Best Super Mario Run Alternatives for iPhone and iPad in 2019: Fast-Paced Runner Games

Jump your way to the glory! Run through this fantastic list of the best Super Mario Run alternatives to set you on an endless run into a remarkable wonderland in 2019.

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Super Mario Run is a real gem, and I love having a go at it! The amazing mind spins, and wall jumps have fascinated me a lot. Besides, I can’t get enough of Toad Rally and Kingdom Builder. But that doesn’t mean I’m hooked only on this game all the time. These are my best Super Mario Run alternatives for iPhone and iPad, which I enjoy playing with the same breath.

If you are someone who doesn’t find Nintendo’s Mario game interesting anymore or want to try out something different, this cool list can serve your purpose. Besides, they come with numerous levels packed with tons of challenges to test your mettle. All set to explore them all? Let’s check it out! (Head over to this post to check out the best Pokemon Go alternatives ) Here you go!

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Best Super Mario Run Alternatives for iPhone and iPad in 2019

#1. Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Temple Run doesn’t need any introduction as it’s been a fantastic endless running game for long. And its latest version has got a lot more to make you fall in love with running, jumping, turning and sliding.

Run through forests, mines, zip lines, and dangerous cliffs to as you try to escape with the cursed idol. As new hurdles keep coming your way, you have got to be extra cautious about encountering them all. Can you walk the talk? Hit the ground running with Temple Run 2!

Price: Free

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#2. Fun Run Arena 3

Fun Run 3 iPhone and iPad Game Icon

Enjoy playing multiplayer games? Fun Run Arena 3 can be an exciting option for you. Get set and outrun your friends or the random player to showcase your mettle.

The game requires you to jump and evade hurdles to maintain your pace. Make sure to leave behind everyone to win the race. The concept of the game may sound to be a bit easy, but it’s full of challenges. Ditto, it will sharpen your competitive skill.

Price: Free

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#3. Rayman Adventures

Rayman Adventures iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Rayman Adventures is for the folks who have a great fascination for auto-running games. The game demands you of running fast, jump and glide across several diverse levels; each one has its own challenges. You have to jump to the perfection and evade obstacles to ensure you remain on track.

As you have to rescue the helpless Incrediballs’s eggs, you have got be more focused. Your main task is to find out and collect all the incrediballs and bring them home. Feed them with the needed care, play with them and also make great music together to bring more fun.

Price: Free

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#4. Chameleon Run

Chameleon Run iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Chameleon Run is really fast paced and demands you to be equally active to win the race. It’s a fabulous auto-runner with the tricky twist.

Come on… it’s time to run fast, jump and switch through challenging levels! Make sure to accomplish your goal smartly to get rewards. The non-linear levels with 3 main objectives in every level keep you engrossed for more. It features excellent jumping mechanics such as head jump and double jump.

With simple two-button controls, you can remain at the top of your game without any problem. The colorful graphics add irresistible charm to it.

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Price: $1.99

#5. Mr Jump

Mr Jump iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Once you get started with Mr. Jump, you won’t feel like resting quietly. That’s how happy this game can be for you! Help your hero to jump robust levels. Beware… You have to be at your smartest best to get the desired result.

It has been developed to challenge your skill in a fun way. You can upgrade this cool game to unlock key and play it without any sort of interference.

Price: Free

#6. Punch Quest

Punch Quest iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Step into this scintillating arcade-style punching game! Wondering how you would play this game or rather how you would knock your opponent down using a punch? You can control it with just taps using your left and right thumbs.

Slam, uppercut, pummel and jap monsters as you run through the dungeons. Want to be more aggressive? Ride a dangerous dinosaur that shoots the laser to crush your enemies. Even better, you can unlock several powerful moves to transform yourself into an unbeatable fighter.

Price: Free

#7. Robot Unicorn Attack 2

Robot Unicorn Attack 2 iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Raring to adventure with a stunning unicorn that spews rainbows out of its hooves? What makes RUA 2 so adorable is the challenging gameplay mechanics that require special skill to master. To get started, select between team rainbow and inferno and complete a level each to cash-in-on tons of rewards.

Zoom through two worlds during a long battle. While one world consists of Rainbows and Harmony, the other one is lashed with Ice and Wonder. Choose from some different bodies, manes, wings, horns, and trails to customize your unicorn. What’s more, you can also use 12 different abilities “Rainbow Savior” and “Gallow’s Gallop” to empower yourself.

Price: Free

#8. Running Game – Endless Running

Running Game for iPhone and iPad

As for offering unlimited fun is concerned, this one is second to none. It’s a new endless running game which I have liked playing.

You have to help the big guy run as long as possible by helping it avoid the obstacles. The run through snow and ice offers plenty of fun. And along the way, you can collect a lot of sweet berries. So, get started with this simple running game and win tons of points to brag about your killer gaming skill!

Price: Free

#9. Mos Speedrun

Mos Speedrun iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Are you looking for a fast-paced runner game? Mos Speedrun is what you should choose to bring about the missing spice. With as many as 25 extremely tough stages, you will have a filled time going after this game.

What about letting your friends know how much you are enjoying the speed run? Simply record your best run and share it. Unlock all the 12 beautiful costumes. The fantastic graphics and awesome platform dynamics will make you addictive.

Price: $0.99

#10. Vector

Vector iPhone Game Screenshot

Vector is a terrific arcade-style game. It will compel you to break loose and Kickstart an endless run. With fantastic Parkour-inspired moves courtesy Cascadeur animation tools, it’s something you won’t feel like giving up so easily even after playing for hours.

The challenging levels not only test your skill but also bring the needed spice into the gaming experience. As new intriguing challenges are added with every update, you will always find something really out-of-the-box to indulge with. Since it’s available for Facebook as well, you will love having a go at it with your friends.

Price: $0.99

That’s all!

Your top bet?

So, which are the games that are going to spice up your gaming time? It would be cool to know their names.

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