroes joining forces, but not all of them became an Avenger. And even though, Captain America says, Avengers Assemble in the Endgame, it was addressed to a host of superheroes (an extended Avengers team).

So, will you consider Spiderman an Avenger? Share your take in the comments below.



6. Spiderman and Dr. Octopus wallpaper for iPhone

I simply love this image. Everything from the logo in the backdrop to Dr. Octopus’s hands, especially the colors, the blues, and the red gradient, is spot on. How much would you rate this wallpaper? I’ll give it a solid 7; share your score in the comments section below.



7. Spiderman Miles Morales wallpaper for iPhone

If anyone could fill in Peter Paker’s shoes (except for the Parkers of other universes), it’s the Air Jordon-wearing, color-smashing Black superhero, Miles Morales. What’s your take? Did you love him in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse?

Spiderman miles morales wallpaper iPhone


8. Doctor Strange and Spiderman wallpaper

Doctor Strange mentions Spiderman in Madness of Multiverse, but not Peter Parker. Moreover, America Chavez has traveled 73 universes and did not encounter Spiderman in any; that’s odd.

Does that mean the spell cast at the end of No Way Home has worked perfectly, or are there chinks in the armor? Well, only time will tell.

Doctor-Strange-and-Spiderman wallpaper for iPhone


9. Venom vs. Spiderman wallpaper iPhone

No Way Home’s mid-credit scene hints about Venom’s return in the next Spiderman movie. So how can we miss his presence in our wallpaper article?

Black Spiderman wallpaper iPhone


10. Multiverse Spiderman wallpaper iPhone

It was between this artwork and the famous three Spiderman memes, and this one triumphed because of Doctor Strange’s presence.

Mutiverse Spiderman artwork wallpaper iPhone

Note: If you want that meme wallpaper, ping us in the comment section below, and we’ll share it across.


11. Black Spiderman iPhone wallpaper

Do you think Tom Holland’s Spiderman will ever go bad-ish like Tobey Maguire’s Spiderman due to the effects of Venom Symbiote? Or will he have one-to-one combat with Eddie Brock/Venom?

Or will Andrew Garfield return to the MCU and finally get to fight an alien? Here’s hoping for an epic Spiderman Movie, whichever route it takes (keeping my fingers crossed).

Black Spiderman iPhone wallpaper


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