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Chess is one of the most-liked games played on the iPhone. The sheer amount of brains, tactics and combinations that goes into playing a chess game has, in my opinion, no equivalent.

Here are some of the 2D as well as 3D chess games/apps for the iPhone with high graphics and some great animations. Check out these free and some paid apps to find a lot more.

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Best Chess Games for iPhone and iPad

Best Chess Games for iPhone and iPad

#1. Tall Chess by Friends of the Web, LLC
Tall Chess iPhone and iPad Game
Tall Chess is one of the finest Chess apps on iPhone. You can enjoy this game with very attractive and beautifully designed pieces and chess boards. Allows you to check out your last move very seamlessly just with a swipe. Get the best score and challenge your friends to beat you. Also, you can export your games in algebraic notation.

Price: Free
Download Tall Chess

#2. Chess by Mastersoft Mobile Solutions

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Chess by Mastersoft Mobile Solutions iPhone and iPad Game

If you are looking for full fledged free Chess apps for your iPhone, then this is it. It has one of the best Desktop PC chess engines embedded, not available on any other iPhone chess app. Combination of multiple game sets, animated game boards, and the ultimate retina display gives you a charming chess effect. Download this chess app and have fun!

Price: Free
Download Chess by Mastersoft Mobile Solutions

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#3. Chess Premium by Optime Software LLC

Chess Premium iPhone and iPad Game

Chess Premium is one of the best apps available on the IOS app store for iPhone with an effective AI engine. Missing your chess partner? Not more! You can now play against your friends as it supports 1 and 2 player game-play. Excellent sound effects and user interactive layout makes it an interesting Chess app where you can even undo your steps.

Price: $1.99
Download Chess Premium

#4. Chess Lite – with Coach by Christophe Theron

Chess Lite iPhone and iPad Game

Bored of reading the manuals on playing Chess?? Not any more. With fabulous HD graphics, sounds and 21 levels of difficulty, you will have a coach who guides you on your every wrong step. You can also play without the coach with a book of rules. Come and experience this incredible chess game.

Price: $3.99
Download Chess Lite

#5. Chess Professional by Mastersoft Mobile Solutions

Chess Professional iPhone and iPad Game

Chess Professional is the advanced version of Chess Free supported by Game Center. It supports the same features and engine efficiency with some additional game boards and sets, clean and neat view of boards and pieces with an exclusive retina artwork. And yes, you don’t need to bear all those free ads and pop-ups.

Price: $6.99
Download Chess Professional

#6. t Chess Pro by Tom Kerrigan

t Chess Pro iPhone and iPad Game

t Chess Pro is rich in quality and is designed perfectly for both the beginners and the masters. Moreover this app has a support for all the Apple devices and it boosts your skills as you have a strong computer opponent here. You cannot miss this amazing Chess app.

Price: $7.99
Download t Chess Pro

#7. iChess 3D by Synergy- IT Sp. z o.o. Spolka komandytowa

iChess 3D iPhone and iPad Game

iChess 3D visualizes the chess in 3D graphics with some amazing music, HD resolution and you can play around in 2D view. It's more of a visual attraction than true game engine capability but it flies if you're looking for a good game of chess.

Price: $1.29
Download iChess 3D

#8. Chess Genius by Lang Software Limited

Chess Genius iPhone and iPad Game

If you are looking for a clean and simple chess app on App store, choose Chess Genius. It is simple yet attractive. It comes with 33 playing levels, saving/loading games in PGN format & importing them from the internet. Features like sending games via email and hints makes this game the most common among all chess fans.

Price: $5.99
Download Chess Genius

#9. HIARCS Chess by Applied Computer Concepts Ltd.

HIARCS Chess iPhone and iPad Game

It is the strongest designed chess program on iPhone. Advanced game navigation, integrated HTML manual, tips, multiple playing modes, ELO rating, compatibility among all class of users with some more extravagant features makes this app a must-have if you're collecting chess games.

Price: $9.99
Download HIARCS Chess

#10. t Chess Lite by Tom Kerrigan

t Chess Lite iPhone and iPad Game

This is the most universal app that has a great user interface with a virtual chess board. It is a fun loving game for Chess lovers. Its high end features like real time online gameplay, dual-core chips, retina displays makes it popular among iPhone chess apps.

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Price: $0.99
Download t Chess Lite

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