Best Chess Games for iPhone and iPad in 2020

Chess is one of the most-liked games played on iOS devices. The sheer amount of brains, tactics, and combinations that go into playing a chess game has, in my opinion, no equivalent. If you have a liking for brainstorming play, have a quick look at these best chess games for iPhone and iPad. Without making much ado, let’s jump over to explore them all!

#1. Chess – Play & Learn

Want to master all the tricks of chess to become a dominant player? You should try out this excellent chess game app to just play the game like a pro but also learn all the nuances to be a fabulous player.

It has a massive library of more than 65,000 tactics puzzles which would be enormously helpful in learning smart moves. Watch videos and interactive lessons from top players to enhance your skill. Even better, it also features interactive tutorials with handy tips which would play a significant role in boosting your expertise.

Price: Free

#2. Chess Pro with Coach

This one stands out with the impressive user-interface. Featuring multiple modes like “Rated” and “Training,” the game is an absolute delight to play. Interestingly, you will feel liking playing chess against a shrewd human opponent.

As the game is packed with 100 challenging levels, you will never find it boring. Cool sound effects add more fun to the play. The ELO rating system (method for calculating the relative skill levels of players) allows you to easily find out where you stand.

Price: Free

#3. Battle Chess 3D

This one is a fascinating 3D humanoid chess game! It boasts of five chess sets like Barbarian, Dwarf, Skeleton, Orcs, and Spartan. The single play features three difficulty levels full of challenges.

You can play it with unknown people or invite your friends to battle against you. The nice animation keeps gaming spiced up.

Price: Free

#4. Chess Tiger Lite

Bored with reading the manuals on playing Chess?? Not anymore. With fabulous HD graphics, sounds and 21 levels of difficulty, you will have a coach who guides you on your every wrong step.

You can also play without the coach if you don’t want to rely on anyone’s help. Featuring 100 intriguing games, it has got plenty to keep you hooked for long. There is also a book with the rules of chess, which you can use to master all the tricks of the trade. Come and experience this incredible chess game.

Price: $3.99

#5. Real Chess 3D

Real Chess 3D

Claiming to be the best 3D chess game for iOS, Real Chess 3D promises to be a topic. What puts this game ahead of the curve is the intriguing gameplay. It lets you play the game with your friend or against AI players.

Times when your friends are busy, you can lock horns with AI players as they are always there to go against you. There are four difficulty levels to ensure you can pick the desired level as per your skill. Beyond features, Real Chess 3D offers a ton of customization and comes with relaxing music to refresh your mind.

Price: Free

#6. HIARCS Chess

It is the strongest designed chess program on the iPhone. Advanced game navigation, integrated HTML manual, tips, multiple playing modes, ELO rating, compatibility among all class of users with some more fantastic features make this app a must-have if you’re collecting chess games.

With the multiple playing modes onboard, you will have a fun-filled while playing chess with your friend. There is also a smart coach to keep you on the track with the witty hints. What’s more, it also rates your chess play and offers an ELO rating.

Price: $9.99

#7. Chess Master World

If you are looking for full-fledged free Chess apps for your iPhone, then this is it. It has an advanced artificial intelligence engine with configurable difficulty levels. You can also chat with your opponent while playing the game.

It allows you to take back action if you don’t want to go with a particular move. Based on your liking, you can play as white or black. The exciting sound effects along with fantastic graphics add yet another feather to its cap.

Price: Free

#8. Tall Chess

Tall Chess is one of the finest Chess game app on iPhone. You can enjoy this game with very attractive and beautifully designed pieces and chess boards. Allows you to check out your last move very seamlessly just with a swipe.

Get the best score and challenge your friends to beat you. Also, you can export your games in algebraic notation.

Price: Free

#9. Chess 3D – Master Checkmate

Chess 3D is fun to play. The high-quality graphics enrich the user-interface. It also offers suggestions on potential moves to ensure you are able to outsmart your opponent.

It has got several levels which both beginners and pro would enjoy playing. You can also upgrade to the premium ($1.99) version to unlock more features.

Price: Free

#10. Chess – Classic Chess Game Play with Friends

What I like about this chess game is the neat user-interface powered by rich graphics. Another notable aspect of this game is that it allows you to play chess in unlimited numbers. You can play it all alone or invite your friends to go against you.

It includes some levels so that you always have something new to try. Better still, you also get the option to adjust the difficulty level.

Price: Free

Your pick?

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So, these are my top chess games for iPhone! I’m sure you have liked them and also chosen one for your playtime. Which one is it? Let me know your luckiest pick in the comments below.

Best Chess Games for iPhone and iPad

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Best Chess Games for iPhone and iPad
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