Sudoku is a very interesting as well as an intellectual puzzle which develops your logical power. It is always an addiction once you start playing Sudoku.

Sudoku on paper has no real replacement but it's not always that you get to carry around that piece of Sudoku puzzle. That's why we have iPhones. And quite obviously, there are thousands of Sudoku puzzles on the App Store.

Best Sudoku Games for iPhone and iPad

10 Best Sudoku Games for the iPhone and iPad:

#1. Sudoku by finger arts

Sudoku iPhone and iPad Game

A classic version of Sudoku is an amazing puzzle with attractive and easy to use animated graphical interface. The game is equipped with the features like Point system, runs, online board etc. You can challenge and compare your scores with your companions and competitors.

Price: Free
Download Sudoku

#2. Big Bad Sudoku Book by Bad Weasel, LLC

Big Bad Sudoku Book Game for iPhone and iPad

Big Bad Sudoku Book has been ranked first on the App Store and has mind boggling and fantastic features. Most important, it’s free. They provide you many helping materials to solve the puzzle instead of providing hints on each step.

Price: Free
Download Big Bad Sudoku Book

#3. Sudoku by Brainium Studios LLC

Sudoku By Brainium Studios iPhone and iPad Game

This is another user friendly and attractive Sudoku game which finishes your game with a smooth touch. Sometimes you feel you took a wrong step on the game. Only if I would have a chance to undo. Oh yes, you can undo and redo your steps here many number of times. Make your moves better by referring to the track of your progress and challenge your friends via email and Facebook.

Price: Free
Download Sudoku by Brainium Studios LLC

#4. Pocket Sudoku by Iversoft Solutions

Pocket Sudoku iPhone and iPad Game

Pocket Sudoku as the name says brings you a pocketful of fun loving puzzles out there. Very simple yet interesting with very basic settings which you can customize as needed. Like other apps it offers you hints, keeps a track of your scores, and has unlimited puzzles which makes it a little more entertaining than the paper Sudoku.

Price: Free
Download Pocket Sudoku

#5. Kuboku – The 3D Sudoku by Creaceed

Kuboku 3D Sudoku Game for iPhone and iPad

Ever thought of playing Sudoku in 3D? Yes, this amazing and the most unique puzzle is here to please you. This is a 3D version of Sudoku with an 8-position cube. The game is to find all the missing numbers on the cube with 1000 levels with increasing difficulty by each level.

Come and experience this unique Sudoku that will surely trouble your mind.

Price: $1.99
Download Kuboku

#6. Deca Color Sudoku by Uri Nachmias

Deca Color Sudoku iPhone and iPad Game

Artists and the designers would love this game as the game board is filled with nine different beautiful colors instead of numbers. The great combination of colors and numbers (in your mind) will absolutely shake your brain. You will love this Sudoku game with animations and cool interface with all other basic features.

Price: Free
Download Deca Color Sudoku

#7. Sudoku Grab by CMG Research

Sudoku Grab iPhone and iPad Game

This is one of the most intellectual and unique versions of Sudoku game. You can use your iPhone camera and grab the puzzle. It is an augmented reality game and is designed with some great features. You just grab a puzzle and then Sudoku Grab is all yours. It gets a real world Sudoku into your iPhone so you can take it with you anywhere and solve it.

Price: $1.99
Download Sudoku Grab

#8. Sudoku Magic by Ltd.

Sudoku Magic iPhone and iPad Game

Sudoku Magic allows you to capture Sudoku puzzle from a newspaper, an article or from any other device using your iPhone’s camera. The puzzle is then stored in the library and its complexity is defined by its rating algorithm internally. The benefit here is you don’t need an internet connection.

Price: $2.99
Download Sudoku Magic

#9. Sudoku Killer by Sarah Pierce

Sudoku Killer iPhone and iPad Game

This is actually a killer Sudoku puzzle for the Sudoku enthusiasts. The numbers within each outlined region must sum to the indicated value, and numbers may not repeat within these regions. As you start, the grid begins blank, but these rules give you all the information you need to solve the puzzle!

Price: Free
Download Sudoku Killer

#10. Sudoku + by Jason Linhart

Sudoku+ iPhone and iPad Game

This is one of the finest Sudoku games on App store with 16 difficulty levels. It brings you some good features, hints and tutorials on solving the puzzles with tutorial that lessons you with good solving techniques. It also allows you to scan puzzles from newspapers, magazines using camera. Download this cool and interactive game with easy to use interface.

Price: $2.99
Download Sudoku+

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