Minimalist iPhone wallpapers (Free download)

Minimalist iPhone wallpapers

Some people thrive in chaos, and some prefer a simple, organized, and minimal lifestyle. If you’re the latter kind or are planning to adopt a minimalist lifestyle, here are amazingly subtle, simple, and minimalist wallpapers for your iPhone.

How to download: If you think any of these wallpapers suit your style and iPhone screen, simply click the Download button below it to get it.

1. As minimal as Apple

What better way to start our series with some inspiration from the masters of minimal design; here’s to thinking different yet being simple.

Minimalist Steve Jobs wallpaper for iPhone


2. Minimal quote wallpaper

Sometimes it’s the little things that matter most. And sometimes, we need gentle reminders to embrace that, so here we go.


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3. Best ice cream for iPhone minimalist

All of our certainly scream for ice cream, so why not bring that simple pleasure to your iPhone’s Home Screen or Lock Screen?

minimalist aesthetic wallpaper


4. An ode to tea lovers

In our chaotic lifestyles, daily rituals like a cup of tea or meditation can bring in some stability. And I may be reading too much into it, but I like the simplicity and memories this wallpaper evokes. What about you? Share your take in the comment section below.

Minimal wallpaper of daily rituals for iPhone


5. Inspiring simplistic wallpaper

There are hundreds of books written on Gandhi’s simplicity and valor. And maybe that’s why it was so easy to emulate him with a simple line drawing. Hope this wallpaper helps you channel the minimalism you are after.

Simple line wallpaper for iPhone


6. Minimal aesthetic wallpaper

Sunset wallpapers are a gorgeous accompaniment to your iPhone’s screen. However, they could also be wanderlust-inducing. So, here’s a midway, something subtle to remind you of a beautiful sunset while steering clear of nostalgic cords.

Simple sunrise wallpaper for iPhone


7. Iconic Dali background

Could one of the most famous Surrealist painters, Salvador Dalí be a minimalist? Well, if the paintbrush (mouse) is in our hand, we can picture him however we want. And I think minimalism suits him; what say?

Minimal Dali wallpaper for iPhone


8. A window to deep conversation

So, would you rather be standing inside and looking out from the window, or would you rather be standing outside and trying to look inside through the window? Wallpaper and a conversation starter, well, this one certainly has a two-in-one appeal.

Minimal pastel wallpaper for iPhone


9. Dark minimal wallpaper

Did you think minimal wallpapers would be mundane? Well, look at this wallpaper and think again. The juxtaposition of day and night, sun and moon, birds and stars, and the shadows over the mountain, this one is surely not simple.

Minimal vector iPhone wallpaper


Well, designing minimal wallpapers for iPhone is not a minimal task. Now, be a charmer and give us your honest feedback in the comment section below; did you Love them or LOVE them?

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